It pays to read up. It is important for the broadcaster to remember that. The integrity of human relationships, of al lowing them to change the world, starting with ourselves, for a better version. Every cricket commentator has his own style of describing the events unfolding on the cricket ground. That was one of the very, very few occasions that the ace broadcaster used the first person pronoun during commentary. He had been one of the victims. Geoffrey Boycott's claim to have coined the term during England's tour of the West Indies in 1989-90 is hard to verify, but what is not in doubt … 2. The 5 Most Overused Cliches in MMA Commentary. Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. 15:30 IST | 10:00 GMT, 24 Oct, 2020 READ: Commentators in cricket history – 3: Rex Alston. One perhaps cannot expect that sort of rigour in the age of ‘click and thou shalt find’. Even in his eighties, he refused to dwell on his own Test match days that saw him capture 248 wickets alongside the collection of 2,201 runs; two-times the double — nearly unheard of in his days. READ: Dickie Bird: The superstar among umpires. It’s not cricket! Cricket is everything for me. Unfortunately, this is one of the many elements of Benaud’s masterclass that have gone blissfully unnoticed by several of the modern commentators. Worse still, by the time the commentary team is done discussing a great spell by an Indian pace bowler towards the end of the last century, every listener knows by heart that it was also the last Test of a former batsman, who averaged somewhere between the mid- and late-30s with the bat. And, I should add as a corollary, so incredibly mediocre. The game of cricket has a much broader landscape than the span of a commentator’s career. All Rights Reserved. Tomorrow is different. 19:30 IST | 14:00 GMT, 23 Oct, 2020 Go big or go home. Crick, crick, cricket; don’t throw your wicket. READ: Commentators in cricket history – 1: Alan McGilvray – Voice of the game in Australia. Pakistan, Kenya - In the aftermath of trauma; Freeze energy prices and cause the Apocalypse; Cricket - What does it mean to be in the zone? 0 of 5. And Richie Benaud wryly remarked that he remembered those 19 wickets. © 2020 Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Refusal to accept that there are combinations of special factors that might not have graced the matches they themselves played in, but are nevertheless very much parts of the game. READ: Commentators in cricket history – 6: EW “Jim” Swanton – The old reliable. Even Benaud’s modern day countrymen, the celebrated stars of the just-retired brigade, tend to treat the commentary box as an old boys’ club, referring to each other by nicknames exclusive to their circle, still intoxicated by the fascinating anecdotes of their own days in the field. East or West, Cricket is the best! Hence the smug recommendations from the comfort of air-conditioned box may be totally out of place under the baking sun of the day.

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