The film's first and second acts hold up pretty well, but some of the elements of the third act feel a little strained. he movie "28 Days" begins with such a flurry of promise that it comes as a sharp disappointment when this drug-rehab comedy skids out of control and begins to weave around as unsteadily as its central character does in the movie's opening scenes. Her attitude was that of an addict, and Bullock really captured the persona of someone in rehab. Regal | Rating: 6/10 Summary: 28 Days, unlike Next Friday and Dazed and Confused, portrays sobriety as positive and addiction as negative. He is duplicitous about his role as the comedic relief, and it was just painful all the way through. Sometimes the comedy is to funny to make the movie seem real during it's serious moments. Movies. |, December 6, 2005 But no one needs the constant bombardment of obscenities, profanities and sexual situations to get that message. Not even court-ordered rehab could save this stumbling drunk of a picture. More like insulation riddled with asbestos. ... created 3 days ago BFI a list of 41 titles created 6 months ago zombie movies a list of 29 titles created 05 Feb 2017 Plague, disease, infection. After getting into a car accident while drunk on the day of her sister's wedding, Gwen Cummings is given a choice between prison or a rehab center. Negatives: This unbalance between Comedy and Seriousness while it did not completley fail could of done itself better to just stick to one. Lily believes that Gwen's addictions makes her a difficult if not impossible person to love. Cinemark Bullock has to maneuver through so much inaccuracies, melodrama, and heartless froth in order to show any emotional response to Viggo Mortensen's character, the lives of her friends in rehab, and her own fate. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. | Rating: 3/5 We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. And the lessons are well taught. |, January 1, 2000 |, January 1, 2011 Another great role came from Steve Buscemi who is the only realistic character in this entire thing. In reality it's just depressing. 28 Days is a cutesy, heavy-handed morality tale that contains nary a believable moment. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. |, August 7, 2008 There is some humrous moments and some emotional moments. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. It has its own styles of Zombies, Zombies and such have their own way of walking, acting, and all movements of the Zombies are unique as the spread of disease. Just confirm how you got your ticket. It's entirely made of fluff, but amusing, heartfelt fluff. Lifeless, soulless movie about a subject that isn't shown the respect and reverence it deserves. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. | Rating: 2/5 New York based writer Gwen Cummings knows that she drinks a lot but doesn't believe it's a problem, and if she decides that it is an issue that she could stop drinking on her own. This is a movie afraid of its own shadows. Even though 28 Days is tackling a difficult subject, it comes off light and superficial, and maybe even a little preachy. Overall: This movie is good but it's not perfection. The film does not glamorize or poke fun at its thematic content, but instead shimmers in truth depicting the problems in which a nowhere life can lead.This movie teaches us lessons through its characters. Coming Soon.

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