Boas should be handled regularly to maintain their docility. [17] Captive Boa imperator are generally fed pre-killed mice in an attempt to reduce damage to the specimen from the prey.[17]. Male boas should not be kept together as they may fight. They are eating fuzzy mice and are about 10" -18" in length. Web Hosting powered by Network Solutions®. This shipment had both Hypomelanistic Panamanians & normal appearing Panamanian Boa c. imperator. [4] It is commonly called the northern boa, Colombian boa and common northern boa and is frequently and erroneously referred to as the red-tailed boa or Colombian red-tailed boa, especially in the pet trade. Boa imperator. Lastly - the Hypo gene in Panama Boas works in the same manner as all of the other Hypo Boa constrictors in that it is Incomplete or Co dominant. These are naturally hypomelanistic, which means that they have reduced melanin, thus are more lightly colored, although they retain the distinctive darker tail that is characteristic of most members of this species. West Snake Cay Boas. great experience and healthy animal. [18] Wild caught specimens will often contain parasites, both internal and external. Another basic essential is adequate hides, at least two (one in the cool end and one in the warm end). Hypo Arabesque Boa Constrictors for sale (Boa constrictor imperator) $199.99. This enclosure is then increased as the boa grows, as large open spaces are stressful for young snakes. They are, however, usually just as colorful as their counterparts and, like the larger boas, can be bred into a variety of different colors, given the right conditions to breed. Proper animal husbandry is the most significant factor in captive lifespan, this includes providing adequate space, correct temperatures and humidity and suitable food items. Boa imperator is wide-ranging, with animals living in both Central America and northern parts of South America. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2018: e.T203879A2771951. If the snake gets reclassified as its own species, the Boa Imperator, this would allow some of these locale Boa's to be reclassified as official sub-species. Herpetologists' League. She already has a ball python and two leopard geckos. However, high humidity should not be maintained for longer than a week, as this raises the risk of infections such as scale rot. I am very happy with my scaly friend she arrived very healthy and very angry but is calming down very fast i will definetly be getting another one at somepoint, Colombian Red Tail Boa (Boa constrictor) only males, Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates chenchria). Boa imperator is a large, heavy-bodied, nonvenomous species[3] of snake, of the boa genus, that is commonly kept in captivity. A thermal gradient should be provided, with a cool end and a warm end where the heat source should be located. The cool end should be maintained at 75–85°F (27–29°C), and the warm end at 86–92°F (30–33°C).Temperatures should not be allowed to rise above 95°F (35°C) or drop below 75°F (24°C). The Hypos from this bloodline are outstanding localty boas with alot of orange & red while the normals have some beautifull colors too. However large females may need even larger enclosures. Boa imperator can acclimatize to a variety of environmental conditions, from tropical rainforests to arid deserts; however, it prefers to live in rainforests due to humidity, temperature, cover from potential predators and ample prey. Inside the enclosure a substrate, generally of aspen shavings, must be provided. 27 (14), 2148-2153.e4. Reptmart was aware of weather conditions and shipped based off temperature. While not as small as the dwarf insular island populations, adults are still smaller than the larger B. c. constrictor. 511 pp. A water bowl, large enough to provide adequate humidity and that the boa can coil within, must be provided. It is natural for snakes to lose their appetite when going into shed as this is a stressful time for them, as such food should not be offered at this time. She waited anxiously for the boa's arrival. There was no indication as to the locality data of these Boas but the normal boas are quite similar to the Costa Rican Boas. A few litters are born here each year & they keep getting better & better each time. These populations represent the smallest members of the species. 4 In Stock. Boa imperator is a large, heavy-bodied, nonvenomous species of snake, of the boa genus, that is commonly kept in captivity. & da Cunha, O. This would allow some of the different 'locales' to be reclassified as sub-species of the newly formed Boa Imperator species. 1. [14] Boa imperators strike when they perceive a threat. SHE WAS THRILLED!!!!! The color of the tail may vary from salmon-pink to orange. Boa imperator generally live on their own, and do not interact with any other snakes unless they want to mate. [15] Like all snakes, Boa imperators in a shed cycle are more unpredictable, because the substance that lubricates between the old skin and the new makes their eyes appear milky, blue or opaque, so that the snake cannot see very well, causing it to be more defensive than it might be otherwise. Climbing branches may be appreciated, especially with smaller boas. 7 reviews. About Us. Whats New . There is a debate that the Boa Constrictor Imperator represents a separate species. Home. Frozen rodents are available in our food section.. HABITAT: Provide a substrate of aspen or wood mulch at least 2” deep. Although Boa imperator exhibits almost identical patterns to Boa constrictor, this species often has a darker tail, usually dark brown or very dark red. Humidity should be kept at 50%, and raised to 70% when the boa is in shed. Boa imperator, like other Boa species, are nocturnal ambush predators. Where geography has imposed the existence of isolated populations, such as in the Sonora Desert of Mexico, various Caribbean islands including Belize and Cozumel, and some isolated Andean valleys in Colombia and Ecuador, these have developed into dwarf varieties. [5] As a result, the appearance of this snake varies greatly depending on the specific locality. Snake Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, vol. While little, boas ought to be housed in a 10 to 15-gallon vivarium or an enclosure 1 foot wide and 2 feet long. Boa constrictors also have two lungs a smaller (non-functional) left and enlarged (functional) right lung to better fit their elongated shape, unlike many colubrid snakes which have completely lost the left lung.Captive life expectancy is 20 to 30 years, with rare accounts of over 40 years,making them a long-term commitment as a pet. The size of a mature female Nicaraguan boa is 1.1 m and 1.9 kg, while the larger female B. c. constrictor is not mature until she reaches 1.6 m and 4.5 kg. isthmica Garman, 1883; Boa diviniloquax var. WE HAVE BABY CENTRAL AMERICAN BOA FOR SALE. Young snakes can be fed once a week, to promote healthy growth. Belize, Costa Rica, Panama . [13], Boa imperator can be found in some regions of Mexico, Central America and northwestern Colombia, as well as several islands along the coasts of these areas. Some even look hypomelanistic with alot of red in the tails. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Endemic To Central America In The Forests Of Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, And Nicaragua; Unlike The Colombian Redtails These Are Smaller Species Growing Around 4-6 Feet In Length From Head To Tail; With Proper Care Adults Will Live 20 – 30 Years On Average In Captivity Notably, the species is one of only two in snakes to have a confirmed XY sex chromosome system, as revealed in a groundbreaking study in 2017. Snakes should never be handled within 48 hours of feeding, due to a risk of regurgitation, or when in a shed cycle.

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