Ariadne's Book of Dream. Four and organizes. Seeing or finding precious stones always indicates that something valuable is going to happen. Any dream that involves money is connecting to the principles of abundance, power, and freedom. For Jungians, therefore, the appearance of rocks, stones, metals and jewels in dreams are potent and powerful symbols of a person’s basic nature, heart and soul, and of their potential for personal transformation. Also consult the entry for bee / beehive.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. Holding a hagstone in your hands suggests a great deal of power is currently at your disposal. Often in dreams a feeling is highlighted in order for us to recognise whether it is positive or negative. Was your dreaming mind urging you to look out for number one with this dream image? To see or use a telephone book in your dream suggests that this is a lucky time for flirting with someone who catches your eye - but take it easy. See Circle, Ball. Creative inspiration. Jung was amazed to find that the images and operations he encountered in old alchemy texts related strongly to his theories of psychoanalysis and the unconscious. Feeling and intuition, being in tune with one’s instincts. This issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself. Such figures, along with a four- petalled flower or four-lobed leaf, are mandalas, representing wholeness.). Being turned to stone would suggest that we have had to harden up our attitudes. See Goddess Persephone.... Strangest Dream Explanations, To dream of counterfeit money, denotes you will have trouble with some unruly and worthless person. A tree in a dream, depending on its kind and state can be a symbol carrying a lot of meanings, both positive and negative, which can be describing dreamer’s body conditions and state, indication about health and physical wellness, ability to grow both physically and intellectually, personal achievements and progress with work as well as connection to the genealogical tree and immediate family or predecessors. Also see “Address Book”... My Dream Interpretation, To dream of a a telephone charger suggests that you are lacking energy, passion or motivation. The red of rubies is in a class of its own, being peculiarly warm and fiery. On a psychological level, they can suggest how we let others invade our personal space. If a telephone rings continually but remains unanswered in a dream, there is a chance that you may be ignoring some issue or problem in your life by refusing to hear or see it. Alternatively, this dream symbol could mean that you are pretending to be something you’re not. A lover who dreams of stepping up a curbstone may !ook forward to a bappy mating with a faithful partner. The Element Encyclopedia. Stolen money represents feelings of guilt about gaining power, a sense that you do not deserve what you get; it may also reveal a sense of feeling cheated or feeling that others are taking us for granted. ... New American Dream Dictionary. Significant aspects of this dream are the person you are calling, and/or who is calling you, whether or not you are able to reach him or her, and the status of your connection. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation, It is also reputed to grant all wishes.... Dream Meanings of Versatile.

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