I love chocolate cake.And when I was a boyI loved it even more.. The children now insist on miming yaPOOSH yaPOOOSH yaPOOOSH whenever they are faced with a chocolate cake slice… It’s glorious. KS1 Your email address will not be published. 5+++ Stars. The illustrations are fantastic with wonderful detail and colour which I know will engage children as well as adults! You don't know if you've eaten a wholechocolate cake or not?When? And I went.. Many children will relate to a love of chocolate cake and the temptation to eat a whole cake in secret too! Micheal Rosen performs the poem well with good sound effects and voices. WE LOVE THIS. This book is not a good book for teaching children directional reading because not all of the words go left to right in a straight line. We love the video and have viewed so many times. 'I'm still not breathing,and she's looking at me very closely now.She's looking at me just below my mouth. I think the story tickled me because of the artful telling. is often used in YTPMV's. Read poems about / on: chocolate, school, funny, mirror, money, sometimes, dark, smile, running, Chocolate Cake Poem by Michael Rosen - Poem Hunter. Michael Rosen is obviously a fellow chocolate cake fan and I could empathise with the little boy in the charming illustrations very strongly. 'Is it? I’ll wash up the plate and the knife, and they won’t know anything about it. No one would notice. This makes it very funny, realistic and easily relatable. And I would get to school, and it would be playtime or lunchtime, and I'd open up the box... Take it out... *unintelligible garbling* It's a chocolate cake.. *even more unintelligible garbling* Open up the paper... Look at it... *licks hands while making weird noises* Gonna get it.. *makes weird noises; about to eat chocolate cake* *checks that nobody is watching* ... Mmm, yeah, I love it! I'm not a big fan of the illustrations in this one. And I looked at it and I thought… Maybe next time we have chocolate cake… she’ll forget about it. What a joyful story of a cute blond chocolate cake-loving boy who gets into mischief over a midnight snack! There’s onomatopoeia, rhyme and noises which help to bring the story to life and make it an enjoyable and fun book for children. by Puffin. However, I don't think anything can compare to actually listening to and watching Michael Rosen performing this poem aloud! When I was a boy, I had a favourite treat. Michael Rosen lives in London. Hot seating could be an enjoyable activity wi. There it is!!" His mom figures out what happened in the end, which allows for a lesson on teaching children of being truthful. Dear Michael, I love chocolate cake. *imitates floorboard creaking* Are they still asleep? Just there. Rosen relates how as a little boy one night he snuck down stairs just to look at the chocolate cake leftovers his mother would put in his lunch the next day, and how that changed to just licking up crumbs on the plate, to getting caught in the morning with chocolate on his face and an empty plate in the cupboard. We are ready to bake! I’m dead pleased to say that my video of Chocolate Cake has come out as a book! So I got up out of the bed, shhhh! Careful now… *imitates floorboard creaking* Are they still asleep? Who has not been woken in the night by a craving for leftover food that you know is just waiting to be eaten in the kitchen? And then, I notice on the side of the cake there’s some little crumbly bits just falling off, so I think, if I take a knife, I could just…tidy it up a little bit. Not you? ''There,' she says, pointing at my chin. Get outno waitnot before you've washed your dirty sticky face. 'No answer. Chocolate Cake would provide inspiration for children developing their descriptive writing. LOL funny. This boo. Required fields are marked *. True account of the author's childhood and a delicious chocolate cake... Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen is a short picture book about a boy’s love of chocolate cake. And Mum’s busy over there, and she’s busy over there…and she says, “Oh, Michael. From Italy… Manuela&Sara. 'She goes to the cupboardlooks in, up, top, middle, bottom,turns back to me. Even if a children has never eaten or had chocolate cake before, they still have a favorite food that they cannot resist! What isn't there to like? And then, in the middle of the night, I woke up and I thought: *snaps fingers* chocolate cake! Michael Rosen confesses his childhood love of the delicious chocolate cake his Mum used to make make in this delectable, mischievous story. Use as a stimulus for pupils own independent research on Michael Rosen. . Highly recommend! DISCLAIMER: This is a transcript for a video of Michael performing the poem/book, not a transcript from the actual poem/book itself. The poem is a clear favourite in my classroom and this book is lovely - it has cute illustrations and I like how the text is scattered across the pages. Based on the poem Chocolate Cake by children’s author Michael Rosen, with a few of his other poems stirred into the mix for good measure, this adaptation’s tasty treatment of words is just as lip-smackingly scrumptious as the massive, mouth-watering cake. Hot seating could be an enjoyable activity with this book. And I’m busy having my breakfast, she’s busy over there, and she’s busy over there, and she says, “Oh, Michael, there’s something else, there’s something nice! Michael Rosen does wonderful books for children. *lots of unnecessary noises* and then I notice some little crumbs on the plate. "Chocolate Cake" is Michael's third most popular video, and has been used in countless YouTube Poops. 'and I say,'Yes. After seeing it being brought to life by Michael Rosen himself in videos he's posted on YouTube, it's lovely to see it being illustrated by Kevin Waldron.

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