It’s about believing in the young generation and believing in the child in yourself that unrealistic dreams of saving the world can be true. Let her save the world, she is just a girl Looking for something new in the skin of an avatar When I'm in your arms The explosions around you is your symphony You cannot cut away what we've got (Hunger, Hunger) I've been born for sometime Then would you talk for me? (Ah, ah) Let her save the world, she is just a girl Can we carry the weight of mortality? If I ever knew how we could hide it, hide it (Ah-ah) }; Hunger, oh-oh-oh-ah-oh-oh Would you be kind and put away your sword? When my G cup's already Cadd9 overfilled. All we ever had is Hunger Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike Chords Learn the song with the online tablature player. Digging my feet into the ground like an apple tree Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. [Verse 1] (Hunger, Hunger, oh-oh-oh-ah-oh-oh) It’s very personal but still very political. (Oh, oh) Let him save them all, he is just a boy G From the mouths of Cadd9 decadence. All we never get is power Silhouettes Chords by Of Monsters And Men. All of my life I've been hunting Hunger, oh-oh-oh-ah-oh-oh [Pre-Chorus 2] document.write('
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