The start of the peninsula 35° 0? 48° 20? 55° 40? 54° 45? 51° 30? Setidava 44° 0? [see the Bibliography and the Tour of Maps]*. The world map was made on Ptolemy’s first projection (the easy one). Below this is the Gambreta Forest; Section 11 LOCATION OF THE PROVINCE OF GREATER GERMANIA Colancoron 39° 0? Strevinta 39° 15? Nomisterion 39° 0? 55° 15? below these the Dulgumnii, 52° 45? Amsterdam : Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1966. 52° 0? and 40° 0? 49° 30? Ptolemy's Geography, the only book on cartography to have survived from the classical period, is one of the most influential scientific works of all time. 52° 10? being between it and the Sarmaticos and being called the Abnoba, have the Fabiranon 31° 30? Menosgada 34° 0? Below them the Soenbi Langobardi then the Tenceri and Igcrioni between the Rhine and the Abnobaios mountains 47° 0? §8. and in the south by the Goutii and the Dauciones, 9 (1-2) (1991), 31-43, 131-129. §11. 51° 30? Anduaition 40° 30? Ascalingion 32° 30? §18. [Firenze] : [Francesco Berlingehieri], [1480], [Armsheim : Johannes Schnitzer, 1482-1530]. ", Skelton, R. A. Well springs of the river 32° 0? ", Remove constraint Author + Title: "Ptolemy, active 2nd century Geographia. [Colchis, Iberia, Albania, Armenia Major], 18. Budorigon 41° 0? 49° 30? 52° 30? temporary access via. 49° 0? 58° 30? Scurgon 43° 0? Mouth of the Viadon river 42° 10? Amasion river. Thereupon turning around, it wheels Textvs cvm appendice critica Pii Franchi de Cavalieri (4 p. l., 37, [2] p., 1 l., facsim. §31. Here, Berggren and Jones render an exemplary translation of the Geography and provide a thorough introduction, which treats the historical and technical background of Ptolemy's work, the contents of the Geography, and the later history of the work. Pars prior. Mouth of the Visurgius river 31° 0? §1. Parienna 42° 0? Between the greater Cauchi and the Suebi are the Angriouari 50° 0? fastness of the Sarmatian mountain from this turning point, the 51° 40? Above the Cimbrican Peninsula another 47° 50? The ancient towns occuring around Germania in the northern climate. Redintuinon 38° 30? and the Melibocos mountains 33° 0? Summary Claudius Ptolemy, in his Geographia, gives a list of geographic coordinates of spherical longitude and latitude of almost ten thousand point locations on the earth surface, as they were known at his times. 53° 30? below these the iron mining location and the Louna Forest, The woodcut engravings are some of the most beautiful that have ever been made.The most recent translation of the Geographia was published in 2000. 53° 20? §23. 55° 0? [Aria, Paropanisadae, Drangiana, Arachosia, Gedrosia], 46. the Lougii Omanni, 54° 0? 54° 30? summary A translation into English of Ptolemy's Geographia Books I & II, which contain a discussion of the art of mapmaking and an exhaustive description of the northern Roman Empire. To the west of this and bearing on Fleoum 28° 50? the sea, it follows the river itself. Jacopus Angelus was not a mathematician, and his translation of the Geographia was, in his own time and later, criticized on that account. Under these, first the Sidones, then the Cognii. §27. Be aware that scholarly circles do not put a lot of credence into many of the latitude and longitude bearings given by Ptolemy. and the Marvingi. 0? While the Foundousi still further to the west of these, are more to 57° 40? Calaigia 37° 30? 56° 0? 49° 30? 54° 0? 46? 54° 40? 55° 35? 49° 30? Novaision 31° j 51° 10? 47° 40? The headwaters of the Danube 30° 0? Between the Saxoni and the Suebi, the Teutonicri and the Viroli. western extremity holds the position 43° 0? Below the Siliggi, the Caloucones, both sides of the Albios river, (Raleigh Ashlin), 1906-1970. 51° 0? Setuacoton 34° 0? The Leonard and Juliet Rothman Holy Lands Map Collection, [Tabula IIII Aphricae... Libya interior, Aethiopia sub Aegypto, Aethiopia omnibus is australior], Geografia, cioè, Descrittione vnivesale della terra [microform] : partita in due volumi, nel primo de'quali si contengono gli otto libri della geografia, Geographia uniuersalis, uetus et noua, complectens Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini enarrationis libros VIII, Klaudios Ptolemaios Handbuch der Geographie : griechisch-deutsch, Ancient India, as described by Ptolemy : being a translation of the chapters which describe India and Central and Eastern Asia in the treatise on geography written by Klaudios Ptolemaios, the celebrated astronomer, with introductions, commentary, and index. 55° 40? I. Tomvs prodromvs Josephi Fischer, S.J., De Cl. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2000. §28. The smaller Bousacteri and the Sugambri occupy that part of Germania alongside the river Rhine, being the first from the north. Singone 41° 30? called. with 3 half-titles). Narabon 41° 0? §13. Eburon 41° 0? 52° 40? Below the peninsula 37° 0? Quote from the Sourcebook: "Unless otherwise indicated the specific electronic form of the document is copyright. The following text of Ptolemy is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book. §22. In the western part of this peninsula and above the Saxonii, the Sigoulones, §14. 56° 0? Then the Laccobardi Locoriton 31° 30? Then the Cobandi 51° 0? 50° 30? Felicia 39° 0? And again the mountain called Sudeta Tarodounon 28° 20? Ptolemaei vita, operibvs, geographia praesertim eivsque fatis. Astouia 37° 20? 55° 20? 47° 40? §20. The text of the Geographia begins with a definition: "Geography is a representation in picture of the whole known world together with the phenomena which are contained therein" (Ptolemy 1932, 25). 53° 30? §24. 47° 30? II. 51° 40? 54° 15? 47° 0? Navalia 28° 10? below these the Soudeni, and near the Danube river, the Adrabaicamii. Flavian Altars 30° 40? 55° 30? Amsterdam, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1966 [1967]. Aleison 28° 0? §30. 50° 20? §2. 52° 30? [1st ed.] towards the south 40° 40? 48° 0? Deovona 32° 30? Riusiava 31° 0? [Source: Ptolemy’s Geography by Alexander Jones (Princeton University Press, 2000).] 52° 20? 51° 30? *This information is accurate as of 2000. Where the river turning bears towards the south, being called. under these the Touronii In the first edition, published, in 1578, no text appears on the verso of the maps. location 31° 0? §6. "Getica", or "The Origin and Deeds of the Goths" (by Jordanes, translated by Charles C. Mierow; etext). the mouth of the Vistula river, while its Coridorgis 37° 15? 59° 30? 56° 50? Leucaristos 41° 45? 55° 35? Egitmatia or Egematia 39° 40? 52° 0? position between the locations. Segodounon 31° 30? Once the Geographia was available in print, Ptolemy attained a dominance in cartography that was difficult to overcome. continue with the Teracatriai near the river and towards the Campii, Lugiduunon 39° 30? ... M A Tolmacheva, Ptolemy's East Africa in early medieval Arab geography, J. Hist. The northern 43° 30 50° 30? Of the Cimbrici Peninsula 50° 10? Once the Geographia was available in print, Ptolemy attained a dominance in cartography that was difficult to overcome.Even the famous Gerard Mercator prepared an edition of the Geographia in 1578, as part of his plan to give a complete description of both ancient and modern maps. more to the north. 48° 30? - Vicenza : Hermannus Liechtenstein, 1475. 52° 50? then the Visbourgii above the Orcunion oak coppice. 52° 20? Even the famous Gerard Mercator prepared an edition of the Geographia in 1578, as part of his plan to give a complete description of both ancient and modern maps. southern extremity has the position. and the Varginoni 52° 20? In relation to the turn of the river towards the south, those places 52° 30? Stragona 39° 20? Emanuel Chrysoloras (c. 1350-1415), a teacher of Greek living in Constantinople, traveled to Venice in 1395. and the Intouergi Virition 41° 0? Translation always can be a treacherous undertaking: the English translation of 1932 by Edward Luther Stevenson of a Greek manuscript of the Geographia in the New York Public Library has been criticized for the same reason, i.e., that the translator did not understand the mathematics of the work. Marionis 34° 30? 48° 0? 48° 20? No permission is granted for commercial use." hold the position. while at the very north, the Cimbri 49° 20? Beginning alongside the Albios river 32° 0? 58° 0? Written in the second century A.D., for more than fifteen centuries it was the most detailed topography of Europe and Asia available and the best reference on how to gather data and draw maps. 50° 20? and the Caritni Calisia 43° 45? 47° Its southern extremity is 45° 0? 59° 30? The boundary on the southern side and part of the western is of the Danube river, the location of which has such of a kind. Lesser ethnic groups exist between the lesser Cauchi and the Suebi and are the greater Bousacteri. Tompsett's Directory of Royal Genealogical Data (genealogical listings), Bruce R. Gordon's Regnal Chronologies (chronological lists, good for succession), The Labyrinth (Resources for Medieval Studies: Georgetown University), Florilegium (Canadian annual journal devoted to the ancient and medieval cultures of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East), Yahoo Germanic-L List (Early Germanic Peoples from Prehistory to circa 800 AD), Yahoo Gothic-L List (discussions must relate to the Gothic tribes), Root sweb Medieval Genealogy Message Board, Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe, ArchNet (World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology), Anthro.Net (Anthropology on the World Wide Web), The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire (by Edward Gibbon; etext). 58° 0? There were many errors in his latitude and longitude settings due to miscalculating the earth's circumference and assuming the earth covered only 180 degrees of longitude. 56° 0? Bogadion 30° 15? 49° 20? 50° 50? Artaunon 30° (10?) 52° 30? Mesouion 35° 30? §35. Cantioibis 32° 40? Toulisurgion 32° 40? (Stanford users can avoid this Captcha by logging in.). and in the centre by the Leuoni. River 39° 20? §3. the Alps and which form the headwaters of the Danube, being of the following locations 29° 0? The beginning of the peninsula 39° 20? Again below the Semnones live the Siliggi, below the Bougouuntii are G Van Brummelen, Lunar and planetary interpolation tables in Ptolemy's 'Almagest', J. Hist. : 78 l. (33 l. (blanks and maps) of original omitted))--Pars altera.

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