Adam is the primary main protagonist character and one of the three main characters (later six) of the late 2010s Netflix Series, The Hollow. He runs into a woman who is jogging in place, who greets him the same was as his neighbor. Adam barely wins as Akuma drops the Ishibo and falls off the floating piece of land. They then jump through a portal. "Race". When Adam is in a coma dying of hypothermia, Kai makes two prosthetic legs for the Mutant Spider Leader, who, in return for the kind gesture, heals Adam with his venom. Kai offers to replace the Spider Leader's lost limbs in exchange for assistance. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament where they are greeted by the Weird Guy (revealed to be the show's host) and cheered by the live audience for winning the game, The Hollow. Mira becomes trapped with the three little pigs, while Adam and Reeve work together to redirect the river to put out the fire. Kai often challenges Adam's leadership and accuses Adam of bossing him around. The path forward leads to a floating castle, which is empty except a note that says wrong turn. They soon find out that the ship was taken over by an alien, but also has a teleporter they could use. spacing-outttt . Mira pushes the ship from underneath, getting them away from Tursas. The friends land on an island overrun with mutant spider-people. Vanessa (formerly), Reeve (formerly), Skeet (formerly), Nisha, Tyler, Iris, his childhood bullies They are teleported into the sky and land on a talking tree. They eventually escape and head down the tunnels under the chamber. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament (filmed as live-action) where they are greeted by the Weirdie (revealed to be the show's host) and cheered by the live audience for winning the game, "The Hollow." After they betray them, Mira and Kai, along with a seriously wounded Adam, end up stranded on a small iceberg. As the room begins filling up with poisonous smoke, they make their way up to and through the vent, eventually winding up at an exit that leads to a forest. Adam, Mira and Kai spy a lighthouse and send out a distress signal -- only to stumble into a bizarre new world inhabited by a mysterious being. In Season 2 Episode 2, Adam comes out to Kai, explaining Mira is "not his type" and that he's gay. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Adam and Reeve decide to combine their powers. Adam works to free Skeet as Kai throws fire at Cherufe unsuccessfully. Once they go through the portal, they arrive on an island of primitive parrot people, where they find Skeet. He often motivates his teammates to persevere when they want to give up. Adam finds Jules, who says he'll explain everything. Adam Finding the Ironwood Tree again, she tosses them a great distance to the Northern Tundra. Gregory Praet. No one in that world knows anything about The Hollow. They fight each other again in the Battle for the Ishibo. Suddenly, Tursas knocks into the side of the ship. Akuma had turned the arm into a powerful, dangerous weapon called the Ishibo. While he and Kai are in there, the room shakes and things fall. Jules attacks Vanessa and Reeve, then the others. He accepts it and says it's for Malthezor, who pops up out of the water, knocks the goat off into the water, and eats the troll. Reeve says they're just code and their real selves are living life as normal. Skeet suggests they just need to lose the game on purpose in order to go home, but Adam and Kai don't want to. In Race, Kai, Mira, Adam, and Reeve enter the final level. The crew attempt to find the Weird Guy to get his help, and they convince him that they're real by using his real name. Adam is someone who won't hesitate in stressful situations, he's a quick thinker. Occupation Stranger season 3: Netflix K-drama renewal status and potential release date, {{#media.media_details}} The trio knock her out, but another witch comes along and attacks them. The Hollow is a popular Canadian animated science fantasy adventure mystery series that premiered on Netflix back in 2018. As they walk, Weirdy comes to them and tells them there's been trouble taking "Hollow Life" offline. He has super strength, enhanced agility and excellent problem-solving skills. Inside, they notice their picture missing from the wall of tournament winners. Kai is surprised to learn they still have their powers and immediately tests them out, burning a hole in the bush Davis was trimming. {{#media.focal_point}}. Friends/Allies In Season 2, it is revealed that Adam, Reeve, and Mira used to be friends on the same team until Reeve was replaced by Kai. Eventually three figures on horses come and pick them up. Heck, you can even buy a Hollow … As he grabs them, a man opens the door and tells the snail to let them go. They spot Weirdy and call out to him, but he doesn't hear them. It doesn't work and they realize Skeet has lost. Kai comes up to him, upset because it's not a dream. Miles is surprised to learn Kai's hanging out with Mira. His parents think he's kidding when he explains. The trio knock her out but another witch comes along, and attacks them. Then he looks for Vanessa. They realize Cherufe turns to stone when he hits the water. In Fire, Mira, Reeve, and Adam debate between trying to stop the game and allowing it to end. Vanessa and Kai carry Reeve and they race to get to their portal before the game team gets to theirs. He then sends them through a portal. It's Mabel, the giant chicken who terrorized Kai's nightmares. Adam is one of the three protagonists in Netflix’s The Hollow who awakens in a room with no memories of who he is. She's trapped by Louie, but Adam and Kai come to her aid. However, Adam's theory that they are in a virtual reality game is confirmed by Weirdie, who warns them, that the glitches they have seen are a sign that the game's code is corrupted and is on the verge of crashing, and that they must quickly escape the game. Adam reveals that they had an opening because Reeve had been on their team, but they couldn't get along. Comments Add a Comment. They try to approach him, but are stopped and he starts to perform. After fighting off a third witch, they trek through the desert, and become dehydrated and tired. After battling an ice monster, Adam, Kai and Mira weigh whether to help the other kids, then find themselves stranded at sea. At the end of "Apocalypse," Kai blames Adam for Mira's death and tries to separate from him permanently, but in the lighthouse, it is revealed that Mira is still alive and apologises to him which he quickly forgets. He pokes his father and says he's surprised to find them there, in the Hollow. Adam and Reeve make a plan to slay the sea monster and help the vikings so they can save the others. Kai learns he has no control over the green flames, so they work to lead the animals out. He shows good leadership skills that Kai points out in the first episode, however he appears to not being comfortable with this position, answering to Kai that he never claimed to be the leader, this is reestablish in the sixth episode, where Mira ask for directions and he snaps, asking her why is she asking him what to do, breaking down under the pressure the team puts in him for a short wile.

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