@twodollah: Pretty much what I was worried about. @david1994: Try this "pmrm8011784507" I'll be picking up a pair of Boomas this week. A wide variety including very decent hiking boots, a little wider than other makes in the elastic sided models. Am I overlooking any headset options around $150. and btw where can we get ebay discounted Gift card from ? As the article says the only real 'light' in the industry is a few smaller companies making high end shoes (often made to order). Been wearing them for few years, really comfortable for walking.. You can get a Henry Baxter Classic for not too much more than that, but it wouldn't be MTO. Disagree with someone's opinion so trawl through their previous posts and attack their priorities? Not doubting you mate, must be on a case by case basis though. I got a pair during a recent eBay promo for the same price. $259.00 (AUD) $166.98 (USD) $314.60 (AUD) Baxter Appaloosa Dress Boot. Read Sator's excellent article. We also stock Akubra hats and a range of other related products. How do these eBay mattress sellers make money? You'll find them still on line or you can call the factory retail shop directly on 0248221680 as they still have some sizes. Like policemen, judges, Zeus, a Great White Shark, and J. I'm also working on my second million now. With the style, comfort and durability you’d expect from a business with as much skin in the boot making game as we do, Rossi Boots aim to please. With advice from Sator, I settled on 10 F (slightly narrow). If in adelaide can go to the factory and get a pair of seconds very cheap. They are incredibly sleek. Price has gone back up from what I can see. Do they still make any of their boots in AU? Not exactly a refund but close. I don't like boots. Again RMs fit the bill. $400 from Nungar plus 30% back and claim the repairs later. It'd be hard to find a top quality chelsea boot MTO for $250. So will the current sale, BB chelsea boots w/ tax are about $330. They are now making boots overseas. couldn't find a black comfort craftsman at this price !! Love RM Williams but they're very expensive (I have 1 pair & they're amazing), I would be so interested if perhaps youtuber took an older pair of RMs and a new and went so as to even deconstruct them to settle whether their has been a change in quality of craftsmanship/materials. TBH at the rate it keeps going up (almost $50 per year) it's probably better value just to pay that extra $50-100 for brands like Alden, C+J, etc. Here is an old fit pic of the RM Williams Craftsman in Chestnut. Our byword is service and we take pride in the fact that our extensive knowledge of footwear, styling and fitting can be helpful to our customers, LIMITED DEAL - Save Extra $40 on Checkout (Add to cart to see discount). I gleaned through the above and from what I'm reading… Australian made, comfortable, long-lasting… I would happily pay the money if I knew I didn't have to replace them in less than 3 years…. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nice work! Ever since LV has brought RMW the quality has dropped! I bought my Redbacks over five years ago, wear them almost every day, and can’t believe what good shape they’re in. I've been eyeing a pair of RM Williams boots for quite some time and I'm ready to pick some up. There is a leather sole version that will amenable to your slipping needs/falling on your arse on rainy days. or you can take my word for it :). I'd look for some high quality second hand ones. Very interesting. price matched the wide fit with Iconic, had $ 150 Iconic gift card from previous PayPal 20% off ICONIC gift card as well. You can get it from ebay for $474, -10% with eBay sitewide coupon, -10% with ebay gift cards = $383. Baxter: Still good quality but they have no styles made in Australia, if you are willing to do a little clicking around I would very much recommend the Henry Baxter Boot which like RM Craftsmen boots are a single piece of Leather, Goodyear Welted with Leather Soles and made in Australia.

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