it is a choice name though, I find it very evocative! thank you, eros. I clicked on the “wrong” type of chart by “accident and realised I have my rising at the same degree as the galactic centre 26 deg Sag which is interesting I guess. I like the fixed stars without knowing much about them at all. my psyche and moon are hanging out nearby, and this is all opposite my 22 degree sag ascendant. In judicial astrology this is the constellation of war. It also has rises as the Nile inundates so has a sense of ‘movement’? Its semi sextile my moon in 7th house, conjunct saturn in my 5th house, trine my uranus. Very interesting. AND an excellent manifester (unknowingly) always has flight delays/free flights/hotels etc coming home from trips (i always say..’you are getting the universe to make it so that you don’t have to go home/work!”). Blade Runner. Tetrabiblos lists the stars in the shoulder of Orion to ha… I always knew I was a secret spy warrior princess in a previous life. Maybe just a teensy bit more “oomph” to my furnaces. It is only in modern times that we seem to have forgotten their significance – I would very much like to see this area of astrological study come back into favor, as there is great wisdom contained in the stars! I don’t mind sharing this site for general info, though, as they do not sell anything: Ha! It seems like a star that got lazy and couldn’t be bothered with a trundle. lol . Was chatting w/ someone on here about this a while back…think it was the lovely Anhk. I mean I get the Galactic Centre, that’s cool, but why should I trust this “I only represent Gemini warrior people” Bellatrix? I know that humour has been and continues to be one of my most effective ‘weapons’. No room here to respond but I don’t believe there is any unlucky aspects x. Do they know any? Gamma (γ) Orion , Bellatrix , is a pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of the Hunter. Go on with your bad self, Ms. Skarbe <3. Oh, it’s a lot more than that – there is a solar eclipse closely conjunct Regulus on August 21, 2017! I don’t wanna manifest that and certainly the fact that it’s illusory adds a quotient of delusion to the concept for me. It is thought to have six times the radius of the Sun and eight or nine solar masses. Since I was a child I have found that the fight against the use of power to harm/exploit me or others with less apparent power/ resources has often come to me whether I want it consciously not. My Pisces Rising keeps me quiet but I’m most likely barracking for you in the stands! I suspect only conjunctions really matter with fixed stars but it’s fun to see Bellatrix an exact trine with my Mars and near-exact sextile with my Sun! Taurean suns, and especially those of us with multiple natal placements in Taurus, could give zero fucks – we do it OUR way, fuck all of y’all. Explains a lot. If your sun and my asc conjunct at 21 gem, does that mean my outward persona is a reflection of the inner you ? The Mayan Warrior Queens, Artemisia of Caria (a Persian Admiral, no less), Nzinga Mbande,  Trieu Thi Trinh and hundreds more don’t have birth data so accurate as we would like. I mean I take negatively written descriptors of myself with a grain of salt. I go out… Read more », bellatrix is exact conjunct my eros at 20 gem. i can definitely perceive how it makes my clearly gemini moon a little extra gem, with a touch of raging charisma and badassery being that it’s a bull’s eye. currently doing this with a man whose mars is exact conj mine and his venus exact conj mine. Conjunct my Ascendant and my Mars/Achilles combo. It has an estimated age of approximately 25 million years—old enough for a star of this mass to consume the hydrogen at its core and begin to evolve away from the main sequence into a giant star. i… Read more ». fixed stars seem to be a really big deal in astrology in that area of the world. Any fixed star authors you do recommend? tbh bellatrix really only makes me think of lestrange. i don’t think it’s necessarily negative but I do think the retros have a distinct energetic quality and my god, that last one removed any doubts I might have had, although possibly that was just about so much pluto, review: actually I’m not sure it’s direction that matters – it’s connection with other celestial bodies and points in the sky/our charts and when the retro occurs we get some repetition of that, ie. She’s on my ascendant, square my natal Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in my third house. Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you! Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.”. Bellatrix is a massive blue-white star (spectral type B2 III) with an effective temperature of 22,000° K, making it considerably hotter than the Sun (5,778° K). Any suggestions welcome – ‘stealth warrior’ perhaps? With an all-access membership, wow what a cool star! The measured angular diameterof this star, aft… Oh, it’s a lot more than that – there is a solar eclipse closely conjunct Regulus on August 21, 2017! Health happens when I move my body. And for you maybe a little scary , Haha, yes perhaps! I have so many friends who have this in a potent spot and truly they end up widows!!! Omg she’s on my Saturn 20 Gem and conj my DC too So like Mercury or Mars or Venus ‘seen’ to have retro movement but in fact don’t. Brain fog intense this week pfff and my computer and entire electronic admin “system” is behaving strangely ATM I went paperless translation just bagged up every bit of paper I could found and dumped it in the recycler. Fixed stars are awesome! I am reading “The Sirius Connection” atm and I wish it was a bigger part of the astrology of our day. This high temperature gives this star the blue-white hue that occurs with B-type stars. Yeah, I don’t care about retro’s either. According to this I should aspire to a career in art forgery? Bellatrix rising, baby! But it is kind of annoying that so many of the great female warriors have no documented birth dates. Bellatrix conjunct mars and mercury in the 8th house., which is gemini,.your in house magician warrior here! It makes me laugh when people state Taureans are “conservative”. i gave up on retros a while back. Oh wow, thanks, I will deffo keep an eye on that eclipse.

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