I don’t regret getting one. Check with your vet on the degree of How often your ball python poops also depends on how often it eats. Anything loud can tell them that their environment is not safe. They will start eating again on their own. Note that the golden rule of keeping wild species of animals as pets is to provide an environment or habitat that simulates their natural habitat. during the day. Their poop might also be small and you might miss it in the cage. Ball Python Not Eating Pinterest Pin From our discourse in this article, you can realize that ball pythons are routine animals that do not like changes that much. he is more lethargic and isn’t hiding in his hide anymore. Well, the inexperienced snake owner may struggle with their tendency to go on hunger strikes. I’ve had this problem last year but it only lasted 2 months. For any level of herpetologist, the most important things you must ensure you provide your pet animals are the right environmental conditions and care. Signs that they are shedding include milky-looking eyes and pale-looking scales. gavaged slurry is preferred. Some ball pythons are actually afraid of live prey, or they don’t know how to dispatch it efficiently, get injured in the process, and then develop a fear. They’re an affordable $30 nowadays and super accurate. They will practically go for months without food and during this period, they will appear inactive, burrow or hide most of the time. If you try to force Bearded Dragon Supplement Schedule and Full Guide, Iguana Not Pooping - Reasons For Constipation and Solutions, Tips For Ideal Chinese Water Dragon Humidity Levels, Leopard Gecko Or Crested Gecko As a Pet? If the temp isn’t right, adjust it to the correct settings, and let the snake get used to it for a day. Soak your ball python in warm water (85F) for 20 minutes, and see if it helps. side) in the tank for it to use. This normally takes place when they are about two years of age. We have two snakes that have not eaten in 2 months I am not sure if it is the rats that we are feeding or if it is that we don’t handle them as much as we did when they stopped eating. needed for scenting). If not, take your ball python to a vet. In a nutshell, a HEALTHY ball python kept under the RIGHT CONDITIONS, and PROPER HUSBANDRY will not refuse food. and more often as young snakes. separately check for signs of shedding as these affect appetite. So, pooping once in 1 to even 3 months can be normal (if your husbandry is fine and ball python healthy). What a good investment! When they feel safe and secure, they will be happy, less stressed, and will likely eat. air holes in the top. In situations your snake still refuses food when all conditions are kept appropriate, give it enough time to relax before another attempt. in warmed chicken broth. You know the look. The basking area should reach 88-92°F, and the cold end of the enclosure should never get any lower than 75°F. Feeding your pet ball pythons frozen-thawed prey is by far the safest way of feeding them in captivity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just sit back and let your pet starve. So, if your ball python has not eaten for some time, it is not going to poop either. When conditions are just right they will respond with an aggressive feeding response. Kaplan or as otherwise noted by other authors of articles on this site. I missed the thread from before, so sorry if I ask you things you have answered before. Dip the prekilled mouse There should also be a water dish with fresh water in the cage at all times. Have hope that they will resume eating when they’re ready, watch out for other warning signs of parasite or disease, and don’t stop trying. Offer food to your snake then take it away. Make sure the live prey is placed in the The same will occur even if you bathe or spray down the snake. Getting your fussy or picky ball pythons to eat whether live prey or frozen-thawed prey can be a bit of trouble. They get cranky all around when they’re about to shed. You may also want to know how to care for a ball python. If your snake is in this condition just leave it alone. To achieve this, ensure you keep down the shades and dim the lights. If everything seems normal, activate the dehydration; fluids may need to be administered by injection or by mouth. for any animal to imprint on them. Thank you for reading this post on a ball python not pooping/constipation. in your state, try feeding stunned, then killed gerbils. saying "Hey, it's a great eater!" These changes in their husbandry or cage setup constitute stress factors to them.What To Do When Ball Python is Not Eating. the pet trade are imported from Africa. This is one I recommend to use with your Do not assist feed an adult ball python that has gone off its food for less than 7 months. Need There are no albino mice in the wild - at least, not enough Try to catch your snake when she is in a food receptive move. Read your snake’s body language. Be patient. Stress is probably the MOST common reason your ball python won’t eat. It will take a lot of experimentation and guesswork. If your ball python is older than 15-20 years old, it might start eating and pooping less often than before. It lets you know when you need to take them to the vet and when they’re just cranky. There are many reasons why a captive ball python goes off food and when they do it can be the most frustrating of things. When conditions are just right they will respond with an aggressive feeding response.

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