Top Headlines . The use of drones has led to the discovery of between 80 and 100 Paracas geoglyphs on hillsides that were not visible in previous aerial photographs, Isla added. They may have had a. Conny Waters - - Two weeks ago, a team of Egyptian archaeologists discovered a burial well in Minya’s Al-Gharafa archaeological area of Tuna El-Gebel. ", Iroquoian Woodland Village Site Discovered in Ontario, ONTARIO, CANADA—Excavation of an Iroquoian village site in southeastern Canada ahead of a road construction project has yielded more than 35,000 artifacts, according to a Kitchener Today report. All the latest news about Archaeology from the BBC. Archaeology News. All rights reserved. Archaeologists have identified the wreck of a Mexican steamer as La Union, an illegal slave ship that smuggled the Maya as cargo to Cuba. It’s true there were troublemakers, Conny Waters - - The loss of tropical rainforests and grasslands that once dominated Southeast Asia caused the extinction of many of the region's megafauna, and probably, Jan Bartek - - Ancient Romans understood the value of salt. ", Ancient Greek Inscription Unearthed in Iraq, ERBIL, IRAQ—Kurdistan 24 reports that an engraved tablet has been unearthed in northern Kurdistan’s Duhok province. All the latest news about Archaeology from the BBC. From the archive, 1924: Stonehenge, its place in British prehistory, Dartmoor's bronze age burial site inspires community play, Back to the Roo-ture? © It’s an extraordinary find because it is the oldest dog burial unearthed, Conny Waters - - The shipwreck that in the 1850’s carried Mayan people into slavery has been identified by archaeologists of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and, Conny Waters - - For thousands of years, mosaics were a popular art form for  in many cultures around the world. One of the skulls belonged to a woman who was the mother of the second man whose remains were placed in the grave. New York, Andrey Aladzhov of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology said that one large building, constructed with double-sided masonry walls more than three feet thick, was equipped with water pipes. Get the latest in archaeology news and important archaeological advancements from the editors of Popular Mechanics. To read about hundreds of artifacts unearthed at the Greyfriars Franciscan friary in Oxford, go to "Tales Out of School. Early Humans Used Fire To Make Stone Tool – New Study, Amulets, Figurines Discovered In Recently Unearthed Limestone Sarcophagus In Minya, Egypt, Ancient Settlement Inhabited By Urartian People – Unearthed, Eurasian Horse Riders Played Ball Games 3,000 Years Ago – Leather Balls Found In Graves Reveal, Gold Earring Found In Ruins Of Ancient Roman Colony Deultum In Bulgaria. The tiles, which feature Koranic inscriptions and are glazed in white, turquoise, and cobalt, have been identified by an international team of experts as medieval artworks from the Shah-i-Zinda memorial complex, which is located near Samarkand. The fortress was built to stop the Philistines, who wanted more land. A New Microstructural Marker for Malting in the Archaeological Record, Infectious Disease Modeling Study Casts Doubt on Impact of Justinianic Plague, Deformed Skulls in an Ancient Cemetery Reveal a Multicultural Community in Transition, Study Sheds Light on Unique Culinary Traditions of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers, Neolithic Genomes from Modern-Day Switzerland Indicate Parallel Ancient Societies, Ancient Teeth from Peru Hint Now-Extinct Monkeys Crossed Atlantic from Africa, Archaeologists on a 5,000-Year-Old Egg Hunt, New Fossil from Brazil Hints at the Origins of the Mysterious Tanystropheid Reptiles, Revolutionary New Method for Dating Pottery Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Past, Societal Transformations and Resilience in Arabia Across 12,000 Years of Climate Change, When Three Species of Human Ancestor Walked the Earth, Study Offers New Insight Into the Impact of Ancient Migrations on the European Landscape, Homo Naledi Juvenile Remains Offers Clues to How Our Ancestors Grew Up, Modern Humans, Neanderthals Share a Tangled Genetic History, Study Affirms, Mesoamerican Copper Smelting Technology Aided Colonial Weaponry, Mystery Solved: The Origin of the Colors in the First Color Photographs, Coral Tells Own Tale About El Niño's Past, Neanderthals Ate Mussels, Fish, and Seals Too, Bone Analyses Tell About Kitchen Utensils in the Middle Ages, Fine-Tuning Radiocarbon Dating Could 'rewrite' Ancient Events, Surprising Research: Prehistoric Hyenas and Humans Share Migration Patterns, Sticky Tape: A Key Ingredient for Mapping Artifact Origins, Siberian Neanderthals Originated from Various European Populations, 5,000-Year-Old Milk Proteins Point to the Importance of Dairying in Eastern Eurasia, Complex Pattern of Ancient Immigration from Africa, Asia and Europe, Ancient DNA from Sardinia Reveals 6,000 Years of Genetic History, Earliest Interbreeding Event Between Ancient Human Populations Discovered, Discovery at 'flower Burial' Site Could Unravel Mystery of Neanderthal Death Rites, Old Irish 'clachan' Found in South Australia, 5200-Year-Old Grains in the Eastern Altai Mountains Redate Trans-Eurasian Crop Exchange, 9,900-Year-Old Mexican Female Skeleton Distinct from Other Early American Settlers, Ocean Temperatures Impact Central American Climate More Than Once Thought, Smaller Detection Device Effective for Nuclear Treaty Verification, Archaeology Digs, Early North Americans May Have Been More Diverse Than Previously Suspected, Game-Based Virtual Archaeology Field School, Assessing Geographic Origins of Ancient Humans, Hungry for Hutia?

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