There’s not a lot to divide these teams and the Bears hold a slight lead in the series at 93-91-6. Chelsea did not win the trophy either time. Lindy's: "Although each team gives up a home game every other year to make sure the rivalry continues, each team takes in about $3.3 million a year (2018 figures), according to the Jacksonville Business Journal. Miami's most dominant stretches in the rivalry came when it was competing for national titles from the mid 1980s-90s and the early-2000s. It hasn't happened. Their last meeting was a League Cup match in 2009 when West Ham supporters invaded the pitch numerous times, and hundreds of fans were involved in riots outside the stadium. 5, per the 247Sports Composite). The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur truly started in 1913 when the Gunners moved locations from Plumstead to Highbury in North London. Fan bases often despise each other for a host of reasons, it can be over their local proximity, their historical social class or even their religion. It was first played in 1872, but the annual match was discontinued in 1989. Probably one of the biggest rivalries in English football. But, what is the biggest football rivalry in the world? The Knights and Midshipmen first met in 1890. No matter how well or poorly your team or your team’s rival are doing, when they come together the resulting game takes on massive importance. Gremio were elitist whilst Internacional were open to all... and they soon closed the gap between their rivals. One of the two clubs has won the Premier League each year since 2004-2005, and they have overall been the most dominant sides in the league in that time. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. I've left off what I feel are rivalries that are more known for violence or commotion off the pitch and do not display much entertainment or success on it. Originally, class differences were what set the fans of Olympiacos and Panathinaikos apart, but the fans' hatred has become much stronger in recent years. The biggest derby in the English capital. Porto responded with a string of successes in the 1990s and a Champions League title in 2004. From the 1920s to the mid-80s, you’d be a fool to bet against the Canadiens whenever they met the Bruins in a series. Both clubs thought they had signed the Argentinian, but after some confusion, he ended up playing for Madrid. Nonetheless, both sides take each derby very seriously and each match has the atmosphere of a cup final. Argentina and Brazil are two of the powers of world football with some of the most talented players in the sport. Around Glasgow and even in Northern Ireland, violence has been shown to increase on derby day. Both clubs have a storied history and a passionate set of fans that ensures eventful encounters. The North West derby is still the biggest game in English football every year, and Liverpool and Manchester United are the most successful English clubs by a long way. Statistically, there isn’t much dividing these two sides. In the late 1950s, both teams moved across the country to California. The 20 biggest rivalries in world football ranked By Rob Bagchi 17 January 2016 • 10:02 am With Liverpool v Manchester United looming, Rob Bagchi casts his eye over the 20 biggest … It is contested between the 2 giants of Spanish football, Real Madrid and Barcelona. These divisional rivals have 22 NFL Championships between them and have supplied the Hall of fame with a small army of players. At just 10 miles apart, the close proximity helps keep the rivalry extra strong. 247Sports: Ask anyone associated with "The Game" and they'll tell you the same thing — it's an extremely bitter fight that is anticipated for months every year. The Derby della Madonnina sees Milanese rivals Inter and AC Milan battle it out at least twice a year. It may not have the fanfare of an international tournament, yet the State of Origin series certainly has the feel of one. Turkey surprised everyone by making it to the semifinals in the 2002 World Cup, and then Greece shocked everyone by winning 2004. It is even considered the fiercest rivalry in the country, ahead of the Milan derby, by some. In the expansion draft, the Cowboys picked the Redskins’ star quarterback who was left unprotected. If you’re looking for large crowds, fan violence, and a generous amount of racist and fascist banners, look no further than the rivalry between Roman footballing clubs Lazio and Roma. Magic Johnson versus Larry Bird. at Arsenal players. Why do you watch a particular team? Tottenham supporters saw Arsenal moving in on their turf and the rivalry only intensified over the coming decades. They are by far the two most successful clubs in Spain with Barcelona having 75 trophies to its name and Madrid 74, though Madrid has nine European Cups to Barca's four. The Merseyside derby is often called the Friendly derby because many families in Liverpool have fans of both sides, and it is one of the few derbies that does not force fan segregation. On-field scuffles between the players have been commonplace since the '60s when Matt Busby was in charge of Manchester United and Don Revie was his Leeds counterpart. The rivalry game known as the Egg Bowl was first played in 1901 and is one of the longest uninterrupted such contests in college football history. This dominance dropped off a bit over the past 30 years with the crew from Bean Town taking a small advantage in playoff series wins. It also lists international rivalries and rivalries between individual players. The rivalry stems from political and religious beliefs. It's the fans that make this derby more so than the football. Real is seen as the club of the establishment or the government as they have aways been the more successful and profitable, while Atleti is more the club of the common people. Call it whatever you want. The battle over transfers continues to this day with each side trying to outdo the other when it comes to attracting “big” names. Bayern Munich vs. Nuremberg is the biggest Bavarian derby biggest and is contested by the two most successful clubs in Germany. Further bragging rights are handed to Giants fans given their team has won 8 World Series and 23 pennants versus the Dodgers’ six and 21. Denmark didn't qualify for the Euros, but they did prevent Sweden from qualifying for the 2010 World. In terms of silverware, it’s not even close. We have put our necks on the line and attempted to rank them, from 20 down to one. Since then, Germany has been the more dominant side, having won all but two meetings in the last 44 years and have been much more successful overall. In league matches, Real has 80 wins to Atleti's 35 since 1928. 20) Oxford United v Swindon Town Also known as the "right, you'll do" derby. Each side has made 43 Bowl appearances with Michigan holding the edge in National and Big Ten titles while Ohio State has more Heisman Trophy winners and Big Ten Division titles. The end of the international break means domestic fixtures are back... and there is no better day than when you play your biggest rivals. The Derby della Capitale is definitely one of the fiercest in the world. The biggest meeting was the 1966 World Cup Final between England and West Germany which included the only hat trick in a World Cup Final by Geoff Hurst, including the first and most famous "ghost goal," as England won its one and only World Cup. Trojan running back and Heisman winner Reggie Bush pushed Matt Leinart across the goal line in the final seconds for a thrilling victory that was quite controversial at the time. They truly are what makes the game fun. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. (Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports). Coming from the capital, they see themselves as superior over their provincial rivals which brings a lot of disruption. Combining both regular season and the playoffs, no two NHL teams have played each other more than these two. The best matches, the best legacies, the best fans, the best atmosphere and of course, the best football. In club football you don’t get much bigger than this one. The clubs have met in several cup semi and quarterfinal matches over the years, and Arsenal has beaten Tottenham on the last day of the twice to seal the title. Since the start of the Premier League in 1992 however, the tides have turned, and the Red Devils have claimed 12 EPL titles taking them to 19 this year, one more than Liverpool, with the Reds last league title coming in 1990. The ugliest rivalry in the Sunshine State among several big-name battles, the Seminoles and Hurricanes have a level of disdain for each other few games can match. Both clubs are located in the Turkish city of Istanbul which is divided by the Bosphorus. The sides have actually only met 14 times. The two clubs were regularly at the top of the league from the 1960s through the 1980s. Fernando Torres' £50 million transfer to Chelsea in January and calling the Blues a bigger club has only added to this rivalry. They won in two overtimes, 50-43.". They both also claim to have invented the bicycle kick. The Old Firm is something special and there is not much that beats the derby day atmosphere in Glasgow. If there is one game you want your club to win all season it will be against your biggest rival. Rough play and fighting are a part of the series and it’s not uncommon to hear the commentator exclaim that there’s “nothing wrong with that,” when two players start throwing punches. Rough hits, controversial calls, and threatening statements all make this rivalry one bordering on pure hate. Olympiacos is the more successful overall in Greece, but Panathinaikos has the better European pedigree. Ah, sports rivalries. The Bears and Packers first battled it out in 1921 and have had 190 meetings. Either way, it’s just fun to hate your club’s rivals, isn't it? This includes club teams … Both the US and Mexico are vying for supremacy in CONCACAF, and this neighborhood get together is usually anything but friendly. This is a rivalry which doesn’t look set to cool down any time soon. The proximity of the teams is the main reason for these two sides having such a fierce rivalry. It is sometimes seen as Mexico City vs. the rest of the country, and they are the two most successful clubs in Mexico. The Midshipmen's 31-7 win last season ended Army's three-game winning streak in the series. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Violence is not uncommon around Athens in the days leading up to a derby match including fights organized by supporters' groups. Initially, Benfica dominated the matchups and enjoyed a period of significant success in the 1950s and 1960s. Nicknamed the ‘derby of eternal enemies’ these two Greek stalwarts hate each other and always play out a vicious affair. Take two teams from England’s industrial North-West, make them two of England’s most successful footballing sides and what do you get? He then pushed for the creation of an expansion team which was blocked by Marshall until the Redskins owner found out Murchison owned the rights to Washington’s fight song. No sport has rivalries that are more passionate, have more history or are as entertaining as those in football. These AFC North members are known for playing a no-holds barred game whenever they face each other. The Second City derby has been contested since 1879 and is a fierce rivalry for the fans of the two Birmingham clubs.

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