I really feel like Ghost Stories scratches a lot of gamer itches: it’s got very solid cooperative play, is awesome for strategy gamers, and can be played in just about 90 minutes on your first attempt — then the advertised 60 minutes once you’ve got the hang of the rules. My favorite component, however, is the deck of demon cards. Initial impressions: When you first get Ghost Stories, anticipate being overwhelmed with an abundance of icons. When you start bringing ghosts to the table, you might think that you are OK and the game is not as hard as people say, but this feeling will last no more than 3 rounds. While defeating the bad guy can be anti climatic the few times you win it really is all about the fight getting there in the first place. Ghosts have a strength called resistance, and a ghost can be exorcised by equaling the ghost’s resistance through some combination of rolling the ghost’s color on Tao dice, spending Tao tokens or leveraging certain abilities gained from village tiles. Nobody Likes Nine Paragraphs of Rules Explanation. The components are top notch and the art is beautiful. Yin phase The variable setup of the board and the many different bosses provide a good amount of variability. Most other co-op games turns boring when things starts to fall apart. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. People who don’t like horror themes enjoy it, as do people who don’t like co-ops or those that prefer hardcore Euros. It's a cooperative game, so none of that tedious competition nonsense our society is so polluted with. This is a very challenging co-op game whose theme fits perfectly with the constantly rising feeling of doom. *The gift card will be loaded to your linked Amazon.co.uk account. The board is beautiful, mechanics unique and cards graphic… it has something for everybody. Each player takes on the role of a Taoist priest who must turn back the evil wave of ghosts and save the village. Ghost Stories is a difficult game, even at the lowest difficulty levels. For exceptions and conditions, see, Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. I would encourage anyone who thinks they might be interested in cooperative board games to give Ghost Stories a try. A funny (at least to me) note about the title to the review: I was planning on reviewing Ghost Stories for the past several weeks, and I was going to title the review “The Definitive Horror Board Game”… but a few weeks back @Hokken titled his review of Eldritch Horror nearly identically. Players who do not enjoy a significant luck factor in their games or who do not like losing will probably want to pass. addictive. Working together is your only hope, as the ghosts increase in number and force the Taoist priests to sacrifice resources, time and even their very lives in this desperate battle against the hordes of Hell. If that player’s board is full, he loses health, but no new demon appears. Nevertheless, Wu-Feng still commands terrible power, and after an age of searching, he has discovered the location of his ashes. How is it, I must wonder, that one game designer can come up with so many unique, abstract concepts for games that are each so individually different in mechanics and theme, while all being so much fun? Ghost Stories, I want to start out by saying, is a very fun game. The best board game I have played so far. There are times you will spend your entire turn just setting up the next player for a key exorcism. We only win anout 1 game out of 5, and that is playing on the novice level. This way I could roll the dice myself and report the results to my friends. You can play with as few as 1 player and as many as 4. Even if you keep losing, you will keep coming back to try to save that village! But I’d heard great things about the demon-slaying monks of Antoine’s abstract little village, and steeled myself for a few more hours of snack-munching, beverage-swilling, and cooperative gaming. A Taoist who loses all Qi is slain! This die can cause you to lose ‘Qi’, spirit tokens and can add enemies to the board–or do nothing at all (if a blank face comes up). 18+. Originally posted on Whose Turn is it Anyway. The ghosts approach from the borders of the village, but you can never be certain where new ghosts will appear. "Wu-Feng, the Lord of the Nine Hells has found where the funeral urn containing his ashes is kept. Players choose a monk and one of two abilities, and then receive a number of various tokens appropriate for the difficulty level of the game. (You lose before you get to him/her). I love this game but its getting dust on forgotten gaming shelf. Ghost Stories plays surprisingly well as as two-player game. Just make sure to get a few other games in first, because once Ghost Stories hits the table you’ll find yourselves determined to defeat those demons — or pass out face-first in the onion dip at 3:00 AM while trying. Some ghosts are much tougher to deal with than others, so if you get a couple of those early on or at the wrong time, your chances of winning go way down. So, if you play by yourself often – that’s a possibility. Positives : tough to win. Your turn consists of a Yin and a Yang phase. Lots to debate if playing with more than one. Sometimes you don’t even get to them. Well, the solitaire play is very good and strong – its very challenging, which is something I think solitaire games lack at times. With these, you can weaken a ghost’s resistance before you destroy it forever with the power of the Tao dice. There are times you must throw yourself into the jaws of death in a desperate gambit, and times when you must force yourself to sit calmly in the tea house while all the ghosts of **** howl around you. Regardless, this means that individual players could sit idle for indeterminate amounts of time during the game. The game features rules for up to 3 levels of difficulty. Green: Roll 4 dice & ignore curse die or may reroll Players cheer for victories and bemoan defeats in equal measure. This is why it is very important to get ghosts off of the board as quickly as possible each turn. Yang phase It is by far the most challenging co-op I’ve ever played, hands down. That being said, when you do get those rare wins, it just….feels…GREAT! A great variation on the tower defense formula, steeped in the asian folklore. Great for small parties of four looking to blend it with a night of Wiz-War, Settlers of Catan, and Survive for a four-player extravaganza. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. The game starts and seem like it will be manageable, but very, very quickly you find yourself making chains of complex decisions in an increasingly hostile gaming environment. The object of the game is to defeat the final ghost, Wu-Feng, and while you the players have one way to achieve victory – the game provides several ways for you to lose the game – so the game itself is very stacked against you.

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