Then, let your Ball python cruise around for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Unlike many other reptile species, ball pythons are highly adaptable, and have been significantly less affected by human encroachment on their natural habitat than others. The first way is to soak your Ball python about an inch of (just warmer than room temperature) water for 30 minutes. The second way you can help is by dampening a paper towel with warm water, twisting out the excess water and placing in a tub. Helpful 3 Not Helpful 1 2. They are nonvenomous, as they strike before constricting their prey, killing without the need for venom. Although they generally prefer a forested habitat, they have adapted very … Ball Pythons also require an ambient temperature of 76-83 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks! Maintaining both temperature and humidity levels is critical. Native to the grasslands of West and Central Africa, ball pythons are carnivores of small mammals, and in the wild, their diet includes shrews, rodents, and birds. Ball Pythons need a basking area of around 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use either a heating pad or a heat lamp for this.

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