Not a Nightingale, but a perfect view of a Spotted Flycatcher. A bumper crop of Avocados hanging high above us. PDF I had a great view of a Short-toed Eagle as it flapped away low over a field too. Apparently it was common practise to graft one of each onto a single rootstock so both could be grown more compactly in a small patio garden. (2011). The stars of the afternoon though were the Red-rumped Swallows. It was first reported in Funchal more than 20 years ago. The lizards can shed the most part of their tail and if it is possible they will do so to escape as they are able to grow another. The vine leaves were under attack from another angle too. See map. Geckos will then sleep on average for around 12 hours during the day; waking up intermittently and mostly around the twilight periods. Early on I watched a flock of Griffon Vultures circling in the distance, gradually disappearing from sight as they wheeled around searching for thermal currents to carry them up and away. When they are active by day their colour is darker than during the night. [19] Ehmann, H. and Bamford, M. (1993) Fauna of Australia Volume 2A, 32-Family Typhlopidae. (Since it began to get very hot the tree has dropped all its remaining ripe fruit, probably as a way of conserving moisture for the new crop that is already beginning to swell.) Just below the bee hotel, attached to the wall is a pupa of a Small White butterfly. Usually it presents brown or gray shades but can also have green or blue. link, I was visiting Madeira some years ago and took a hike from Funchal to Camara de Lobos. I ran back inside to grab my camera, hoping the bee would still be there when I got back. Females lay a clutch of a single egg [16]. Sexual size and shape dimorphism in the Moorish gecko (Tarentola mauritanica, Gekkota, Phyllodactylidae). Habitat and ecology: Insectivore. In Madeira island there are 4 species of reptiles. This particular one seems to have got a little out of hand but has produced abundant quantities of fruit. Despite their size and bulk Violet Carpenter Bees manage to land on the small flower heads of the cut-leaved lavender, the stem bending under its weight. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The fruit looks attractive, but like all parts of the plant are very poisonous. I was aware that the  carpenter bees were already hard at work amongst the wisteria, but suddenly one of them left the wisteria and much to my surprise flew in front of me, landing on the ‘bee hotel’ located quite high up on the garden wall. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. [8] Iturriaga, M. and Marrero, R. (2013). (2010). Suddenly, he shot out from cover with another lizard, a larger version of himself, in hot pursuit. You won’t find this species for sale too often. PDF 13/6/11-A young Blue Tit foraging in a cork oak tree. We sat in the shade of the sun room, with a glass of delicious home-made lemonade, freshly made from fruit from her own tree. They have pleasant temperaments and are very easy to tame. Crown Daisies  most frequently have golden yellow flowers, but there is a  variety that produces white flowers with a yellow centre. As always the drive over there was scenic and I saw a surprising number of birds. Osga das Selvagens – Atlas dos Anfíbios e Répteis de Portugal. Insect Poison Animal Bird Moorish Gecko, insect transparent background PNG clipart size: 1600x871px filesize: 196.58KB Cockroach Insect Poison Boric acid , cockroach transparent background PNG clipart size: 700x400px filesize: 82.26KB I can only speculate that family sizes are tailored to the amount of locally- available food; it makes sense to be able to feed two offspring well than more insufficiently. Feeding ecology of the Tropical House Gecko Hemidactylus mabouia (Sauria: Gekkonidae) during the dry season in Havana, Cuba. Yesterday afternoon I  had sat and watched several Violet Carpenter Bees make frequent forays to nectar on the beautiful purple trusses of a wisteria which together with a grape vine, completely covers a sizeable pergola and shades the eating area of the patio at the back of the house. Presents a characteristic light coloured longitudinal band centered in its back. A Speckled Wood butterfly in the shade under the citrus trees. PDF Females lay clutches of 1 to 3 eggs. Pattern presenting longitudinal bands or finely flecked with darker markings. Also, long muscles span the length of the regenerated tail compared to shorter muscle fibers found in the original. Their needs are similar to nocturnal geckos, as they require high humidity regulated heating equipment and UVB light. Both house gecko species have bulging, lidless eyes with vertical pupils and sticky toe pads. Crawl, and jump on items (like leaves, branches) within their habitat. There are resident geckos here, some very large ones that are probably a few years old; geckos can live up to 8-9 years. Prominent tubercles arranged in well-defined rows along the gecko’s back, sides and tail.

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