So if you'd like to see the Maroon Bells for yourself, do visit my Maroon Bells page. Soon after that, you cross the river on a bridge. Hiking on Aspen Mountain The top of Aspen Mountain is a gateway to some of Colorado's best alpine hiking and walking trails. Drive through the campground to the far end of it where you'll see the parking lot, and this is also where the trail starts. So, take your time, rest if you need to; and before long, you’ll reach Lyle Lake which will make it all worth it :-). Length (roundtrip): 17.1 miles From here, this Aspen Colorado hiking trail starts to get steeper and goes through scrub willow and different types of wildflowers. 5280 Publishing, Inc. Parking is on the street. Even on a busy holiday weekend, this road is the epitome of seclusion—the only sounds you’ll hear are the whistling of the wind through quaking aspens. The following Aspen Colorado hiking trail involves crossing a creek, (no bridge), to reach the trailhead. Make sure to do this trail in a counterclockwise direction to avoid some fairly steep sections along the Dark Canyon loop. Enjoy the lake and when you’re ready, go back the way you came. Anyway, this Aspen Colorado hiking trail starts off moderately and stays that way for about half of the hike. Aspen, CO 81611, Local Phone: 970.925.1940Toll-Free Phone: 877.702.7736Email: [email protected]. Return from Aspen Colorado Hiking Trails to Aspen Colorado page. Hiking up the mountain people ski down will give you a new appreciation for chair lifts. Before you make the drive to the trailhead for this Aspen Colorado hiking trail, make sure you have plenty of gas, because we saw no place to get it after Basalt. Go straight, cross the creek and after about 200 yards, take the left fork and follow this good dirt road. Approximate elevation gain: n/a. Turn right onto Basalt Ave. which is at a light. It’s the perfect place to view patches of aspens and pop up a tent under a full moon. And you’ll see the short side trail that leads to it, on your right. As the leaves continue to change, adventure enthusiasts are flocking to Colorado’s trails to catch a glimpse of the golden hues. 5280 has a newsletter for everyone. (This is one of the higher hikes on this website.) When you come to the intersection of the Hagerman Pass Road, and the Ivanhoe Lake Road, (you’ll see the sign), I suggest you park along the side of the road unless you have a high clearance vehicle. Check out Colorado’s largest aspen grove with a quick hike off Kebler Pass connecting Crested Butte to Somerset. You'll see aspen trees in various places along the trail and in some places, you can also see them off to your right, on the neighboring mountainside. Near: Somerset Keep going and continue on past the Ruedi Reservoir and along the Fryingpan River. Shortly after this creek crossing, you come to a sign saying “Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness”. In no time, you’ll reach the cemetery; at which point you want to follow the trail on your left which leads to the Doc Holliday Memorial. The waterfall is just a short distance beyond this mile marker, on the right side of the road and under the power lines, through the trees. Continue straight on the Avalanche Creek trail. If you do, you can have it on a mug or other item. We did this hike in late August and the water wasn't deep; just deep enough to need a higher clearance vehicle. From the parking area, the trail starts up and in a short time, you’ll cross a wooden bridge over the creek.

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