We do not claim that the information in this guide is fully representative of what being an RA looks like. Nor is it simply instituting one or two law firm profitability tips and sitting back and hoping for the best. Sarah Rosenberg is the community engagement and outreach advisor for Opening Doors. How can I put together a strong application for an RA position? This guide was primarily compiled and curated by Coly Elhai, Quan Le, Kai Matheson, and Carolyn Tsao. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin, working for over a decade with animals as varied as rhinoceros, gorillas and red pandas. It is increasingly common within economics for people to work as a research assistant (RA) for a year or two after getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but before beginning a PhD program. Jessica holds a JD from the University of Kentucky College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts from Centre College. Jessica currently works as the Attorney Advisor for the DC Office of Disability Rights where she processes complaints of disability discrimination and provides guidance and training to DC employees and residents on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act (FHA), the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), and disability sensitivity and etiquette. The Belgian Environmental Economics Day 2021 (BEED) provides an opportunity to researchers in the areas of environmental, resource and ecological economics from universities, university colleges, research institutes and research consultancy firms in Belgium, to present their work. With her experience as an attorney and policy specialist as well as a lifetime animal lover, Abby fills a unique niche by integrating the legal, policy, and animal management aspects needed to craft safer, progressive, and smarter pet policies that increase revenue and hold tenants accountable. Abby can be reached at avolin@pawsopeningdoors.com. KC has over 25 years of experience working with animals and people. Additionally, Jessica serves as an Accessibility Officer during special events and state and local emergencies to provide technical assistance and training in the District’s Emergency Operations Command Center. Economics. We therefore focus on “office-based” RA positions in the U.S.: full-time, post-baccalaureate RA positions at universities, government agencies, NGOs, and think tanks, with work primarily done in a U.S. office setting. Law Firm Profitibility She also holds a Masters in Secondary Special Education and Transition from the George Washington University. Is applying to an RA position a good idea for me? This guide is a community resource and a living document compiling the experiences of almost 40 (and counting!) Farhoud Kafi Senior Lecturer ABD, Boston University BigSquare is an industry-leader in providing business analytics to law firms, Law Firm BI - How to Know Something is Wrong with Your Law Firm Economics, The Key Profitability Metrics (KPMs) for Law Firms, Best Billing Practices for Profitable Law Firms. Profit Drivers. She has extensive experience developing programs, forging strategic partnerships, employing innovative solutions, and conducting public policy work at the local, state, and federal levels. Zookeeping required expertise in animal behavior modification, and she continued to grow her experience with The Humane Society of the United States as their Pet Care Issues director for many years, mastering the domestic pet side of animal management policies. The part-time faculty office is located at 73 Tremont Street, 10th floor, Room 1035. Prior to starting Opening Doors, Abby worked as a policy specialist at The Humane Society of the United States and began her career as a litigator. And governments are rarely upheld as paragons of efficiency. Many thanks as well to Zong Huang, Pauline Liang, and Dominic Russel, who helped supplement our first-hand experiences with statistics from their survey of 203 full-time RAs in the U.S., conducted in the spring-summer of 2020. Our goal is to help undergraduate or recently-graduated students who are interested in the economics profession and are contemplating the following: For the most part, we the contributors have worked as RAs in the U.S., primarily within applied, empirical subfields of economics. Copyright 2020 Opening Doors PLLC | Headquartered in Washington DC | Proud Woman Disability-Owned Business | Website by Blissbranding Agency, Addressing Service & Assistance Animal Fraud: Follow the Data. She has volunteered with numerous shelters and rescue groups throughout the years and fostered countless pets (much to the chagrin of the resident cats). Subscribe for New Blog Posts, up to date and delivered to your inbox! Once in an RA position, how can I make the most of my RAship. RAs in the survey were not randomly sampled, but do represent a broad subset of the office-based RA population. In general, though, RAs can count on working closely with PhD economists and contributing to projects at all stages of the research process— especially the data cleaning and processing phases. She holds a JD from Loyola University Chicago and a BA in quantitative economics and community health from Tufts University. Finally, we thank Annie Le for providing illustrations of our mascots, RA B. Part-Time Faculty. Sarah Rosenberg is the community engagement and outreach advisor for Opening Doors. RA positions that are specifically targeted at people interested in continuing on to PhD programs are often referred to as “pre-docs” (short for pre-doctoral fellows). Welcome to the Econ RA Guide! Sarah holds a JD from Emory University School of Law and a BA from the University of Michigan. As a segue from the practice of corporate law, Sarah combined her legal background with her ethos for building community into a rewarding, 18-year career operating a mixed-use, multi-family housing property situated in one of Atlanta’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Jessica Hunt is the disability law advisor for Opening Doors. And not all of it is accurate or even helpful. Economics is disparaged as "the dismal science" for good reason. However, some of our advice may be relevant for undergrad RAs working either part-time during the school year or full time over the summer, “field-based” RAs working on survey piloting or data collection, and RAs working in other countries.2 Although working in economic consulting is another common pre-doctoral position for economists, it is different enough from working as an RA that we do not provide any information specific to these roles in this guide. We provide clients with tools that deliver the context, clarity, and protocol needed to craft pet policies that serve your goals, avoid discrimination issues, and create happy and healthier environments for housing providers and tenants alike. RAships are both highly varied and ever-changing. When it comes to helping attorneys understand just how important profitability is to law firms, there is a lot of information on the Internet to sift and sort through. She earned her JD from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and BA from Tufts University. In order to compete law firms must be a collaboration of legal competence and economic business savvy. Law Firm Profitibility European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) Contact. Law Firm Economics She creates policies and programs for properties that enhance revenue potential while controlling potential conflicts and problems. With a vision of nurturing harmonious living and working environments, she implemented policies that served the best interests of both landlords and tenants.

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