The fixture has become a bit more fiery in recent times, however, and at the time of writing it has seen the most sendings-off of any game in English football. That doesn't mean you shouldn't watch Aston Villa's clashes with their two West Midlands rivals in the Premier League. Something our next match could learn from…. The last time these two sides faced off was in the 2009 Carling Cup—and you can probably tell from the oldish looking picture. That was when Catholic schools in the city began to get funding from local authorities, causing a sense of unfairness within the Protestant members of the city. The second time these two sides squared off, at White Hart Lane, an extremely close 3-3 draw was played out in one of the most fast-paced matches of the season. So here are the top ten derby matches you have to watch this Premier League season. Make no mistake, though, this one is as much of a bitter derby as any other on this list. This is a classic English rivalry between two sides that just can't stand each other, and when the two clubs from Liverpool face off, you know that drama will ensue. Top Ten Football Derby Matches Liverpool v Everton. It's a clash between the two most successful clubs in the history of English football, a side with 18 crowns against a side with 19 crowns. A lot of the bitterness stems back to English clubs being banned from Europe in the wake of the Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985. This is a list of the main sporting local derbies and other sports rivalries in the UK. Although this rivalry doesn't have much history—and only became heated last season after City became a title contender—the Manchester derby is an absolute must-watch this season. The sad fact as that these two well-known clubs have only won five Italian top-flight titles between them, meaning the result of matches between them is unlikely to have a say in the destination of the Serie A title. Since then the rivalry has only grown worse. Fulham may not be viewed as Chelsea's main rivals, but Chelsea sure are Fulham's, and the Cottagers view this derby as one of the most important matches of the season. It’s so spread out that you will find clubs all over the place, with the likes of Chelsea, Fulham, West Ham, Millwall, Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace all believing that they play in the London derby. That got us thinking about some of the other more obscure derby names in English league football. What gives the Derby di Milano an extra bit of spice is the fact that it’s one of the only derbies in world football that takes place in the same stadium every time - Both Inter and AC call the San Siro their home, alternating the use of it on a week-by-week basis but coming together for their matches against each other. It will ease the consciences of Manchester City and Chelsea fans to know that financial doping was taking place in football long before they did it. The Gunners were a newly formed club looking to make their way in the world, whilst Spurs were relative old-hands. This is a rivalry based on geography, really, with Spurs having been based in North London since their formation in 1882. Copyright © 2015-2020 - Do Not Reproduce Without Permission | About - Contact - Advertising - Privacy, Liverpool and Everton Stadiums From Above, Top Ten Biggest Football Stadiums In The UK, Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums In Europe. Benfica was founded by a group of students, whilst Sporting Lisbon was formed in 1906 and immediately bankrolled by a viscount. rivalry, Leeds United F.C.–Manchester United F.C. Since at least as early as 1840 'derby' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest. Yet what we’re talking about is a local derby between two teams that share a city. Norwich City and Ipswich Town in the East Anglian Derby, sadly off again this season. It wasn’t always like that. Arsenal, on the other hand, started life in South London and only moved up North in 1913. Some people call any game between two teams that have a rivalry a 'derby' and in the strictest sense of the word that may well be true. Arsenal and Tottenham face off at White Hart Lane this Sunday, so who knows what will happen. Sure, it may not be one of the most exciting London derbies, but they've come surprisingly close. Yorkshire Derby, Sheffield United vs. Leeds United: September 26 at Sheffield United, April 3 at Leeds. Traditionally supporters of Internazionale were seen as being members of the city’s bourgeoisie, whilst AC (often referred to simply as Milan) were the club for the blue collar worker. The shouting of fans, the intense rivalries and the consistent controversies are always memorable moments from the best derbies. We asked our writers to named their top 10 grudge matches in the country and explain their reasons why. rivalry, Liverpool F.C.–Manchester United F.C. Früher... Merseyside DerbyDerbys an der Merseyside spielt man in England, genauer in Liverpool, denn dort ist der FC Liverpool, aber auch der FC Everton beheimatet. At the same time Celtic began to embrace their Catholic origins more and more, whilst Rangers intentionally became more Presbyterian. The bitterness between the two teams was increased firstly by Manchester United’s success during the 1990s and 2000s and then by Manchester City becoming one of the richest clubs in world football. Yet that is demonstrably not true when it comes to derby games between fierce rivals. September 26: Leeds United won at Sheffield United, 1-0. It first took place in 1881 when St. Mark’s (Manchester City) welcomed Newton Heath (Manchester United) in a match that was referred to as 'a pleasant game' in the papers afterwards. It has been called many things since then, but friendly has rarely been one of them. rivalry, Arsenal F.C.–Manchester United F.C. M’gladbach – FC Köln, Leipziger Derby | Lok Leipzig – Sachsen Leipzig, Ruhrpott Derby | Bor. If the battle between CSKA and Spartak Moscow is all about politics then the clash between these two Glasgow based clubs has its basis in religion. When the two clubs first met in 1887, the year after Arsenal were formed, there wasn’t much of a rivalry to speak of. Manchester Derby, City vs. United: December 12 at United, March 6 at City, Merseyside Derby, Liverpool vs. Everton: October at 17 at Everton, February 20 at Liverpool, North London Derby, Tottenham vs. Arsenal: December 5 at Tottenham, March 13 at Arsenal, Crystal Palace vs. Brighton and Hove Albion: October 18 at Palace, February 20 at Brighton, Tottenham vs. Chelsea: November 28 at Chelsea, February 3 at Tottenham, Liverpool vs. Manchester United: January 16 at Liverpool, May 1 at United, West Ham vs. Chelsea: December 19 at Chelsea, April 24 at West Ham, West Midlands Derbies, Aston Villa / West Bromwich Albion / Wolverhampton: December 12 Villa at Wolves, December 19 Villa at West Brom, January 16 West Brom at Wolves, March 6 Wolves at Villa, April 24 West Brom at Villa, May 1 Wolves at West Brom, West London (QPR vs. Brentford): November 28 at Brentford, February 17 at QPR, East Midlands (Derby County vs. Nottingham Forest): October 23 at Forest, February 27 at Derby County, South Wales (Cardiff City vs. Swansea City): December 12 at Cardiff, March 20 at Swansea, Watford vs. Luton Town: September 26 at Watford, April 17 at Luton Town, Rotherham United vs. Sheffield Wednesday: October 28 at Rotherham, March 3 at Sheffield Wednesday.

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