3.11 For the avoidance of doubt, Bauer will continue to provide Sales Representation to the relevant station on the applicable terms for the duration of the notice period referred to in paragraph 3.10, save that if that station is an MRG Station then the Minimum Revenue Guarantee will cease to apply immediately upon a Termination Event. However, three of the acquired stations were pretty much unaffected by the big revamp, retaining both their local brand and local programmes. The latest acquisition is the previously totally independent Radio … In a break from all the COVID-19 pandemic news. Material personally selected by your relationship manager for your interest. You may unsubscribe at any time. 1.5 References in these Final Undertakings to any English law term for any legal status, interest, concept or thing shall in respect of any jurisdiction other than England and Wales be deemed to include what most nearly approximates in that jurisdiction to the English law term. 16.6 Bauer shall deliver an annual report to the Monitoring Trustee (the “Compliance Report”) by 31 March during each year in which these Final Undertakings remain in force (or, where 31 March in a given year is not a Working Day, the next Working Day), with the first annual report to be delivered by 31 March 2021. 6.5.1 provide the Independent Expert with such information as the Independent Expert reasonably requires to determine the matters referred to it; 6.5.2 comply with such directions or requests as the Independent Expert may reasonably make; and. 10.6 In the event that the appointment of the Monitoring Trustee is terminated in accordance with paragraph 10.5 above, Bauer shall, if requested to do so in writing by the CMA, use its best endeavours to appoint from persons nominated by the CMA one person to carry out the Monitoring Trustee Functions in accordance with such mandate as is approved by the CMA. We are also looking forward to working with the independent stations currently represented by FRS and will be working closely with the CMA to implement the agreed remedy.”, 'A year of challenges' - Channel 4 chief reflects on first anniversary in Leeds, MediaCityUK-based Indian tech firm receives grant for streaming platform, Pixel Kicks partners with Altrincham FC to get ready for games without fans, Summer offer extended for discounted Prolific Profiles and job listings, Let us know how coronavirus is affecting you in Prolific North's survey, Coronavirus crisis: Jobs listings on Prolific North now 50% off, Seven software tools to help your team work successfully from home, Furloughing: Time for agency owners to take their own advice and stick to their principles, Six ways for freelancers to future-proof their business during coronavirus, Have your say in the future of innovation and productivity in Greater Manchester, The Northern Marketing Awards 2020: The Shortlist, Ambitious project launched in Prolific North and Manchester Metropolitan University partnership - we need your contributions, Digital City Expo is OPEN!

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