17. In fact, this year’s Record Store Day event helped push the industry to its third highest vinyl record sales week since 1991. The Beatles – The Beatles (19 million).13. The Rolling Stones made a brief sidestep into the world of psychedelic rock with “Between the Buttons.” The album’s biggest hit “Ruby Tuesday” was a straight-ahead rock single, however, and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 4, 1967. It's one thing to run through 2019's best songs (which, yes, we sure did); it's another in the Era of the Stream—where any track can be queued up anytime—to hone in on full-length albums that actually compel you to stick around for an hour-plus. Songs like "Overnight" (heart-shattering and defiant) and "Fallingwater" (proudly willing to let silence and stripped-down production speak for themselves) are some of the only things I've heard this side of 2010 that have stopped me dead in my tracks. Willie Nelson – 31.5 million certified units. The Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks (12 million). The stompy beat from “Suge” blew out the speakers of at least a thousand of cars. December 5, 2019 9:00AM ET The 50 Best Albums of 2019 From ‘Lover’ to ‘Cuz I Love You,’ ‘Death Race to Love,’ and beyond, here are the records that defined the year Every Other Artist Will Be Taking Note. See which albums made his top ! Cheap Queen is a soulful, well-rounded, relatable debut, signaling that, for King Princess, this is just the beginning.—Corinne Ferman, social media/marketing designer. Source: Evening Standard / Getty Images. I came to this link by mistake. It should say this just US sales… not worldwide and not really updated as is based on certifications. 16. > Copies sold in U.S.: 8 million The album made such a powerful impact on rock music that it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2003. Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (16 millio… Nickelback – 24 million certified units. This is not a list of your "favorite" albums, but a list of the "greatest" albums. 5. Baby on Baby felt like it was everywhere this year. The Beatles – The Beatles 1962 – 1966 (15 million). The Rolling Stones – 66.5 million certified units. Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard [Soundtrack] (19 million).15. The goal of this list to find not only the greatest albums of all time but also the most influential and culturally significant albums as well, so in addition to just the opinions of critics and fans to compile the list other metrics where used as well such as Billboard chart statistics, RIAA sales figures and several others to help determine the final rankings of the best albums. Such a sad liitle nonce, i hope you slip in the shwower, this whole list is flawed beyond belief and mr IHAVEACLASSLIFE you complain about peoples spelling… then you say slip into the shwower lol…. It's a body of work that rises above any possible comparison. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – 44.5 million certified units. Meanwhile, avant-pop what-the-fucks 100 Gecs and hard-rocking heroes Sheer Mag kept noise alive, and rising stars Megan the Stallion and DaBaby, both masterful mouths of the South, led a class of newcomers setting the table for the 2020s. Forrest Gump [Soundtrack] (12 million). ); Want more Rolling Stone? Creedence Clearwater Revival – Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits (10 million). The Carpenters – 24.5 million certified units. 26. Shout out to God and my daughter and shout out my mom” he brags on “Walker Texas Ranger,” the first single from Baby on Baby. John Denver – 33.5 million certified units. (1993) Bob Dylan – 36 million certified units. 82. Every misspelling, every off note, every syncopated beat adds up to a truly special concoction. Number 55. What defines a year's best albums? i,i, just might be his “Water Lilies.”—Cam Wolf, style writer. 55. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) Garth Brooks – Ropin’ The Wind (14 million). Here’s a Detailed Breakdown of Radio Monitoring Companies, An Insanely Detailed Discussion About the Music Modernization Act, The US Copyright Office Starts the Process for Selecting the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), A List of Every Musician and Music Executive Facing Abuse Allegations in 2018, To Combat Rampant Piracy, a U.N. Organization Launches a Global Anti-Piracy Database, The Music Industry Successfully Shuts Down Convert2MP3, The Music Industry’s Largest Companies and Organizations Endorse the ‘Anti-Stream Manipulation Code of Best Practice’, The RIAA Successfully Takes Down Two More Pirate Sites — Mixstep and NoFile. Boyz II Men – 27 million certified units. But the sonic profile has shifted and become more intimate. thank u, next may be her best album to date. Aerosmith – 66.5 million certified units. 65. Gimme a beer San, and make it snappy. I mean, the world has 6 or 7 bilions people and US only 330 millions. 91. 21. > Artist: The Rolling Stones Doobie Brothers – Best Of The Doobies (10 million). Kiss isnt even in any of this? Taylor Swift – 43 million certified units. 51. Hi Infidelity (1980) Since the emergence of Napster in 1999, music lovers have had the choice to download only their favorite individual tracks without hearing another song from the album. > Artist: Elton John Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell (14 million). Here, twigs brings in some of the best ambient and electronic producers of the decade, like Arca and Skrillex, to assist—and it shows. You'll want to be on the right side of history with Maggie.—Brennan Carley, associate editor, “Atlanta rap fantasia” is how Pitchfork categorized EarthGang’s Mirrorland, a descriptor so apt that I’m not going to attempt to one-up it. Each arrangement—imbued with a drum line and horns that feel bigger than God and Beyoncé singing in harmony at 130%—brings something novel to songs that already felt as essential as air.—Daniel Varghese, commerce writer. Unlike some critics’ lists, we’ve left our opinions out of it and ranked these albums on sales figures, public reach, and fan appreciation. Whitney Houston – 58.5 million certified units. As appeared in The Guardian - UK daily broadsheet newspaper, on September 19th 1997. Foreigner – 37.5 million certified units. As the decade comes to a close, we celebrate our favorite tunes to hit our airwaves this year. Lynyrd Skynyrd – 28.5 million certified units. 32. Each of the maximalist anthems that have defined her career to date have found a way to make potentially sickly sweet sentiment (“I really really really really really really like you”) feel earnest and essential. Crew hipster poster boys. 79. 49. The first verse of “Norman fucking Rockwell" does more to define the psyche of American men than John Updike's entire body of work. But she’s also capable of flipping that switch and producing pop bangers that sound better than anything topping the charts right now. Sometimes she’ll take off on a vocal run that is, for lack of a better term, fucking mind-blowing (especially on the standout track “Ocean Of Tears”). Why isn’t milli vinilli not on the list? Elton John – Greatest Hits (17 million). Fleetwood Mac – 54.5 million certified units. The 50 Best Albums of 2019: Staff Picks . Linkin Park – 27 million certified units. What makes this list different is that it compiles and aggregates data from other best of lists, including both critics lists such as Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums books and fan polls such as Q magazine’s 100 Greatest Albums Ever poll. 95. The cover art to Janet Jackson’s 1993 smash “janet.” features a cropped image of the singer — topless — with her breasts covered by the hands of an anonymous man. 65. The Beatles – The Beatles 1967 – 1970 (17 million).19. Sometimes with an artist, there's a moment when they release something and everything just clicks into place. God bless America and please stop hurting each other it’s jus a list! We've got you covered. Madonna – 64.5 million certified units. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Legend (15 million). 93. 82. 32. Fresh Cream (1966) > Copies sold in U.S.: 6 million For those still unconvinced (gross), the most important musician of the decade released the audio as an album (mercifully not as a Tidal-exclusive). 21. 86. 9  ×   =  twenty seven .hide-if-no-js { R.E.O. 92. 94. 4. Simon & Garfunkel – 38.5 million certified units. Billy Joel – The Stranger (10 million). Despite it all, Del Rey—a self-proclaimed “big-time believer that people can change”—ends on a cautiously optimistic note that sums up the national mood: “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it.”—C.W. GQ may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces (12 million). All rights reserved. Brooks & Dunn – 27.5 million certified units. Billy Joel – Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II (23 million). 53. Resonant Body is a modern update on the many manifestations of '90s rave music. By Classic Rock (Classic Rock) 12 October 2019. 58. In all 236 different albums were eligible for the list of greatest albums (#236 was Different Class by Pulp), and they span from the earliest days of rock in the 1950s through today, covering many different genres and styles of music. 99. 84. Def Leppard – 35.5 million certified units. The best music of all time.. Music reviews, ratings, news and more. Queen – 34.5 million certified units. Hootie & The Blowfish – 25 million certified units. 47. How well an album performed on the Billboard 200 was determined by awarding points based on the number of weeks it was on the list and its rank for each week. 38. The hip-hop duo of Olu and WowGr8 have come a long way in recent years: their first hit, “Missed Calls,” best encapsulates the grittier vibe that was their 2015 effort, Strays with Rabies. Barry Manilow – 27.5 million certified units. Last year, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 ranked as the top-selling album in history. This list is just the biggest joke i have ever seen!! > Artist: David Bowie > Artist: The Offspring 64. 8. Neil Diamond – 49.5 million certified units. Garth Brooks – The Hits (10 million). Elton John – 78 million certified units. 7. What makes this list different is that it compiles and aggregates data from other best of lists, including both critics lists such as Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums books and fan polls such as Q magazine’s 100 Greatest Albums Ever poll. Britney Spears – 34.5 million certified units. 18. 34. Eric Clapton – 40 million certified units. It feels earned.—Jay Willis, staff writer. It’s certainly the pop album of the year.—C.G. 77. But Mirrorland marks their major label debut, and takes on a more celebratory tone—the album’s most-streamed track features Young Thug and is literally called “Proud of U.” EarthGang’s trademark eccentricities, lyrically and otherwise, still pervade, and the end result is a tightly curated 14-song experience pushed forward with well-placed appearances by T-Pain, Arin Ray, and Kehlani.—Alex Shultz, editorial assistant, For some artists, comparing their work to others’ is a sort of backhanded compliment: It’s good, sure, but we’ve also heard this before. It will be updated and recalculated from time-to-time as more data and information is added to the list. He’s not just our best country star; he’s our best rock star. > Billboard 200 peak position: 57. The Rolling Stones flew their flag as a new breed of R&B performers with “12X5.” The album includes only two original tracks, but it has become a favorite for Stones diehards, selling an equivalent 3.8 million copies worldwide since its release, including physical, downloads, and streams. > Billboard 200 peak position: 39. 31. The RIAA tracks album sales released in the U.S. market with a threshold of 500,000 units sold. Earlier this year, the indie rockstar and Frank Ocean collaborator told GQ that he wanted House of Sugar to be a “sex, drugs, and rock and roll album from hell.” The record is all that and more, complete with twisted, genre-pushing melodies and singalong choruses. 67. Today’s music industry is more diverse than ever as artists use the internet to meld genres and cross boundaries. Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (16 million). 48. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon (15 million). This is a list of the greatest albums of all time, created and ranked by music fans worldwide.

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