Six-year break or no, Hunt might still fuck around and dominate. NME. Instead, she started writing, and didn’t stop for months. - Release date: April 10, 2020. What we said: “In rock, technical brilliance can sometimes impede immediacy, but Code Orange use it to achieve total and thrilling omnipotence.” Read the full review. D’Agostino’s debut album as Empty Country plays like a drive through the heartland, except instead of coast to coast it takes you to the 1980s and back. Fetch the Bolt Cutters isn’t a perfect album, but its rough qualities are part of the appeal. Her songs are impressionistic fragments — they feel unmoored in time, like “Went To LA,” or they settle for indeterminate endings, like “Your Reply” and “Rare Thing.” Her arrangements on Likewise are light and weightless, but Quinlan brings a gravity and emotional acuity to everything that she does. Some have released songs in direct response to the tragedies unfolding across the globe, while others have decided to share music that can comfort listeners looking for a temporary escape from the devastating news cycle. But, like Bob Dylan before her, this is also her greatest strength, as impenetrable as her lyrics may be. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Our Culture Mag. Following their relatively unimposing debut Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers, the post-punk four-piece’s latest feels like an unstoppable torrent of emotion that showcases each member’s unique strengths as well as the electric dynamism of the band as a whole. For the most part, Apple relies on simple, ever-evolving piano arrangements and the pure dynamism of her voice, which coils around the album’s thrusting, ramshackle percussion. And rest assured: there ain’t nobody stopping this rocketship. There, Mitchell, Johnson and Kaufman zeroed in on their goal: to give ancient songs a contemporary twist, and to surround the timeless feelings expressed in those songs with drop-dead gorgeous string and vocal arrangements. Bracketed by deeply referential mirage-like epics “I Contain Multitudes” and “Murder Most Foul,” Rough And Rowdy Ways fills out its run time with a career-spanning assortment of sounds, from stately ballads to stomping roadhouse blues. Others are figurative: past selves, maybe, lingering in the shadows that memory casts. “Clockdust” quickly follows Rustin Man’s debut album “Drift Code” in 2019. Yves Tumor have long skirted the line between pop candor and experimental psychedelia, often landing somewhere far away from both in a wonderland of threatening, dagger-sharp guitar riffs and gossamer vocal production. We’ve all taken a road trip that wound up going wrong, whether the kind of wrong where everything goes off the rails or the sort where everyone’s out of sync and nothing’s as fun as it’s supposed to be. RTJ4 is the perfect soundtrack to the revolution, especially the one not televised. —Austin Jones, If Heavy Light were released five years ago, it wouldn’t be considered a political album. It’s a homey album, which makes sense given that it was made entirely at home. Peruse this year’s best sounds—everything from sweet guitar licks infused with country twang, lyrical rhythm and blues, dreamy ballads, and the heavy distortion of hardcore punk. It’s both for us and not. –James, It was just a crazy enough idea to work. But from the nuanced textures of ‘Alone Again’ to the sheer infectiousness of tracks like the Max Martin-produced ‘Blinding Lights’, it’s a captivating, surprisingly cohesive listening experience that hints at an exciting new chapter in The Weeknd’s career. grae, his ambitious double album, was parceled out in two separate parts over a few months — taken as a whole, it’s simply overwhelming. On It Is What It Is, Bruner brings ’70s-style R&B balladeering (“Overseas,” “How I Feel”) and fusion (“Interstellar Love,” “How Sway”) to the forefront as other styles recede into supportive roles. - Release date: June 19, 2020. —Jade Gomez, Jason Isbell isn’t the kind of guy you’d think of as haunted, but he’s surrounded by ghosts on his new album. You’ve seen the memes. –Tom, By the end of the first song on Every Bad, singer Dana Margolin’s voice breaks into a ragged elemental wail as she repeats two lines over and over again: “Thank you for leaving me/ Thank you for making me happy.” That’s how Porridge Radio operate — setting the relentless mantras of a spiraling mind to simmering indie rock with a tendency to flare up into climactic squalls of cathartic noise at just the right moment. Evoking the eclectic songwriting of artists like Kate Bush and heavily inspired by Solange’s A Seat at the Table, NIIKA’s debut album, Close But Not Too Close, presents a mesmerising whirlwind of emotion, with Nika’s dynamic, serpentine vocal delivery delicately unfurling atop minimalist, slow-burning instrumentals. She’s too real to be a simple symbol of realness. “Virile,” the album’s stunning lead single and towering achievement, is a grandly operatic song about masculinity and vulnerability that uses both as a shield, armor that holds together opposing forces with iron-clad bonds and suggests that maybe they’re not so opposing after all.

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