© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. It’s about time someone used an SUV for more than hauling brats to soccer practice. The engine sounds are. They always get to be faster than you to. It's fun, too. The engine sounds are not great, however this game is not at all about your vehicles engine sounds and don't take from the game one bit. Before the 3D free roam splendour that was Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar games developed Smugglers Run, a refreshing addition to the drive/battling genre. Submit a review and let your voice be heard. Other vehicles are required in a few of the stages, but it really isn't mixed up enough for my tastes. If so, check out this review of the classic driving game “Smuggler’s Run” for the PlayStation 2… Before consoles had access to extremely large maps allowing you to roam around at your leisure, there was “Smuggler’s Run”. The music usually consists of nothing but a rhythmic beat with the occasional interjection of some sort of electronic tempo which does indeed suit the fast paced action of the game, it gets old fast. November 1st, ... the game is about on par with the other PS2 launch games ... Two aspects of Smuggler’s Run stand out like a narc at a Grateful Dead Y... Get that turtle out of your tank and take those training wheels off your hot rod--this is Rumble Racing, and it ain't... SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. On the PS2, this game placed you in the shoes of a smuggler armed with an array of vehicles which are to be used in various smuggling activities while simultaneously avoiding police, military, intelligence (CIA) and competing factions who are all trying to take you down and/or steal your cargo. The only other visible landmarks besides the smoke pots for checkpoints are the cloned trees, rocks, and signs that pervade the landscape. Overall, the physics find a solid balance between fantasy and reality, and the smooth controls make running contraband an addictive experience. This entry in the Smuggler's Run series lets you work for an elite band of smugglers. It is just a pity that, ultimately, the missions become all too similar. The CPU behavior is terrible, and law enforcement vehicles often just appear out of nowhere. Of course looking back upon it now it looks rather primitive, but at the time, most everyone was floored by its inventiveness and impressively scaled off-road maps. Smuggler’s Run Review. The sirens on the police vehicles are constantly going which can wear on the ears.....but it's necessary because they are cops, and all cops have sirens. Conversely, the Turf War mode constitutes a series of 3 mini games and involves direct confrontation as well as smuggling. Anyway even though the graphics are not as detailed as later generation titles on PS2 it does not take away from the fun you have running across massive and very deep landscapes. Alright, I started playing this game over a year and a half ago and I just recently finished it due to the extreme frustration associated with the later missions. It'll never be one of those "stranded on a desert island" games, but it certainly has replay value and is well worth a look. It is truly a unique concept for a racing game. Engage in the next generation thrill of ... For the first time ever in a racing game, players will be able to fuse two cars together on the fly to form a super v... Burnout 3 challenges you to crash into (and through) busy intersections, while creating as much damage as possible. Sometimes you're racing against the clock, and sometimes you're competing against a rival gang. A fine piece of work. The basic rule is drive fast and furious, and most of all, don't get caught. Gameplay: 8/10 -Obviously this is a game where little else matters other than the gameplay. What makes Smuggler’s Run such a blast is the overzealous way the various enemies pursue you across the terrain, oftentimes resorting to what amounts to suicide levels of self-abandonment. Need for Speed is back and faster than ever in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Smuggling. To compensate for this, you were able to unlock six different vehicles and participate in a number of turf war minigames. based on A title that fuses together a fresh premise, the most remarkable draw distance out there and addictive gameplay that makes a habit of making you come back for more. This game is fun for about an hour or two and then the glaring weaknesses and lack of polish shine through. On the PS2, this game placed you … Despite its obvious flaws, I still find myself wanting to go back every now and then to zoom over bumps in freestyle mode and force spectacular crashes in the one player mode. Not Worth Smuggling out of a Rental Store, Barging through Borders and illicit illegal acctivities. Only those who are truly tenacious need apply here. The assorted vehicles respond fairly well to what you input into your controller and the different vehicles all have their own unique feel while flying over the countryside, herein lies some of the problem. You may remember Smuggler's Run as one of the early launch titles for the PlayStation 2. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Since so much of the system's horsepower is used to render the basic terrain, the draw-in distance is strikingly close. In a game about driving over hills and doing jumps, it actually DAMAGES your car when you drive over hills and get the slightest bit of air, even if you land cleanly on ALL 4 WHEELS! This is the "Jet Moto" or "Wipeout" of the PS2 launch -- a rare game that makes driving a hell of a lot of fun. Assuming that you want to learn the layout of each territory before committing yourself to anything, this is the mode for you. First off, to make it so the. To sum it up in one word, it's smugglelicious! This is some of the worst physics I have ever seen in a game that it should be spot-on. 21 Critic Reviews, Mixed or average reviews- based on 22 Ratings. Great Fun For Your Friends, But Not For You. Its shallow atmosphere aside, there is little wrong with Smuggler’s Run. -Well, seeing as how you could probably find this for around $10 I'd say that it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy Smuggler's Run, but only if you have an amazing amount of patience as some levels require you to play them over and over again in order to finally memorize a good route to your goal (And be blessed with enough good luck to get there unscathed). The missions are way, While it may not win any awards, it proves to be a fun and addictive game that should probably be included with the PS2. The draw distance in the game was very much next gen. They obviously do this to make it harder, as well as making you do 7 drops in 1 without a slight mistake or you have to start all over again, just to make the game longer. It's no graphical or acoustical showpiece for the system, but it does offer up its share of fun, depth, multi-player coolness, and innovation. First off, to make it so the police are always with you there is glaringly obvious rubber band AI so that when you drive perfectly they do the same and can always catch up to you no matter what you do. Replay Value: 9/10 -This is probably the high point of Smuggler's Run. ... Ive bought and returned the original Smugglers Run on PS2, and I hated both to be honest. . Submit a review and let your voice be heard. While a lot of players and/or critics might say the game is too repetitive, they’re sort of missing the point. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. The races and contraband competitions in the turf war mode were exceptionally entertaining, especially with a second player competing against you. The environments go on forever, they are rich with detail and they are realistic. Smugglers' Run is the first title on a gaming console able to show a view of this genre without any slowdown or pop-up defect. The terrain of each stage is rendered in 3D using an engine that allows for free movement and major changes in geographical elevation. http://www.Patreon.com/ClassicGameRoomSmuggler's Run review! It was a game that was characterized by rugged off road vehicles, the chance to play it bad and vast open and detailed free roam areas. The ultimate off-road driving adventure returns to the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. The vehicles aren't composed of sprites, but rather shaded polygons that enable them to bounce and rotate with remarkable realism. Buy or Rent? While the main game is fun at first, in the Crazy Taxi vein, the novelty wears thin because of the bland graphics and repetitive nature of the gameplay. It's a blast running from the police climbing extremely steep hills and plunging back down. To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are on par with the upper echelon of current games, and sound is very respectable. There's short snippets of voice dialogue that acts as a briefing before each mission but overall it's rather pointless. Need for Speed is back and faster than ever in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The 29 missions included in the Game Boy Advance version are so tedious that mere words cannot explain the boredom they impart. Smuggler's Run for PlayStation 2 game reviews & Metacritic score: As a member of a gang of international smugglers, it's your job to evade the U.S. Border Patrol, CIA and cutthroat rivals to deliver illegal cargo. Escape to a world without borders in SMUGGLER'S RUN, the hot new racing title for your PlayStation 2. Hills, trees, and rival vehicles just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Add to that lack of variety and repetitive boring missions and you have yourself a bad example of a launch game. Graphics: 7/10 -Compared to other first-gen PS2 titles, I'd have to say that the graphics were really not bad at all. The GBA version, by contrast, has only four different player-controlled vehicles and a single turf war minigame, and it does not offer any multiplayer features. Classic Game Room - SMUGGLER'S RUN review for PlayStation 2 Smuggler's Run is a solid addition to any action or racing fanatic's collection. At its core, this is a surprisingly limited game. It's not a stunning looking game, and it's not a very long game, but it is original and fun, and that's a great combination for any game on any system. The missions are way cool, but difficult and frustrating at times. On the PS2, this game placed you … While it may not win any awards, it proves to be a fun and addictive game that should probably be included with the PS2. While I prefer the multiplayer, and will continue to play it for quite a while, the single player game became a bit too monotonous for my liking in the end. Frank Provo This is the future of driving games, folks. !Classic Game Room reviews SMUGGLER'S RUN for Playstation 2 (PS2) from Angel Studios and Rockstar Games released in 2000, an open world driving game where you evade border patrol in a dune buggy and monster truck!Compete in races, challenges and drive through a storyline mode that feels like a rough draft of the GTA series. Destination Software picked up the rights to make a handheld version of the game and set UK developer Rebellion to work on a port for the Game Boy Advance. Smuggler's Run Review Smuggler's Run doesn't even come close to evoking the same kind of excitement as the original PlayStation 2 game. Fresh graphics, tight controls, and completely addictive gameplay make this a definite must-have title.

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