These snakes, when startled, would often fart, emitting a horribly-smelling gas from its cloaca, a defensive behavior known as ‘cloacal popping’. Scientific Classification; Quick Information The Arizona coral snake averages less than 2 feet. characteristics. It is brightly colored with broad alternating bands of red and black separated by narrower bands of bright white or yellow. The Arizona Coral Snake belongs to the elapid group and is poisonous. The bands completely … In coral snake. The Arizona coral snake is a slender, small snake reaching only 13 to 21 inches (33-53 cm) in length. Distinguishing Features. The Arizona Coral snake is a tri-colored snake with bright red and black bands and a third band that may be yellow, cream-colored, or white. The head is black above and below from the snout to just behind the eyes. The bands go completely around the snake. They are mostly found parts of USA and Mexico. The Arizona coral snake is a small snake with a characteristic pattern of black, yellow and red rings that encircle its body. The Arizona coral snake ( Micruroides euryxanthus) is a small (40–50-cm) inhabitant of the American Southwest. The most distinctive physical characteristics of coral snakes are their brightly colored and patterned bodies, short, fixed fangs and potent venom, according to Viernum. This pattern distinguishes it from many look-alike nonvenomous snakes. It is a … While only some species have elements of coral coloring, all species have eye-catching patterns and colors: red bands flanked by yellow bands.Because of the coral snake's dangerous reputation, many nonpoisonous snakes disguise themselves as coral snakes by having … The rhyme “Red on yellow, kill a fellow, red on black, venom lack” distinguishes coral snakes from similar North American snakes.

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