Playing on the Switch’s little screen hides a lot of the flaws, such as the dynamic resolution that blurs the game’s details a little. I really don’t care what your opinions are (I don’t mean that in a snooty way- I still respect your opinions). Yup, I told ya it would grow on you. I remember sitting in my bedroom alone and putting that cart in and thinking to myself this really is the arcade at home. The remaster of AC3 on PS4 and Xbox One are 30 fps too. levels are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge but quickly yopu will find your way around. I also prefer to get any games possible on Switch over my PS4 Pro, like I did with Mortal Kombat 11. Yeah, it’s a big game. Platform: Nintendo Switch Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Ubisoft Medium: Digital/Cartridge Players: 1 Online: No ESRB: M So, I only played AC1 and AC2, loved them both. Never played it. @sandman89 Yes, the Switch version is definitely better than a 5/10, this site is becoming a joke in regards to reviews. Just deleting "The series' usual control problems..." makes it more 'brief", less "tedious" and more "concise". Another one on my radar. @dewokkel. Thanks, "The series' usual control problems, and messy hand to hand combat". I don’t think this is the last the Switch will see of AC, but I don’t think it is a good start and probably won’t sell well at that price. If I do play one of the later ones, it'll be on my PC, where I can tweak settings to hit 60fps consistently. @nessisonett once they patched it Unity ended up as a great game. This is a mixed blessing. And the game itself is extremely enjoyable to me. People owe it to themselves to play black flag, @Kochambra Conclusion here is a recap of what is mentioned in the article and later what is basically "at a glance" section. This is the first time I’ve been able to truly play Rogue in handheld form. This game does have a couple of issues I agree. But was cool playing on that "amazing" 480p tablet back then, so even more so having it fully portable at a solid framerate.Haven't played Rogue, so will be cool to try out. Now days games release in beta and sometimes alpha states even with the plan, or hope, to update and finalize it in the future via patches. HORRIBLE! Darksiders Warmastered. No idea why you would think the Switch version would be any different then those, control wise. Or maybe, playing in handheld mode simply makes it harder to notice small aberrations. Platform:  N64. Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection brings one of the best Assassin’s Creed games to the Nintendo Switch and one of the most underrated ones as well. I'm not seeing any other reviews for this so I think I'll wait a bit before plunging in. @KitsuneNight thank you. While The Rebel Collection may have the odd problem, they’re issues with the Assassin’s Creed series as a whole, not ones specific to this particular outing on the Switch. RELATED: HAUNTED: Halloween ‘86 (The Curse Of Possum Hollow) Switch Review: 8-Bit Nostalgia. It’s not terrible on a TV, but the performance isn’t as smooth as in handheld mode. Back when I beat it on PS4, I never went back to it, but this time around my goal (and it’s a long one) is to 100% the game. Of course, as is to be expected, there have had to be some graphical sacrifices made on Switch and they're really most noticeable in docked mode – the odd blurred texture here or lack of detail there – but all of the atmospheric volumetric effects, lighting and gloriously evocative open seas have been miraculously kept intact. That experience didn’t go so well, which had me a little worried about playing Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection. They may be a little older now and their gameplay flaws more pronounced when compared to recent Assassin’s Creed games, but they’re still worthy for fans of the series wanting to take their swashbuckling adventures on the go. Is Rouge a download in the US as well? This review also failed to mention touch screen support which is really rare for AAA port. Connor may not be a match for Ezio Auditore but his is an interesting enough tale in places, and the shifting of gameplay out of the usual urban areas into the wilds of colonial America is still a brave and well-realised move that adds variety to proceedings. Developers see the Switch, not so much a platform to develop new games on, but an easy way to make a fast buck thanks to Nintendo. That bring said I am not really seeing a lot of the complaint s I am reading here. You'll find yourself caught out during stealth missions because protagonist Edward decides to get stuck to some bit of scenery, jumps up to grab a branch instead of ducking down into a bush or refuses to jump from a wall in time to hide from your enemies. Reviewer has no idea whats been accomplished here. Kenway swaps sides and helps the Assassins put an end to the Templars’ plans. Hoping they port 4 as well. Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection is actually a compilation of the remaining 3 games of the America saga of the franchise: Black Flag, Freedom Cry (not on the cover), and Rogue. because that's not what i saw at all on contra network or candyland. Next batch will either be RE1&0 or FFX/X2 and either way I’ll toss Gunlord X in there. it's barely playable. I'm getting this just for Black Flag anyways once the price is right. When an enemy ship is severely damaged, it will become available for boarding, allowing you to jump aboard the enemy vessel and fight it’s crew until they surrender. And the only issue that game had was audio quality and docked frame rate at launch, and they subsequently fixed the frame rate in a patch. Which is kind of what you would expect given the system is roughly on par with what those systems were. There's also the free-running traversal mechanics that allow you to leap and climb over all manner of building and structure. I wonder how they balanced currency in black flag without the ship mission table. Ships can range from any class including; Gunboat, Schooner, Brig, Frigate and Man O’ War. @Yasume Well, there’s a number of reasons. Black Flag would make for a great game for commutes or trips, and it's still a ton of fun to play. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Ubisoft is probably better off making another Rabbids collab game. You will at times need to attack other ships in order to claim their own resources to meet your needs. Framerate issues plague many of the busier areas of the open world and make combat and traversal a chore for the most part, while audio problems are also a constant niggle. When the Wii U version looks and runs beter than the Switch version there is really no excuse. Actually if you watch that video it does hold fairly close to 30 a lot of the time, though now that I see the number at the top it’s a little easier to judge then just watching the line, The number does seem to be a couple frames lower than what the line appeared to be. Thanks! Solid framerate no matter what’s going on, locked 1080p docked and locked 720p handheld. It’ a necessity, too, as some missions will be nigh-on impossible without the right upgrades. @LOZ_Master95 Fair to decent chance that did not have the day one patch involved if it was published yesterday. Now, the Aminus is a glorified VR helmet, and you’re essentially a game developer digging through Assassin memories for what you think is new material for future titles, but is really intel for the Templars. So people see an old review based on build 1.01 of the game, but may not know it’s in build 2.05 now. I can’t say the same for AC: Rogue though. That wasn’t even remotely true for the Wii U version. SNES. Or do I need to waste space with rogue? And yeah, now that you mention it I can see the Turrican inspiration. @nessisonett Not everyone's Panic Button. If it’s also a bad port... save your money. Black Flag has some slight graphical issues, but I noticed far more clipping and slow-to-load textures in Rogue. @MsJubilee Every Assassin’s Creed game prior to Rogue painted the Templars as the ultimate evil and the Assassins as the ultimate force for good. Awesome to see it's a great port, it's a definite yes then! No bugs I’ve encountered in 5+ hours of Black Flag, hour in Rogue, hour in Freedom Cry and hour in Aveline. Stack Liberation against the Vita version and see how that shift of perspective changes everything. Much like the port of Alien Isolation, the Rebel Collection sets a new bar for port quality on the Nintendo Switch. I’m pretty sure I never claimed the frame rate was rocksolid without any drops. The frame rate can drop a little during the busiest scenes but it’s barely noticeable, and even less so in handheld mode. I didn’t expect crappy controls indeed. I trusted Inti Creates because they’ve released some really nice games over the years, and thankfully they came through. It goes goes down to 20 to 26 and it's very inconsistent just like the Wiiu version. Eep...just me and Ryu then. Not a fan of most third party games. System: Switch Release date: December 6, 2019 Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Back in May, Ubisoft pulled a rather curious move by releasing Assassin’s Creed III – and its counterpart, Liberation – for the Switch. So few middle ground, fair and balanced takes that it’s just exhausting trying to get reliable information nowadays. leaders without killing ordinary troops, you can't do that unless you grind XP by exploration and killing animals and doing daunting tasks like fetchquests. We didn't notice any real stuttering, but things definitely felt a little stodgy on the control front from time to time. Take the review with a grain of salt and judge for yourself. The optimization team has done an incredible job making the Switch version look as good as it possibly can. I went to the midnight launch and it was a great game. There are also constant audio problems, with the sound crackling almost every time your progress saves or the story transitions to a new scene. Sticky parkour and messy hand to hand combat. It’s the only one I never played. Both Edward Kenway and Shay Cormac have their own vessel to call their own. Admittedly, this solid performance comes at the cost of looks, but a) both games still look better than, say, The Witcher 3, and b) we’re talking about a pair of full-fledged open-world games running smoothly on a handheld. @Cosats Well I might pick it up in say six months when it's dirt cheap.... Worth a punt then I guess but not before for me. I agree they should just tell us it’s a straight port. Having played it on Wii U, I already knew what I was getting into when picking the game up again. @Agramonte Conclusion: "the end or close; final part:"The conclusion is part of the article. Does it have a few frame rate drops? you can increase the income that you can collect periodically by renovating buildings that are in need of repair. I'll eventually crack it open lol. So I feel I may end up caving in and getting it again as I can enjoy it once again on the Switch without ever needing the TV (though I will naturally take those very rare occasions and play big when I get the chance lol). They're not even remotely interested in the game but they'll still pop their head in to take a dump on it. Shay’s arsenal of weapons and outfits can be tweaked to your liking, too, and there’s even a throwback to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in the form of building renovations to improve the towns, and gang dens to clear and destroy. This port DOES suck however. I’m actually playing the game as we speak, so if you want some first-hand feedback I am happy to provide it. @MsJubilee @Rafke That explains why Nintendo gave it hardly any coverage except that it existed. @ivory_soul "I don't understand why people are smashing ports into a system that can't run them.

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