According to their poise and elocution, teacher Nancy Abbey (Marcia Gay Harden), an engagement ring on a young woman’s finger is considered a bigger prize than a well-rounded education. Retrieved October 10, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing. Both Watson and Armstrong’s beliefs are met with disapproval by, Her homosexuality would certainly be considered a deviant behavior in 1953. I wanted to know why so many artists like him were somewhat disturbed not necessarily in a negative way, which led them to produce and what influenced them to create something different. For the smart and provocative Giselle Levy (Gyllenhaal), Katherine becomes a much-needed role model and mentor. Some of the brightest female students in the country attended Wellesley. It’s just a planned affair. All rights reserved. Let a Professional Writer Help You, © New York Essays 2020. Are You on a Short Deadline? Nancy Abbey teaches speech, elocution and poise at Wellesley. All rights reserved. It’s poignant that Nancy chooses to remain at home, a spinster, because society’s judgment about her age makes her feel it’s too late for her to go out and risk something different. Watson wants to teach at Wellesley in order to influence the next generation of women. On the surface it all seemed fine, but underneath the seeds were planted for the next generation. Katherine Ann Watson, a progressive Art History teacher, is hired to teach at Wellesley. Mona Lisa Smile is an exploration of a time and place, after the war, where rebellion and individuality were very much frowned upon, yet the seeds of change had already taken root. The original work of Rachel Portman is outstanding as the theme of Mona Lisa Smile is quite addictive. The cinematography of this movie is quite fine as its simplicity is its brilliance as is the background score. (2017, Mar 04). It is only in the end of the movie, that we realize that Catherine herself lives in the confines of her own biases and disregards. Though she has many advantages in life, Connie is plagued by insecurities. Columbia Pictures, 2003. Film Review of 'Mona Lisa Smile' 729 Words | 3 Pages. They were the generation who went out into the world and made a change. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. The Mona Lisa became a revolutionary ideology of mass media in popular culture. Men and women must carry out such tasks which are corresponded to their sexuality. In the very beginning of the movie we see Betty being just horrible and condescending to everyone around her. Despite their well-education and brightness, they also believe that the systematical functionalist idea: “the roles you were born to fill. In the film "Mona Lisa Smile," Julia Roberts plays the role of Kathryn Watson, a teacher who has been allowed back into her profession only if she complies with strict guidelines relating to her lesson plans and their adherence to the status quo. Throughout the movie you see brilliant 1950 based sets, cathedrals and brilliant locations. Nancy is trying very hard to be representative of what she thinks a woman should be, which is ‘simply lovely. Through Katherine, Connie gains confidence and opens herself up, for the first time, to the possibility of romance. Mona Lisa Smile is a real mirror of the period and a tribute to the Wellesley women who were the pioneers in terms of going out and forging paths and shoving their way into businesses that didn’t want them. Dir. She embodied the best kind of spirit for a teacher, one that allows individuality and exploration of our personal strengths. Yet, Connie possesses strong attributes, like her appreciation for the possibilities of love as well as her talent at playing the cello. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organic Food Essay, Persuasive Essay: The Legal Choices Of Euthanasia, The Killer Hedonistics Of Leonard Lake And Charles Ng, The Importance Of Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. The Mona Lisa 1503-1519 by Leonardo Da Vinci (Fig 1), The Scream 1893 by Edvard Munch (Fig 2) and the Weeping Woman with Handkerchief 1937 by Pablo Picasso (Fig 3) are some of the most recognizable pieces of art in the world. Through her students’ trials to find their own way, Katherine learns to chart a different course for herself as well. Betty’s journey is her inner battle between image and truth. The fact that her behavior could influence the adherence of others to the norms was apparently more deviant than her personal. Directed By Mike Newell Written By Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal Produced By Richard Barrata (co-producer) Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (producer) Joe Roth (executive producer) Paul Schiff (producer) Deborah Schindler (producer) Original Music By Rachel Portman Cinematography By Anastas N. Michos Film Editing By Mick Audsley The Cast Julia Roberts as Katherine Ann Watson Marcia Gay Harden as Nancy Abbey Ginnifer Goodwin as Connie Baker Kirsten Dunst as Betty Warren Juliet Stevenson as Amanda Armstrong Julia Stiles as Joan Brandwyn Dominic West as Bill Dunbar Maggie Gyllenhaal as Giselle Levy. Mona Lisa Smile. With her strong belief and slide show that reveals some newspaper advertisements which are related to the role of women in society, she affected many of her students, even Betty. She has been desperate for some kind of validation for her unorthodox feelings and here is Katherine who acknowledges her difference and says it’s okay. She is about to be engaged, but with Katherine’s encouragement, she decides to apply to law school anyway. Giselle is pretty in-your-face and she doesn’t know why everybody is making such a big fuss that she sleeps with more than one man. ’ To begin with, functionalism defends that gender differences, which are biologically inherited, between male and female contribute to social harmony and maintenance of family in terms of division of labour. Aim of Assignment In contrast; feminism advocates that there should not be discrimination between male and female and their division of labour that is resulted from their sexual characteristics. For example, she always discusses with her friend Giselle and blames her because of her lax moral and she leads to fire of Amanda with her article in school newspaper by revealing Amanda’s contraceptive supply to students as a school nurse. The recently married, Betty becomes a formidable adversary when Katherine persuades her best friend, Joan Brandwyn (Stiles), to apply to Yale Law School – even as Joan is awaiting a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend. When you think of specific time periods the art work of that period expresses the overall emotions of the people, and we can learn a lot about a time period by studying the art of the time. The aims of this essay are to define five types of analyses in Media Analysis and to apply these analyses the two commercials by comparing them using (the analyses are Semiotic, Feminist, Marxist, Social and Psychoanalytical analyses). However, after Pearl Harbor, she and her fiance realized that both of them had changed for good and called it quits, after which, Katherine went to L. A for graduation, and turned out to be an art history professor. One of the most common methods that misogynists use to suppress female freedom is inhibition. The boys are friendly with each other overall, with little to no feuds in most, an attempt at enforcing these rules, and misogynistic behaviors can be performed by anyone. In this case study discussion, the Mona Lisa oil painting will be used as an example of reproduced works, war film based on ancient Greek mythology chronicles the fate of the men involved in a united Greek assault on a once thought invincible fortress of Troy (Anderson, 2006). When it is revealed that Armstrong has provided contraception to female students, however, she is fired. Like the other girls, she undergoes a real change. Everyone is looking to find their proper place in life, where they can serve the most and be at their best. In Dead Poets Society, we see the boys running around and being playful and friendly with one another. The 2003 romance movie, “Mona Lisa Smile,” directed by Mike Newell, portrays a recent UCLA graduate female art history professor named Katherine Watson. Settled in a time frame, where marriage was the whole and soul purpose of the existence of a woman, Katherine is seen to break those bonds and live on her own terms. Though her students at first, regard her a spinster for being over the age of 30 and unmarried, Katherine feels comfortable with her decision which some of the young women find intimidating and others, empowering. I thought to myself, “How could a film be this powerful to my eyes?” Mike Newell’s “Mona Lisa Smile” hit me like a ton of bricks. Don’t waste time! Their social class not only affords them the Wellesley education but vacations abroad and elaborate parties and weddings. Summary Of The Movie In Mona Lisa Smile, Julia Roberts leads an all-star cast of prominent young actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal and newcomer Ginnifer Goodwin, in a story of women struggling to define themselves in a world that has already defined them. Mona Lisa Smile. She is hired at the prestigious all-female Wellesley College, in 1953 to teach an art history class to a classroom full of hardworking and demanding young girls, determined to make her feel […] But she doesn’t love her husband and neither does he love her. She fights Katherine’s lessons and her presence at first only because, if Katherine is right, then her life is a sham. Giselle’s essential problem is not her behavior, but the judgment that’s placed on it by her peers and society at large. Review Of The Movie World War II had been the first time in history when women were told they could do a man’s job. In movie, we can see that girls are grown to provide great comfort, care and security to their husbands and children. the copy of works, are ways of sharing works in mass media.

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