Over a period of six years in the 1990s, Emmy-winning filmmaker-couple Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived with and observed a pack of wolves in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Paper, $16. | Read the review | Read our profile of Tommy Orange. The Canadian brothers in Chariandy’s coming-of-age novel grow up poor in a Toronto neighborhood in the '90s. Some have a hint of science-fiction about them, like one about a husband and wife who’ve become afraid of their daughter after a mysterious accident involving a pair of VR glasses. The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories. Fiction | Simon & Schuster. In his new novel, Carey returns to the remote country towns of his childhood—and unrelenting expanses of land in-between—to address this fraught history head-on. We know from the outset of this unnerving cautionary tale (winner of the Goncourt Prize) that a beloved nanny has murdered the two children in her care; but what’s even more remarkable about this unconventional domestic thriller is the author’s intimate analysis of the special relationship between a mother and the person she hires to care for her offspring. This all too timely novel is a gripping and unnerving reflection of our times. With this book, Bauer has expanded his article into a comprehensive analysis impossible to ignore. Best books of 2018: Hilary Mantel, Yuval Noah Harari and more pick their favourites. Highlights from a year of reading, including Ada Limón’s The Carrying, Tommy Orange’s There There, Madeline Miller’s Circe, and more. You also agree to our Terms of Service. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. Controversial is a gentle way to describe Anand Giridharadas’s book that’s bound to cause a stir across the political spectrum. She draws from her own life—what it was like to be an artist adjusting to married life while Trump was Tweeting about nuclear war—and from the life of punk poet, writer, and counterculture experimentalist Kathy Acker. Most of the tales in this engrossing collection of short stories are based on true stories told to Van Booy over the course of his travels. After a breakup and a bout of fraught Tinder dates, Lucy is as despondent as ever. Perhaps learning and observing wolves can make us better humans. The youngest of seven children, she grew up in Idaho, in a survivalist family who lived so far off the grid that she lacked even a birth certificate and did not attend school until she went to college. Her aim? Obama's former communications director and current co-host of Pod Save America may be preaching to the choir in his new book about his “back stage” Obama years and his analysis of the subsequent insanity of the Trump presidency, but that doesn’t make it any less amusing and insightful. He lasted four months before his deception was discovered, but that turned out to be more than sufficient to write a searing exposé for Mother Jones, which earned him a National Magazine Award and an invitation to speak to officials in Washington about problems in for-profit prisons. NPR's Book Concierge is your guide to 2018's best reads. $26.95. | Read the review. Sure, she’d thought about her competing identities before, but it wasn’t until one day many years later when she was visiting the border fence dividing Arizona and Mexico as the anchor of a cable news show that something clicked inside of her. Jackie Wullschlager selects her must-read titles. But the book transforms into a subversive novel about power structures, and its hella divisive ending will leave you totally floored. By Kevin Nguye n. Photography by Matt Marti n. She doesn’t hate sex, but doesn’t particularly like it either and “the idea of being expected to do it all the time seemed exhausting.” But a one-night stand with an appealing man posing as a family friend (I won’t spoil how surprising this scenario is) soon changes the no-children part of the equation. 'Genuinely brilliant from cover to cover': your favourite books of 2018, Our favourite books of the year, and prose poetry with Claudia Rankine – books podcast, Best books of 2018: Hilary Mantel, Yuval Noah Harari and more pick their favourites, Guardian best books of 2018: across fiction, politics, food and more. Best books of 2018: Arts and photography. As a liberal commentator on Fox News for two years and now on CNN, Kohn developed a reputation as an outspoken progressive who could talk openly with conservatives, finding a way to communicate respectfully no matter how much she disagreed with an opposing point of view. It’s difficult not to think so while scrolling through the news headlines each morning. Now he’s staggering toward the Port Authority in Manhattan, thinking that a humble Greyhound bus ride might reconnect him to some lost part of himself. As a whole, the collection is both moody and poignant and calls to be read sitting by a fire with a whiskey close at hand. Nonfiction | Simon & Schuster. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. Shot in one take and made for three dollars, it’s the film that made it to Sundance and launched their careers. Census examines the relationship between a father and son. Nonfiction | Grove Press. Colm Tóibín, the award-winning author of The Masterand Brooklyn, turns his attention towards the complex relationships between fathers and sons—specifically the tensions between the literary giants Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, W.B. Is the world in a state of moral decline? Best books of 2018. “I'm a soccer fan (I grew up in France rooting for Les Bleus), and reading this deeply reported account of how U.S. prosecutors unraveled the web of corruption that gangrened the beautiful game was both fun and infuriating.”. To cope, he turns to drugs—just as the opioid crisis is ravaging the Midwest. The best books of 2018 in tech, science, business and ideas. This content is currently not available in your region. Nostalgic or not, Moran’s newest novel, the hilarious sequel to the soon-to-be adapted How to Build a Girl will transport you to grungy and gritty London during this time, as seen through the eyes of witty and willful Woverhampton-native Johanna Morrigan. The biopic about Colvin’s life, A Private War with Rosamund Pike playing Colvin and Jamie Dornan, is out this month, so read the book first to grasp the full scope of her incredible life. They also recall the late-20s I-can’t-be-a-struggling-artist-for-much-longer reckoning and the day they decided to make a 7-minute movie, This is John, with their parents' video camera. Does jazz need to be saved? The 19 Best Books of 2018. Her research draws on myriad customs from around the world to offer insights and inspiration on making our most basic human need—relating to others—more meaningful. When the money runs out, he turns to robbing banks. Over 12 colorfully written chapters, he argues that the genre is as vital as ever. The author of You Can’t Touch My Hair and star of the podcast and … Until now, the double Booker prize-winning Peter Carey has, in his own words, "avoided a direct confrontation with race, and the question of what it might mean to be a white Australian." Lucy’s been trying to finish her dissertation for nine years. Through exhaustive and compelling research, Traister examines women’s anger as a powerful political tool, one that’s long been ignored as a potent catalyst for social change. What is this older, more primitive part of the brain, which connects us to how a child sees the world? Whether you think open relationships are like pyramid schemes or you’ve had the urge to explore the comedy scene in Mosul, Iraq, Higgins will draw you into her witty web of stories like no other comedian can. To explore what she calls his “recycled but revolutionary formula for happiness.” Besides being a controversial and somewhat reviled figure in Lima, he and his wives run a successful lingerie store, where the clothing tags read: “Badani, instruments of seduction.” Wiener is instructed to bring white marshmallows for toasting, and upon arrival has her “honesty aura” read by one of Badani’s wives. If our faith in governments and its institutions are eroding, who is poised to take over? Increasingly haunted by his homeland, he realizes that until he acknowledges the past he’ll never be free enough to imagine his future. When husband and wife, Titch and Irene Bobs, enter an 10,000-mile 17-day car race around the country as a publicity stunt for Titch’s used car business, they enlist the help of their neighbor and their expert navigator Willie Bachhuber. Reading British-born Smith’s brilliant second collection of essays might be the closest we’ll ever get to a real-life conversation with the fiercely private writer, whose prolific work includes five novels. That’s the stuff of riveting fiction. This posthumously published memoir, with a touching forward by New Yorker staff writer Hilton Als, gives insight into the very private man behind the lens.

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