is a free SEO tool that can help you generate keyword and content ideas, analyze traffic, top pages, and backlinks for competitors. Discover duplicate and thin (low) content pages. Unlike some of the other tools that I listed here, BuzzSumo isn’t super SEO focused. then you should go with BuzzSumo. Serpstat is a solid SEO tool that is comprehensive, reliable, and offers good data quality and service. Like always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below! It is one of the tool which focuses 100% on Backlink data. Discover high-performing content topics so you can get more likes, links, and shares. So why does BuzzSumo make this list of Ahrefs alternatives? It also provides keyword position updates, tracked keyword management with tags, performance monitoring, and report sharing. However, unlike Ahrefs and SEMrush, the tools aren’t integrated. That’s HUGE, right? To help you get started, we put together a free video training that will give you all the tools and tactics you will need to get started even if you don’t have any prior experience. But it’s ultimately your call. Nicholas Altimore is the Founder and Director of We actually recommend it as our go-to all-in-one SEO tool and it’s not without reason. And more. That said: it’s not quite as feature-rich as Ahrefs. (using the below tool). This tool is a solid option for finding new organic opportunities and measuring keyword competitiveness. It was a free tool before. A LOT. Click here to get a 30 day free account of SEMrush Pro account (Worth $99.95). Mangools offers simple SEO tools that cover all the basic features without being a big all-in-one tool like Ahrefs. It can help you kickstart outreach efforts with their SERP analysis features, and it’s one of the best backlink research tools out there. Pro ($45/month): 2500 keyword lookups per day, 2500 KC calculations per day, 2500 SERP lookups per day, 200 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, 2 users, plug-and-play template system. Let’s see the 7 Best Ahrefs alternatives that I researched. And it largely delivers. You can easily access historical data, daily ranking updates, or search volume trends without leaving the interface. You can use Google Autocomplete to analyze keywords, find related search terms, and search for trends related to your business domain. No matter what industry you are in, there’s no shortage of finding better keywords using SEMrush. Assess market performance with its unique Share of Voice (SoV) metric. Perform URL, subfolder, and subdomain-level keyword gap analysis. And… if you’re looking for free trial accounts of SEMrush, check out the following sections. LongTailPro also offers free online training that gives you 3 low competition keywords and teaches you how to master a simple system for identifying profitable keywords. The latest version of Ubersuggest also lets you see how many people search for a keyword on a mobile device versus a desktop device which is really an incredible feature. They also have a “Team plan” starting at $199 per month which is suitable for teams. Ahrefs is one of the best all-in-one SEO software solutions used by digital marketers around the world. Another great feature is Surfer SEO’s ability to support decisions with instant recommendations that are based on contextual analysis, reports and graphs. Because, it is not actually a single tool for all but it consists of many tools for different tasks so, you have to select the tools accordingly. Content Toolkit: SEMrush offers a toolkit called the SEMrush Content Platform to take your content marketing results to the next level. A quick overview of some of SpyFu’s core features: Search for competitors and download their PPC keywords from Adwords with no download limits. The only thing we should do is self research and analyse by getting ideas from the tools. The process of identifying the exact keywords your potential visitors are searching for is made easier because you don’t have to research and compare keywords across multiple platforms. Each have their pros and cons, and some are even completely free altneratives to Ahrefs if price is your biggest issue with the market leader. ◾ In terms of backlink data Majestic is definitely in comparison with Ahrefs. Starter ($25/month): 800 keyword lookups per day, 800 KC calculations per day, 800 SERP lookups per day, 30 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, 1 user. It has a massive index. Lite ($50/month) : low-use Fresh Index and Site Explorer for light users. Are there any tools that are similar to Ahrefs that you use? You can conduct all your keyword research with this tool because it streamlines your workflow and assists in efficiently prioritizing the best target keywords by metrics. Grab the 10 days free trial of KW Finder (limited time). It is similar to Ahrefs in the types of tools and comprehensive workflows that are available. If you’re looking for an affordable Ahrefs alternative that still performs solidly, … ◾ If you are with limited budget and want to do SEO of your site then you can definitely go with Ubersuggest. You may have seen this coming but, the best overall alternative is…. while for Ahrefs is $99/month, so if you are a person with a limited budget and focusing only on backlink for your site then you must try this. ), SEMrush also has a ton of helpful features like: In my opinion, SEMrush is probably the closest tool to Ahrefs out there (both in terms of feature quantity and quality). It also exclusively offers a chrome extension along with a WordPress plugin where you can get the metrics of any website, find a lot of keyword ideas, evaluate the level of difficulty of any keyword that you want to rank for. If you want a complete suite of advanced SEO tools that run on the desktop (PC and Mac), then SEO PowerSuite can help with all of that. If you’re looking for premium sites like Ahrefs, Moz is an ultimate choice for you and Moz also has a premium set of SEO toolkit that helps you with crawl and audit your sites, discover link building goals, explore on-page optimization opportunities and so on. Identify topic-related questions that potential visitors may search for and obtain similar keywords for a topical segment. Plus ($47/month): 2 monitored domains, 4 competitors, 12,500 links, 200 keywords, 4,000 daily rows. In this post, we’ll look at some paid and free alternatives to Ahrefs. SEMrush is the main Ahrefs alternative. Reverse engineer what’s working and ignore the rest. Get access to any domain’s ranking keywords or research your competition for content ideas. I first signed up for Monitor Backlinks in 2015. It’s a bit different to today’s standard. For example, you can upload up to 1 million sites with key metrics to a CSV file or Google Sheets. We’ve compiled the best Ahrefs alternative tools to help you pick the right SEO tool for your needs. Ultimately, Majestic is an excellent link building tool that offers a ton of value to users who want to focus on backlinks. Not quite at the level of SEMrush. A SERP analysis tool that lets you scan local search results for over 50,000 locations and helps you discover your competitors’ weak spots by analyzing SEO metrics and comparing sites. The main problem is that the UX is super outdated. Apply Serpstat’s Domain Optimization Score to improve your websites and never miss new SEO issues. So yeah, there’s no right or wrong answer. If that’s the case, Moz might be what you’re looking for. All these free tools can be used from their website MOZ. Generate targeted keywords and filter by metrics, organize keyword groups, identify the successful formulas of top advertisers for any keyword, identify most profitable keywords in any niche, see the sites and backlinks that help rank any keyword, PPC and SERP analysis.

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