Screen sharing and video call recording features are easy to use, but inviting external users or participants requires a few extra steps and might be less than ideal. Edge: Tie between Google Meet and Zoom Meetings. Getting to the video calling function on Microsoft Teams isn't as straightforward and this is expected since the video conferencing aspect of this solution is just one of the ways team members can communicate. Google's intuitive control can cycle the video feeds of participants who are talking, as well as remind you that you are muted if you speak without turning your microphone on. Microsoft Teams is a popular choice for businesses that use Office 365 products. While, Zoom is an easy web conferencing with remote control and draw on screen options, but has limited storage and limited time, if you Plus it's a Gartner-recognized industry leader, so it's a rather easy choice. Now, our users connect instantaneously. It's not difficult to show how Zoom is a trustworthy industry leader with best-in-class technology. Hi5 employee engagement app now integrates with Microsoft Teams, New capabilities on Microsoft Teams phones | September 2020, What’s New in Microsoft Teams | September 2020, New inclusive features in Microsoft Teams and more | Ignite 2020 Edition, What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020. Teams does have its advantages, such as the ability to provide transcripts of meeting through the Streams feature that makes text transcriptions  available shortly after the meeting. Microsoft’s feature set is focused around perfecting internal communication. Video calls have become the norm for consumers and businesses alike during the pandemic. Google Meet's security and encryption also stands out. Can access real time information to troubleshoot calls. When you connect as a guest, you either see a waiting room notice or you go directly to the meeting. Edge: Tie between Google Meet and Zoom Meetings. IT professionals can also access Microsoft Teams even if their business isn't licensed for Teams. Microsoft Teams video conferencing has the ability to host calls with up to 250 members (including screen sharing and call recording). Pandemic Causes Surge in Support Calls, Can Chatbots Help? The way this option is presented (it is literally the second to the last option out of seven available), hints that it is intended to be used in instances where a quick video call makes more sense than a prolonged chat. Lastly, the enterprise tier costs $20.00 per host per month and requires at least 50 hosts. The coronavirus has made video conferencing software a vital technology for both businesses and consumers. It also restricts external participants to join a meeting 15 minutes before the meeting starts. Go to on a browser and you can join or start a meeting right from that interface. Zoom recently announced robust security enhancements with the upcoming general availability of Zoom 5.0, a key milestone in the company’s 90-day plan to proactively identify, address, and enhance the security and privacy capabilities of its service.

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