Daboia is a genus of venomous vipers.. Clear walking paths of dried leaves and twigs at regular intervals. Its interests include birds, butterflies, insects & flowers. The saw-scaled viper (chruttamamdali) is a small snake of light brown colour with pale white or yellow spots on its body, giving it near-perfect camouflage against dry ground with fallen leaves. Snakes are shy animals. † approx English pronunciation for Anali: AE as in "at (AE.T)" ; N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; AA as in "odd (AA.D)" ; L as in "lay (L.EY)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)". They strike only when they continue to be harassed. Doctor: “Antivenin will only neutralise the snake’s venom in the body. View pictures of Saw scaled viper 5. © COPYRIGHT 2020 MANORAMA ONLINE. Since she is already being taken to hospital, everything will be just fine.”, Laila: “Why would someone with a snakebite not seek treatment immediately?”. Works on your mobile device Install our mobile app to access complete list of regional names. All rights reserved. I have seen several cases where people are brought to casualty with loss of consciousness or other complications without a reported history of snakebite. Without antivenin, the patient can deteriorate to complete paralysis and die from inability to breathe. I was plain silly to go so near to the venomous viper. The hump-nosed pit viper is another venomous snake found in Kerala. [ syll. Such bandages may be used in cobra and krait bites. The harmless wolf snake copies the krait’s design, in a classic example of Batesian mimicry. Thus, doctors do not necessarily require to see the snake to be able to administer antivenin. Do not poke inside dense bushes with bare hands; use a stick instead. Be extra careful while walking in the dark after a rain, when snakes tend to come out more. ICU care and ventilator support will be required till the muscles recover from the neurotoxin and the patent is able to breathe again. For example, when muscles are paralysed and the patient can’t breathe, antivenin alone will not save the patient. Vipers have the ability to detect heat from the prey and bite accurately even in complete darkness. Starting from the bitten finger, we can gently cover the entire limb.”, Laila: “Thanks. She realised she had been bitten, and ran indoors to inform her parents. Armed with sharp fangs and a lightning-fast accurate strike, they account for the majority of snakebite deaths in India. They hunt for prey using their sense of smell. Smith, 1917) – eastern Russell's viper; In the future, more species may be added to Daboia. Venom will not come out by applying suction.”, Laila: “Shall I make a few cuts near the wound with a blade so that the venom will drip out?”, Doctor: “No. One is the venomous hump nosed pit viper and the other is the harmless rat snake. "@type": "WebSite", The dose of the ASV is determined by the amount of poison injected by the snake, not by the patient’s age or body weight.”, Laila: “When will they decide to give her antivenin?”, Doctor: “Not all cases of snake bite need antivenin. The king cobra is venomous too, but as it is a shy snake that mostly lives in dense forests, human encounters are uncommon—and deaths are relatively rare in India. We can call the hospital on the way and talk with the doctor at casualty to confirm they do have antivenin in stock.”, Laila: “Why do we have to rush? Is it common in Kerala?”. However, identifying the snake can help them tailor the supportive treatment accordingly. See also the related categories, sanskrit, fire, and fiery. For a life-threatening condition, it is unwise to try something that is unproven, based on hearsay alone. If the patient gets panicky, the increase in circulation will spread the venom faster throughout the body. The best thing is to keep the hand below the level of the heart. That is of no use. For the most part, snakes only bite in self-defence—most commonly when people step on them by accident. Doctor: “That is not what I meant. We call them dry bites. Doctor: “Venom spreads slowly through her lymphatics and small blood vessels. Anali is of the meaning 'fiery, fire'. They are also seen near paddy fields and other places where rodents are found. 1. Wasting time with a traditional healer is not advisable and could cost her life.”, Laila: “But Dr Renuka, I heard that this healer has healed many snake bite victims. I recall a recent study from Kannur Medical college of fifty children with venomous snakebites. Contrary to common belief, dry bites do not occur because the snake recently had a meal. Anali is not widely used as a baby name for girls. Why don’t we at least try the traditional medicine first and then go to hospital if there is no improvement?”, Doctor: “The best chance of survival Jayanti has is to get to hospital at the earliest, and receive antivenin injection. Doubtless, these surprisingly benign traits of venomous snakes help reduce the overall number of human deaths that follow snake encounters. Walking and running will make the venom spread faster through blood circulation.”, Laila: “Should she be sitting up or lying down?”, Doctor: “It is best for her to lie down quietly on her side while we get her to hospital. I don’t have a crepe bandage at home. They feed on rats, mice, poultry and frogs, and therefore can be seen around where humans live. Doctor: “It is better to keep the hand as still as possible to reduce the spread of venom. Anali's origin is Sanskrit. When threatened, it gives out a loud hiss not unlike that of a pressure cooker. It is not in the top 1000 names. It is called recovery position. Doctor: “Vomiting is an early symptom of envenomation. "@type": "SearchAction", The snake could not be found, and ASV was given assuming it was Russel’s or saw-scaled viper bite as usual. Death can rarely occur (1.7%). Neurotoxic venoms from kraits and cobras cause blurring of vision, drooping of eyelids, weakness of the neck and limb muscles. In remote rural areas, delays can occur because of lack of availability of modern medical facilities, inadequate means of transport, insufficient stock of antivenin, cultural factors that give preference to indigenous treatment methods, and financial limitation to avail medical care.”, Laila: “If antivenin injection cures snakebite, then why not give it in a local clinic? Dispose garbage properly so that rats do not infest the area, attracting snakes. Russel’s viper (anali, chenathandan) is a large snake, about 4 feet in length. Also called the Big Four, they are responsible for over 90% of the 45,000 snake-bite deaths that occur in India every year. Manorama Online, Malayala Manorama, P.B No.26, Kottayam 686 001, Kerala, India. It is important to keep the patient as calm as possible.”, Laila: “I can hardly see the bite marks on her hand! In fact, snakes have lived on the planet longer than man, and therefore snake bites have caught medical attention for thousands of years. A significant number of open-mouth strikes involve a dry bite, when the snake does not inject venom through its fangs. Therefore, we should not be reluctant to take antivenin if the doctor recommends it after examining her.”, Laila: “Should she get a test dose first, as in the case of a penicillin shot?”, Doctor: “No. 4. The head is large and triangular. The hump-nosed pit viper (churutta) is not part of the big four. Unfortunately, that patient developed complications from ASV that were worse than the effects of the snake bite. Snakebite is an important preventable cause of death, disability and economic distress. When threatened from a distance, the Russel’s viper first lets out a warning hiss, while the saw-scaled viper makes a rasping noise by rubbing its scales. In a recent study from Calicut Medical College, one out of every four bites were from non-venomous snakes.”, Laila: “Are you saying that traditional treatments are fake?”. Anali is not widely used as a baby name for girls. In addition to the big four above, two snakes deserve special mention in this context. Snakes never contaminate water with their poison. Found a snake less than half a Meter long in my well,resembling a viper. 3. Our aim is to slow the flow of lymph, and not to cut off the blood supply. } Workers in rubber and cashew plantations and paddy fields must take special care. }. They help keep rodent population under control. Heart rhythm problems and kidney shut down can occur too. When blood clotting is deranged, transfusion and other specialised treatments might become necessary. Details of other snakes are available in the further reading section. Children must be specifically trained not to pick up snakes out of curiosity. Do not reach blindly beneath rocks, piled up bricks, coconut shells or firewood. I remember a case referred from the western ghats after the patient received ASV for a suspected viper bite. For hemotoxic venoms such as viper bite, blood in the urine, bleeding from the gums or nose can occur, along with severe pain and swelling of the affected limb. We can use the power of gravity to reduce the spread of the venom. In fact, krait bites are known to kill people in their sleep. She is only a child, maybe they will give her a paediatric dose?”, Doctor: “She will need 8-10 units initially, which is the same dose as an adult. This colour pattern is mimicked by non-venomous snakes such as common sand boa and Indian rock python. Besides, many venomous snake bites occur without envenomation, that is, even though the snake bites, it may fail to inject its venom at that moment. A test dose is not necessary in the case of antivenin”, Laila: “How much ASV will she need? The chance of a minor injection allergy can’t even be compared to the chance of death from envenomation.

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