(2003), A Cultural Resource Inventory for Safety of Dams Test Excavations on and Near Helena Valley Regulating Reservoir Dam (2003), Cultural Resource Inventory for Temporary ATV Access and Trail Improvments in Section 26 T10N R1W for the Bucksnort Fire of 2000. Prehistory • Collections Research • Geographic info on classical places pulled into Google Maps from the Barrington Atlas and other sources. The Comparative Archaeology Database of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Comparative Archaeology publishes primary archaeological data to complement more traditional means of publication, such as journals, collections of articles, and monographs (including those published by the Center itself).The Database thus works toward the preservation and dissemination of primary data … Explore our Online Learning Resources. The XML web service will be in addition to the unique URIs mentioned above which provide IADB project data as formatted HTML. PO Box 210026 Based at University of California, Berkeley, is a global consortium of people who share the vision of creating a distributed virtual library of cultural information with a time and place interface. Ange nedan uppgifter: This is my collection of placemarks for sites relevant in the context of ancient history. In 1999 work was begun on converting the IADB to a web application using MySQL and PHP. "A collaborative effort to create an online archive and analytical database that integrates much of the widely dispersed archaeological data collected from Chaco Canyon from the late 1890s through the first half of the 20th century. Archaeological Overview • Site Name Keywords Digital Antiquity extends our knowledge of the human past and improves the management of our cultural heritage by permanently preserving digital archaeological data and supporting their discovery, access, and reuse. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site • Gå till Nordic archaeological abstracts Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Any number of user-defined tags (analogous to Labels in Google Mail, for example) may be applied to any resources within a project database. Klicka på Subscribers Hist N Nat Amer • Digital Antiquity and tDAR are and have been supported by a number of organizations, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Alternatively, professional archaeologists can request Arizona State Museum staff research ARO records by completing and submitting this request form. The Integrated Archaeological Database system, or IADB for short, is an open-source web-based application designed to address the data management requirements throughout the lifespan of archaeological excavation projects, from initial excavation recording, through post-excavation analysis and research to eventual dissemination and archiving. Tucson, Arizona 85721-0026 No Cultural Resources • ARO also accepts records from other land jurisdictions under Records Management and Repository Agreements. Grants from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have funded the development of the IADB as a web publication tool, and grants from the UK JISC have funded the OGHAM and VERA[4] projects for the development of the IADB as a Virtual Research Environment for archaeology using the Silchester project as a test-bed. This is a Non-Federal dataset covered by different Terms of Use than Data.gov. Historic Background Research • No third party software is required. As of September 2010, this programme remains available online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/thematerialworld_20050922.shtml. MEGA-Jordan is a purpose-built geographic information system (GIS) to inventory and manage archaeology sites at a national level. North America (Continent) • Others seeking access to the information contained in the database must obtain written permission from the State Archaeologist or the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer. 19th Century • Work has begun on the development of a web service to provide IADB project data in XML format, possibly with an associated RSS feed. In-perpetuity curation of archaeological reports and site records as Arizona's official repository for archaeological survey records and site information. State lands means lands owned or controlled by the State of Arizona or by any agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision of the State of Arizona, including any county or municipal corporation. View Original Full Metadata, Harvested from Minnesota Geospatial Information Office. The National Archeological Database—a computerized communications network for the archeological and historic preservation community—was established to improve access to information on archeological activities nationwide. NAA täcker publikationer som behandlar arkeologiska undersökningar, nutida såväl som medeltida och förhistoriska. Reservoir • Use Constraints: Database is continually being edited so files quickly become out of date., Access Constraints: The database is available at no charge to federal and state agency cultural resource managers. Significance / Management • Omfattar åren 1974-2000. Mineral • Archaeological Survey • Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek Road, Trail, and Related Structures or Features •

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