There were a couple non-rush linebackers, but this was maybe not the year to find a cornerback to cover all the receivers who would go in the first round. TRADES BY TEAM: All Teams . San Francisco 49ers - Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Penn State ~ His flameout left the Broncos with a need at free safety. I dislike looking purely at rookie contracts at judging value, especially when positions themselves deliver value at varying times. by mehllageman56 // Apr 14, 2015 - 11:09am. Indianapolis Colts - Fili Moala, DT, USC Click on a player to populate the team list to the left. 2009 NFL Draft : Round 3 . The best of the bunch has been fourth-round pick T.J. Lang (Eastern Michigan, 109th, Packers), who found his way to the field in his fourth season as a tackle and has since kicked inside to right guard. 7.48....6.35....5.68 2 was Virginia's Eugene Monroe, perhaps a more polished player than Smith but one who did not have the same theoretical ceiling. The Colts essentially muffed every draft between 2005 and 2010. Grade: A-Cincinnati Bengals - A potentially franchise altering draft for the Bengals. 8.Jacksonville Jaguars - C Alex Mack, California. DE Paul Kruger is one of the best all-around (and most underrated) defensive ends in the draft and should be a nice pass rushing complement to Terrell Suggs. Bring in new guys every three years and never give any RB a 7-figure contract. 2004 Mock Draft ", which was absolutely robbed of the "Funniest Moment" prize in the 2009 FO Awards. by TacticalSledgehammer // Apr 14, 2015 - 10:14am. Myers is an easy choice. Jackson is a good prospect but drafting a 3-4 DE in the top five is the same as taking a guard or center in the top five. S Rashad Johnson was a solid pickup in round three. Their sixth rounders (Don Carey, Coye Francies and James Davis were nice values. If you wanted a one-gap penetrator, Ole Miss' Peria Jerry could be more to your liking. They then used that second rounder, 64th overall, on tight end Richard Quinn, a blocking tight end whose character McDaniels praised at the draft. Crabtree was good pick, at the time, but he didn't pan out to have the true impact the Niners needed him to have. What they needed to do was draft a couple of D tackles and linemen, and then spend every year's seventh round pick on a major-college RB who can pass protect, regardless of their other skills or lack thereof. Raji, Matthews, and Lang have all been good for the team. Even at No. Among off-the-ball linebackers, USC's Brian Cushing was the consensus second-best prospect as a powerful player who could cover tight ends and be a force in the run game. Both of them were actually good players for them. The other two were chosen by the Matt Millen of the 2009 draft, boy genius Josh McDaniels. There isn't a true top-tier nose tackle in the draft, though B.J. 2007 Mock Draft TJ Lang and Jamon Meredith are good day two prospects for a team in need of replacing its tackles in the near future. Brown and Maybin both had the first step and closing burst to be elite NFL rushers. Jackson might have been a first round pick had he come out for last year's draft. Added much needed depth to the secondary with CB Alphonso Smith, S Darcel McBath and S David Bruton. Fifth rounder Jasper Brinkley could a fifth-round steal if his knee is healthy and he keeps his weight in check.New York Giants - While WR Hakeem Nicks is compared to Anquan Boldin, the Giants would have been better off with the real thing (or Braylon Edwards). The Texans drafted Cushing, Barwin, Quin and Casey, and added Foster as a UDFA if you want to count that. *this was TE Vernon Davis when I published the article but I'm dumb and mixed him up with Vontae Davis, who was actually in this draft. My first impression is that Polian thought the formula for success was Peyton + Great RB. 3. We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The loss of Jason Peters hurt the offensive line and despite the selections of C Eric Wood and G Andy Levitre, the tackle position remains a problem. 1 Overall Picks, 5 ACC Sleepers To Keep An Eye On This Season. The Steelers got Mike Wallace with one of those two picks they acquired from the Broncos. To me - Andy Dalton and Romo are closer together than Romo and Brady. Biggest bust: With no Matt Millen to kick around this time, Six Years Later needs a new draft whipping boy. Also took the anti-Matt Jones route by selecting two undersized but true wide receivers in Mike Thomas and Jarrett Dillard  in the middle rounds. Way to ramp up the difficulty settings guys. I really don't hate the Sanchez pick. He was not a field-stretcher, but instead a complete player who was a quality blocker as well as a reliable receiver. Built a multiple super bowl team with the Bills, took an expansion team to the conference championship in it's 2nd year, and built the Colts into a super bowl team. CBs Keenan Lewis and Joe Burnett were solid values who will compete for time. A team with an average quarterback likely won't replace him unless they feel that they can get equivalent or better play at the position, so that offense will continue to be average. by Independent George // Apr 13, 2015 - 5:59pm. There are some who think the Jets might make a move to get Mark Sanchez if he falls to Jacksonville at #8. If you add 2008 1st rounder T Jeff Otah to the mix the grade would be as much as a letter better.Denver Broncos - The pick of Knowshon Moreno was a smart move considering his playmaking ability and the team's shaky quarterback situation. Best player: Looking at the non-edge rushers, a mostly underwhelming class. 2008 Mock Draft There were speedy edge rushers galore, plus offensive tackles to prevent them from turning the corner. 19.Philadelphia Eagles - WR Mike Wallace, Ole Miss. Unless otherwise noted, the views expressed here are those of Lou Pickney alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any media company. It's always important to take into account that almost no one had a great draft in 2009 - even the Eagles who somehow landed Maclin AND McCoy ended up with almost no one else (saving guy mentioned in the article: Fokou, a traditional Andy Reid passable, low-impact linebacker.) 2003 Mock Draft, NCAA Conventional Wisdom: Texas Tech stud Michael Crabtree was pretty much everybody's favorite wideout, even if a foot injury prevented him from going through offseason workouts. Looking solely at off-the-ball linebackers, the best 2014 clearly belonged to DeAndre Levy (Wisconsin, 76th), who drew some All-Pro consideration for his work in the Lions defense. To be fair, the injury of QB Carson Palmer contributed to this, but so did the departure of offensive tackle Willie Anderson to Baltimore in the last off-season. Biggest bust: Of the 12 defensive backs chosen in the first two rounds, ten of them played in the NFL in 2014. The overall point was the '05 draft, which has probably the worst Top-10 I've seen, breaks nicely into four little quarters. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss Knowshon Moreno did not have top-end speed but showed tremendous lateral agility and was a highly productive runner in the same backfield as Stafford. 2 wide receiver in Jeremy Maclin and the draft's best Brian Westbrook clone in LeSean McCoy. There has been no standout tackle. However, there are major questions about his work ethic. By receiving DYAR, Wallace is the clear No. Dave Lewin himself was somewhat optimistic about Sanchez if he could sit on the bench and learn, but believed if Sanchez had to play right away, there was a strong chance he would fail. If teams could do their draft all over, how might it look? 2005 saw three RBs in the top five. Also received a 2010 1st round pick in exchange for their second rounder which will pay dividends in the long run but hindered their ability to fill immediate needs. 7. The Browns actually made a great pick with Mack at No. Oher didn't have a great combine, but he is a freakishly talented player who, with the right coaching, could turn into an All-Pro. 2021 NFL Draft Targets Giants Fans Should Watch On 10/3, 2021 NFL Draft: 5 Most Likely No. WR Mike Wallace was a third round surprise whom they hope can be a deep threat and returner. Denver traded a pair of third-round picks to the Steelers for their second- and fourth-round picks. 28. Oh man, what could have been with a healthy Percy Harvin... 23.Baltimore Ravens - OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia. Johnson is a massive defensive end at 6'7" 265. Biggest bust: Shockingly, all six of the specialists drafted actually contributed to their teams, and four of them are still in the NFL. I'm trying to think of another team that committed so many resources to a running back position when they had a hall of fame player at qb. Vontae Davis from Illinois flashed dominance as a cover corner, but inconsistency and a habit of underachieving pushed him out of the top ten toward the bottom of the first round. They also expect their RBs to block and very few top drafted RBs are also good blockers since that's not what got them their high draft status. Draft King is owned and operated by Lou Pickney. Whether he's closer to one or the other... it's kind of a toss up I think. OT Sebastian Vollmer was a surprise second rounder but he was the sleeper lineman in the draft and has left tackle potential. Other such notables include players like Clausen, Locker, and Russell. The Broncos are going through changes in its defensive setup via the draft, and particularly if Denver wants to give Kyle Orton a try (and then jump into the 2010 QB bonanza if that doesn't work), then going defense here instead of Kansas State QB Josh Freeman makes sense to me. 16.San Diego Charges - S Glover Quinn, New Mexico. At 6'6" 310 he has the size to play offensive tackle in the NFL, and he would be the polar opposite of Peters as far as his influence on the locker room (and the team). The 2009 NFL draft was notable for a few things. I really want this to happen before Belichick retires, for obvious reasons. Failing to add an offensive tackle or middle linebacker was a surprise.San Francisco 49ers - The wide receiver needy 49ers were thrilled to get Michael Crabtree in round one. 1, and it is not very close. The draft consisted of two rounds on the first day starting at 4:00 p.m. EDT, and five rounds on the second day starting at 10:00 a.m. EDT. The failure to land a 3-4 rush linebacker was a surprise in a draft deep at the position.New York Jets - Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets are the anti-Patriots. Don't underestimate the value of the players they acquired in traded as DE Kenyon Coleman and S Abram Elam fill needs while Brett Ratliff could be a dark horse candidate in the QB derby.Green Bay Packers - Getting NT BJ Raji at No. The Falcons have cut OLB Keith Brooking (who turns 34 this year), and a young strong OLB like Cushing would be a great addition to the team. 18.Denver Broncos - DL Henry Melton, Texas. We can go through the list and invariably, will find almost none. Knox didn't play long, but he sure ran fast -- and got a Pro Bowl out of it.

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