Wally celebrated by getting the new Red Sox team jersey and team cap. "I can't make it home without my disguise.". When the Red Sox won, 7-6 in 11 innings, the crowd let out a roar. His name is derived from the Green Monster nickname of the 37-foot (11 m) wall in left field at Fenway Park. The pitcher was pointing towards left field, pretending the newly-painted wall was a frightful, living thing. He made some calls and brought 100 members of Red Sox Nation to Washington to perform on stage alongside him. In 2018, reflecting the long-standing Yankees–Red Sox rivalry, Wally's Twitter account showed a video of him blasting the Red Sox victory anthem "Dirty Water" from his radio at Fenway following the Game 4 road victory of the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, in a sort of revenge for Aaron Judge playing the Yankees' victory anthem "New York, New York" there following their Game 2 road victory days before. Then one day in 1947, just as a game was ending, his mask slipped off his nose and tumbled out of his seat to the left field grass below. In those early years, Wally's favorite player was Babe Ruth - the superb Red Sox pitcher who also became baseball's greatest home run hitter. Wally is an exceptional baseball player, but a little-known fact is that Wally can actually Ice Skate also. He loved everything about Fenway, especially the wooden left field wall - tall and wide and covered from top-to-bottom and side-to-side with colorful advertising signs made from tin. Wally the Green Monster is the official mascot for the Boston Red Sox. He tied Roger Clemens' strikeout record of 20 in a game using nothing but the Knuckleball Tim Wakefield taught him. ", After whispering and nodding back and forth, the person announced into a microphone, "Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, throwing out the first pitch today to honor the fiftieth birthday of the legendary wall we call the Green Monster is… um - Wally… The Green Monster!". Bear and Raymond's claims to having the 2012 title already in the bag. Undetected, Wally kept going to each Red Sox game every year. Wally is a busy monster throughout the game. He prepares for every Red Sox game by eating a good meal, watching batting practice, and tuning into Red Sox Pregame as he ties up his shoes and grabs his trusty Red Sox flag. After photo ops with some of Fenway's special guests of the game, he can be seen waving his flag and cheering on the Red Sox as the starting lineups are announced. The combination creates a deep green color identical to Wally's well-known green hue. Three of them were voted the Most Valuable Player in the American League: Ted Williams, who won the award in 1949 (and in 1946 - when Wally still sat in the stands); Carl Yastrzemski, in 1967; and Jim Rice, in 1978. But knowing that some people were scared of monsters, he would rarely venture out from his front door. When the wall in the left-field at the ballpark was painted green, Wally moved into the wall. On Opening Day, April 17, 1934, fans found many improvements including an even bigger left field wall made of concrete and measuring some 37 feet, 2 inches high and 240 feet wide! Another worker found the mask and took it to lost-and-found. Bear of the Minnesota Twins for the All Star Game Mascot Home Run Derby Crown. The Trademark Papi Spit Into the Batting Gloves was born. of the… Green Monster!" Fans at Frozen Fenway 2012 got to see Wally on Ice for the First Time in front of a crowd. On his way back home Wally vowed, "I'm never, ever going to miss another Red Sox game." His name is derived from the Green Monster nickname of the 37-foot (11 m) wall in left field at Fenway Park. Wally the Green Monster is the official mascot for the Boston Red Sox. Wally is the only mascot to have a Dunkin' Donuts Coolatta Drink named after him. Wally over the years has had a regular cast of characters join him at Fenway Park: The Infamous "Lefty" and "Righty" - Retired, Momma Monster, Wally's Mother who appears on Mother's Day (much to Youk's delight) and Various Boston Pro/Collegiate Mascots from around the City.

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