Getting a BookBub promotion is not guaranteed. To help with this, well over 100 book promotion sites have sprung up over the last few years, including this one, Readers in the Know. An article by Rosanna Fay, author of Careless Caregivers, in The Atlantic. Note: this book is on free promotion, so it’s not always going to be free, which means you should go… Continue Reading. All nonfiction books are lumped together in a single category, with 30,500 subscribers. That includes the right bio and the right author photo. With a unique creative flare, we unearth the news stories, Melanie Merriman, author of Holding the Net, published in The Washington Post. The combined Riffle list has over 300,000 readers. It offers Featured Deals on deeply discounted books, as well as free books, by category. The service is significantly less expensive and also much less complicated. I know, I know, I said I was going to recommend free books, but I recently read one that is so good, I really think it should become part of your library. To help you to create a shortlist of those most appropriate to your needs, I have further classified these sites according to various important attributes. It seems like my Amazon ranking went up every time BookSavvy landed another interview or article for me. If you’re an indie author, I strongly recommend our course on self-publishing. We’ve effectively promoted books from every genre, and developed specialized services such as business book marketing, self-help book promotion, novel promotion, and non-fiction book publicity. At $50 for the nonfiction promotion, we found this one not to be worth the investment. And The Narcissist You Know interviewed on NPR. Leaving the Pink House, by Ladette Randolph, reviewed in O, The Oprah Magazine. Your book needs to be in at least one of those to be eligible, but I strongly recommend Amazon. Depending on the package purchased, books are posted on various other sites. Susan Peirce Thompson, author of Bright Line Eating, featured in TIME, Diane Mulcahy, author of The Gig Economy, featured in The Wall Street Journal, Joe Burgo, author of The Narcissist You Know, interviewed by MSNBC. We noted the average daily book sales before the test, then compared those to book sales on the day the promotion ran and for a few days afterward. We help 1000s of traditional and self-published authors and publishers market their books through book fairs and shows each year. Smith Publicity is the most experienced book marketing and book promotion agency in the industry. The table below is both searchable and sortable. No speciBook publishing & marketing blog with paid ads. Dennis Rosen, author of Vital Conversations: Improving Communications Between Doctors and Patients, on The New York Times “Well” blog. How to Hire & Work With Book Publicists (& Do Authors Need One? Make sure you are projecting your brand on your author page, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, WordPress blog, Goodreads profile, and anywhere else readers might find you. Whenever we have questions, they’re always there to answer. Totally free book submissions until 01 October, 2020. Of course, only a small percentage of those it reaches will actually end up downloading it, but the bigger the initial audience, the more sales you're likely to get. Author of Sailor to Student: How I Made a Quarter of A Million Dollars in the Stock Market and You Can Too. For many authors, this is a significant source of income. We're devoted to spreading the word about authors and their work. Our staff is comprised of diverse, talented, and hardworking professionals. Kindle is by far the largest player in the digital book market. Don’t confuse BookBub’s Featured New Releases with New Release Alerts. Call 508-566-2676. We work with committed self-published and traditionally published authors who understand today's market requires a smart and strategic book promotion plan. But if, Already in the first quarter of 2019, our clients’ books have brought us to Spain and the frontlines of. It’s far more than a book promotion site. Must be discounted by 50% or more and meet editors' standards. A great retail book listing will attract new readers. This fundamental principle of Smith Publicity‘s book promotion services resonated with clients, and over 20 years later, we’ve worked with thousands authors and publishers, as well as entrepreneurs,       consultants, publicly-held companies, and businesses in many industries. If you’re looking for book promotion services and sites, these may help: Amazon Book Marketing Service That Guarantees Sales Rankings; Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites for Paid Kindle Books $0.99 and Up; List of Sites To Promote Your Free Amazon Kindle Books; Like this post? To create a shortlist of your favourite sites (you must create a free account with us and log in for this to work), just click the green 'plus' button below the name. I could not have gained the traction that I did without BookSavvy. Please Note, this is NOT a submission service, just a handy tool to help you make your own MANUAL submissions to the sites listed. This opens in a new window so you can easily find your way back to this tool. New Release Alerts are free, automatic emails sent only to an author’s BookBub followers when that author releases a new book. 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Founded in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run in a bedroom office to one of the leading book publicity agencies in the world. To run a solo ebook deal campaign over 4 days to larger and larger lists of readers costs $250. The nonfiction choices, along with the number of subscribers, are: The category affects the promotion price, ranging from $164 to $944 for a $0.99 Featured Deal, or $80 to $710 for a Featured New Release, based on the number of subscribers. Bargain Booksy is a division of Written Word Media. For logged-in members, clicking the 'Save changes' button below will save a permanent record of these submissions and display them here at the bottom of this page. We are proud of our clients’ feedback, which is why authors and publisher return to us for all their projects and why many of our clients come to us from word of mouth recommendations. They are brilliant in their strategy, resulting in many reviews and interviews for our book launch. It also sends emails promoting new releases. One of the most cost-effective ways to promote any book is to run periodic free or discount promotions. If your book has received any accolades, be sure to include them. We tested 11 of the most popular sites to see what did and didn’t work. You won’t find it by browsing their website. It’s 100% free, and it will teach you everything you need to know about author marketing; book positioning; and producing a high-quality, professional book.

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