The No-Name Defense led the league in points and yards allowed. And the one that has seen more important figures since it was invented, back in the second half of the 19th century. And takeaways. Football Outsiders ranked the 1991 Eagles as … Thomas, defensive end L.C. Vince Lombardi’s greatest defense featured five eventual Hall of Famers and held opposing quarterbacks to a 43.5 passer rating. Because they allowed an average of 9.4 points in 16 regular season games and four playoff games. However, the 2015 Broncos aren't included here just because they were good. Six Eagles players hit triple digits in tackles that year. The Buccaneers didn't let up once the postseason started, either. He had two very short steps through Spain, in Logroñés and Real Madrid first, and a few years later in Jaén, in Second B. The defense pitched five shutouts and at one point did not give up a touchdown for 22 straight quarters. When the dust settled, the Eagles allowed just 3,549 total yards—the fewest ever given up over a 16-game season. Led by Hall of Famers Mike Singletary and Richard Dent, the Bears led the NFL in yards allowed per game (258.4). Ho in our football blog, we will name the 10 most important, although we do not number them because surely everyone has their preferences. But Lewis wasn't the only Hall of Famer on that unit—veteran safety Rod Woodson prowled the back end. }); One of the living legends of Argentine football, which won with its selection virtually everything: World Cup, Copa America and Confederations Cup. But the Giants wound up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl XXI—compliments of a defense led by the man many consider the greatest defensive player who ever was. This unit was the foundation of the only perfect season of the Super Bowl era. The back of his shirt was removed from Milan in recognition of his work. If the team had not lost to Oakland in the AFC Championship Game, this defense may have topped the list. In just his second year as coordinator, Bill Belichick had created a scheme that was unlike any the league had seen. All rights Reserved, Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in Football History, Top 10 Best Strikers of All Time in Football History. * 'storage': 1, /** The 1971 Vikes saw their season end at home against the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round. Known as Beckenbauer the Kaiser, for many, it is the best defense he has played since football was invented. He played in Argentina and Europe, specifically in Italy. element(); If you've read my breakdown of the top-10 offensive teams in NFL history, then you know I named the buzz saw that was the 2013 Denver Broncos as the best single-season unit ever.

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