By clicking below you agree to receive news, promotions and offers by email from Top Gear and BBC Studios. The first police car I ever rode in was a 1971 Plymouth Satellite being inspected at a local garage when I was 7 or 8 years old. So say Aussie police about the implentation of a trial Model X. The Murcielago has a V9 engine and can reach speeds of up to 199 miles per hour. BMW’s M2 police car might be little more than a marketing stunt, but we don’t care. It is a McLaren 12C Spider dressed up as a police car. “If you ask ‘Why Plymouth?’” shouted Plymouth’s 1968 police car brochure, “take a 20 mph corner in one. Enter the 1982 Ford Mustang. "The Next Generation of Patrol Vehicles,", Ford Police Interceptor Utility Fastest at Michigan State Testing, Ford Introduces New F-150 Special Service Vehicle, with Hybrid Engine Option, OPS Public Safety Announces New Secure Underseat Storage for Pickups, GM to Hold Virtual Solutions Summit on Aug. 25, Lake Assault Boats Wins Contract for U.S. Navy Force Protection-Medium Boats, Ford Develops Process to Heat and Decontaminate Its Patrol SUVs, Ford and 3M Now Shipping Respirators to Health Care Workers; Sending 500K Medical Gowns to New Jersey. As Matadors were retired from the LAPD fleet, they often wound up in movies and TV shows. It's the world's most expensive and the world's fastest police cruiser. The first car I drove was a 1981 Plymouth Volare’ with the 318ci. Police cars: the world's best and worst We delve into the magical world of the police car, taking in the fastest, most exotic and most inappropriate police cars on … Buick built 270 of these two-door sedans, 135 with manual transmissions and 135 with automatics. Built on a stout ladder frame with a trunk big enough to hold a barn dance, the Caprice 9C1 quickly earned a reputation for being incredibly tough and shockingly quick and handling exceptionally. Based on a Nissan GT-R. Judging by the picture above, it is possibly the most terrifying thing we have ever seen. Unfortunately it wasn’t then pressed into active service – Rolls has since turned it back into a ‘standard’ Ghost Black Badge. 1955 Buick Century 68 In the early 1950s the California Highway Patrol was looking for a vehicle that could keep up with the state’s burgeoning population of hot rods and sports cars. Gallery: these are the world’s best police cars, 501bhp concept Polestar S60 we drove a while back, Audi S8 review: the most boring 560bhp car (in a good way), Peugeot is restoring and selling old 205 GTIs, Range Rover review: new straight-six diesel driven, 15 of the fastest accelerating estates you can buy today, This glorious collection of rally heroes is heading to auction. German Police force on the other hand as an excellent standing history of being one of the most highly trained police forces in the world and by this, not for no apparent reason but also due to their taste in police vehicles. They have to be big enough to carry police gear and transport prisoners, but nimble enough to hang with Porsches in the corners. The name Murcielago is derived from the Spanish for "bat," but was also the name of a popular Navarra fighting bull. Outfit your vehicle with the latest safety, security, and technological products. Let’s take a closer look on some of what UK police are sporting in their collection. Admittedly the P71 Crown Vics got better as the evolved, but the 95-96 Caprices are hands down the best, but ugliest, car we drove. The Qatari government, as it turns out, is a shareholder in the German automobile manufacturer, and have no issue shelling out the high costs to get a supercar amongst their police fleet. It uses the hybrid batteries and if the charge starts to get low on the batteries it will run the engine just long enough to give them a boost. But this time they stayed on home turf and went for Alfa’s new M3-rivaling saloon, the 503bhp Giulia QV. . The PPV, however, is pretty darn cool. You can, of course, get the Charger police car with the ‘Pentastar’ V6 (292bhp, 260lb ft torque), but any self-respecting US police force will want the V8 version. After all, criminals on the US streets are so used to seeing the Usual Ford Crown Victoria, so who would have expected that a Nissan GTR would belong to the US force? “There is great environmental benefit to electric vehicles and considering our state highway patrol vehicles travel thousands of kilometres on the road per year, we should always be looking at ways we can lessen our impact on the environment.”. It was the brainstorm of Motor Trend magazine’s then-Executive Editor John Christy to build a smaller police car using the body of the compact Chevrolet Nova sedan and many of the high-performance parts from its brother, the Camaro Z/28 performance car. Or is it? 203mph, 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds, 560bhp and four-wheel-drive: this is how the Italians do law enforcement. Jaguar is a generally underestimated car and is mis-perceived by many around the world as being a more luxurious type of car, fit for the average day to day businessmen. The 2019 Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) comes in two versions, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It’s absolutely no surprise that they have invested in some upgrades to their police vehicle system instead of the common old police cruisers and ‘county blues’ as they are dubbed on the streets by thugs and gangsters who obviously oppose to authority figures which is why this time round the Police of the United States decided to add some ‘swag’ to their rides to pull up next to thugs and low-riders of the Bronx with a little bit of style which also gains and demands their respect too.

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