How much was prearranged and how much was worked out on set? Pugmire, Twilight Turns From Amethyst, by Nicola Belte, Introduction to Issue #18, by Trent Zelazny, Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls, by William Meikle, Twenty to Life in the Lonesome October, by Evan Dicken, The Great and Groovy Game, by Joshua Wanisko, My Least Immemorial Year, by Zach Shephard, The Gotterdammerung Gavotte, by Josh Reynolds, The Blackbird Whistling, or Just After, by Orrin Grey, Fallen Books and Other Subtle Clues in Zelazny’s “A Night in the Lonesome October”, by Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs, The Strange Case of Crazy Joe Gallo, by Jeffrey Thomas, In the House of the Hummingbirds, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Obsidian Capra Aegagrus, by Christopher Slatsky, Of Faith and Fallow, by William R.D. Pugmire, All Within the Tender Bones, by Jason Rolfe, The Princess and the Bee, by Gregory L. Norris, Cthulhu Does Stuff #12, by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson, Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt #10, by Robert M. Price, That Which Dwells Beneath, by Andrew Nicolle, The Story of Herr Hackenschmidt, by Benjamin Welton, Monarch of the Mountains, by Matthew Warner, Cthulhu Does Stuff #13, by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson, Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt #11, by Robert M. Price, In the Forest of the Night, by Alter Reiss, The Mask and the Mirror, by Ethan Carpenter. Nick on behalf of Lovecraft eZine I’d like to give a very heartfelt thanks for a fascinating interview and personally for giving me 1) a great film to look forward to and 2) a talented director’s career to watch unfold. Posted by. Sometimes it merely sleeps, biding its time until the world is open to it and the right person can help it claim the present. Then looking about the movie I found about it here. Click the image. DEEP BACKGROUND: Laird Barron! Featuring a unique story and haunting visuals, Orphne is a must-add to anyone”s reading list. It’s a fascinating art too, because the better the sound work, the less you will notice it, but the more you will feel its effects. Maybe I missed it but all I am left with is the horrendous mind-altering bacteria from the neo-lithic era. I hope it's not too dickish if I disrecommend it? Black Mountain Side is an orchestra of creaks and wood-groans and footsteps crunching in the snow and echoing mountainscapes. Wood. It’s also worth mentioning that, in Canada, schools spend an outrageous amount of time teaching kids about Clovis people and general aboriginal history and we had plenty of field trips to museums filled with Clovis points. I also really liked some subtle Lovecraft references, the one which i can remember the most is the octopus/cephalopod type cells the scientists dicuss, a clear reference to Cthulthu. I was always interested in the mystery of how humans got to the Americas, and my professors always had different theories. "H.P. I think I submitted it to an on-line film festival with DVXUser, and it came 29th out of 30 entries. He watched hours of lectures online, and he even borrowed my old university textbooks and read the damned things, even I had never read them! To me, there is nothing more annoying than “stoner guy”, “slutty girl”,”creepy kid”, or “creepy old lady”. Makes some classically Lovecraftian moves, specifically the ideas that either there is no answer, or the answer is madness. Even before I finished my big rant with Mark, during in our first meeting, he knew what I wanted. I loved the subtlety during those scenes. As Steven rapidly descends into a whirlpool of cataclysmic visions, he starts to realize a solitary woman stands at the center of his ruination. Click the image to browse! Nathanial Gordon is another hero who came out of nowhere. (click to purchase) "A gritty 1920s detective story that spirals into the realms of Lovecraftian Horror, 'The Gathering of Shadows' will delight fans of the genre as they travel with Glennison from the stolid certainty of 1920s England to a world of lost temples, ancient gods, whispered chants and terrifying visitations.". Also in the first draft, the native workers that are on the site weren’t able to speak English, and Gyles was originally supposed to be on site as a translator. But in a later draft, I chose to remove it because I felt it was just cashing in on an overused stereotype. He will also be doing some creature work on Hammer of the Gods. I just thought “That’s neat!” until I started hearing it over and over and I realized there was a whole fan base devoted to it! As soon as Fenston, a dapper dressed barman walks into his life it is as if the very essence of the stygian cosmic nothingness is unleashed. Sorry. So if you haven't seem Black Mountain Side stop reading this and watch it now. Gas & Go!, by Ann K. Schwader, The Tunnel Inside the Mountain, by A.J. (click the image) "Holloway and Talley have managed to transform the Cthulhu Mythos into something with a more modern flavor, drawing not just from the well of cosmic horror, but from technothrillers, survival horror, and splatterpunk, with just a dash of the lost sensibilities of the shudder pulps. (Click here for information about advertising with me.). (click the image) Beset by horrid nightmares that blur the lines between reality and her dreams, a young woman sets out to find her father, who has disappeared from their home in Tokyo, Japan, deep into the Japanese wilderness, to a place not bound by the constrictions of time and space as she knows it, home to an evil older than time and a threat to all of humanity, where she must confront her own demons, and discover her own destiny. NS: Thanks so much! It seems like, even in the world of literature, everyone is just trying to be “scary” and it gets old fast. Hear what he hears. . He likes dice, souls, and comfy places to wait dreaming. Lovecraft Film Festival - Portland, OR, Commitment to Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion. (click the image) When downtrodden, life weary office worker Steven thinks his pointless existence couldn’t get any worse, a chance meeting proves how wrong one man could be. H.P. My wife is a photographer whose particular passion is megalithic ruins. McDade.). But in a later draft, I decided to make them English-speaking, seeing as I’d never met a non-English speaking aboriginal in Canada. On that note, uber-geeky question here. There are tons of great locations, lots of epic wilderness, people are super nice, etc, etc. Tehhehehhe. But no one ever stops to figure out why those things were so successful for Lovecraft. The Shadow Under Scotland, by Cameron Johnston, War Gods of Men, by David Conyers and David Kernot, Spectacles, Tentacles, Wallet, and Watch, by Wayne Helge, Cthulhu Does Stuff #11, by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson, Echoes From Cthulhu’s Crypt #9, by Robert M. Price, Beyond the Wakeful Senses, by W.H. Brandon and Sabia were the “puppeteers” because no one else would stand up to the plate, or I should say, no one else had the time. Why was that movie scary? Long story short, the guy we hired to originally do the effects lied to us a bunch and had pretty much nothing ready come time to shoot. (Follow Lovecraft eZine on: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. They think: Tentacles! There’s always something happening that we’re not seeing – or that we just catch glimpses of – and we don’t realize it until we see the plot beginning to unfold. Black Mountain Side (huge spoilers for it an lovecraft) spoiler. I think The Shining was my biggest influence in coming up with the idea and writing the script. If you ask me, I think you can have the same impact with a deer. The deer god seems tasked with keeping the virus contained, slowly and maliciously turning the team on themselves and each other, and obviously enjoying it's work. We lived in the same location (in the cabins you see in the film) so there was no driving to set each morning, which made shooting a lot more manageable, in my opinion. I generally prefer some type of definitive answers at the end of a horror film. How did the idea for this story first take hold? From The Mysterious Package Company. A woman of such beauty he can barely comprehend, let alone resist. I was not disapointed. Was this an area of interest for you prior to working on the script for Black Mountain Side or was this special research you took on just for this project? The team finds themselves isolated when their communication systems fail and it is not long before they begin to feel the effects of the solitude. He’s the man behind the ax amputation scene. See what he sees. Pugmire, Dreams of Fire and Glass, part 1, by Neal Jansons, O, Lad of Memory and Shadow, by W.H. New England and Lovecraftian tales! James are in the Cards with “Monsters & Miscreants”. So up all night and semi alcoholic withdrawal… I was ready to be entertained but instead just got creeped out… like some-one was scratching a nail along my last nerve. The other recommendations would be Charles Willeford’s Burnt Orange Heresy and Victoria Nelson’s Secret Life of Puppets, a non-fiction book. The film seemed too long – but perhaps that contributed to my jumpiness and unease. All last night gun-shots, cherry bombs, and larger firecrackers kept me awake in the near ghetto neighborhood that I live in. (Image by G. When he returned them, they were well-used and filled with sticky notes. The content below is provided and presented by my sponsors.

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