Navistar’s number for this recall is 20504. Click here to sign up for our newsletter to have the latest delivered straight to your inbox. “One of the things that is unique about this recall is that the remedy is not to go out and replace every engine or connecting rod in the suspect population,” Reiter said. But the engine isn’t a simple rebranding—both the Navistar and Volkswagen teams worked hand in hand to craft an engine that meets North American application demands. Navistar decided the best remedy would be a red dashboard warning light programmed into the engine control module (ECM) or by adding a sensor. The trouble spot is in the low 100,000s of miles. Twenty years ago, cellphones were big bulky blocks with shoddy cell service. Tim Shick, vice-president of sales support with Navistar, said most of the problems could be traced to the MaxxForce engine’s turbo air control valve, which connects directly to the engine’s electronic control module (ECM). Phase one includes the installation of knock detection capability that relies on the data feed coming from existing sensors on the engine. “The less you can disturb the inside of the engine, the better off you are,” he said. Our Story. Navistar’s new A26, 12.4-liter diesel engine is the first product of that program. In a rare behind-the-scenes look at the analysis of a problem and the discussions of what to do about it, Navistar described what led to an April 30 safety defect report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The suspect parts, made by Camtac Manufacturing, a Linamar Corp. subsidiary in Guelph, Ontario, connect the piston to the crankshaft. “Structurally, It’s a very, very sound engine. Jason Morgan is the editor of Fleet Equipment. Today, Denny has pulled together Gosbee and his chief engineer, Shane Spencer, for a near final, pre-prototype overview of International’s next engine iteration—the follow-up to the A26—and engine design plans for models well beyond 2021. The solution of flashing the engine would provide drivers with a notification allowing them to seek a safe location before the engine could fail.”. From a quality standpoint, that means fewer joints and fewer hoses. Customers are eligible for up to eight … Supplier change . Two months later, winter’s chilling wind whips across the Windy City reaching 25 miles west to Lisle, Ill., where light snow flurries dance around International’s sprawling headquarters. Those fleets want that front axle weight to be as light as they can get it.”. Watch: Can you stop bulk engine oil from expiring? In terms of a component that’s leading to a high failure rate, this is the one. Letters will be sent to affected carriers within 60 days but Reiter said the company is already talking with customers. The agency posted the recall on its website on Thursday. Watch: Do medium-duty trucks need winter tires? Denny has eschewed a traditional office and has set up shop in a cubicle surrounded by International employees of all responsibility levels. “This is not a wearout mode.”. Think about the smartphone in your pocket. “The Workstar was very successful, and the HV Series moves the needle forward in terms of driver acceptance,” Denny says. The NHTSA recall number is 20V-255. Serving the global freight industry with the fastest and most comprehensive news insights and market data on the planet. Both topics touch on announcements International made at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show—that a Class 6/7 medium-duty all-electric truck is in the works with a launch within the 2019/2020 time frame, and that an International transmission to pair with its new engine is on the way and could be seen as early as 2021. No related crashes or injuries are known, Navistar Vice President of Service Mark Reiter told FreightWaves. Navistar recently filed notice with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning a defective or noncompliant component on its A26 engine, which could result in complete engine failure in nearly 4,500 affected trucks in the United States. Newer trucks could get a fix delivered over the air and skip a trip to a dealership. The suspect parts, made by Camtac Manufacturing, a Linamar Corp. subsidiary … The cubicle walls here are even shorter, announcing that mobility is key in this department as well. Navistar is still developing the warning light fix. Determining the beginning of a defect is easy because of multiple failures. Navistar’s strategic alliance with Volkswagen Truck and Bus played a large role in brining the A26 engine to market. Jeep Gladiator gets new trailer brake controller, 2021 Chevy HD gets more towing, more trailer tech and four special editions. Phase two would be the actual engine replacement. “Anything we implement on the engine, we plan for an 18-month return on investment for the customer,” Denny says. Trucks with higher mileage are unlikely to have the issue. “But as engine and aftertreatment technology evolves, it becomes more reliable.”. of additional weight reduction in vehicle-mounted components. Walking through the design changes is a delicate balance of technology investment and customer ROI. He takes a break from working on financial reports to talk about the future of the industry: What the unveiling of electric trucks means and the role of integrated proprietary powertrains in today’s market. “One of the things we did was reach out to some of these fleets’ call centers so we could find out what the driver actually reported,” Reiter said. About five failures a week are being reported, Reiter said. The company knows of three instances in which a driver was stuck in a lane of traffic and dozens in which the driver managed to ease the truck to the side of the road. Required fields are marked *. An estimated 13%, or about 640 trucks in the recall population, is likely to experience the issue. Navistar’s proposed remedy is two-fold given that 87% of affected units are unlikely to suffer connecting rod failure. Reiter said in an effort to learn more about the defective part prior to engine failure, the company worked with its customers via the International Truck dealer network to determine what symptoms drivers were experiencing as breakdowns occurred. “It turns out the A26 is also a perfect vocational engine because it’s very lightweight. There have not been any injures reported as a result of the defect. 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Navistar recently filed notice with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning a defective or noncompliant component on its A26 engine, which could result in complete engine failure in nearly 4,500 affected trucks in the United States.. Navistar has pledged to outright replace any engines that exhibit the signs of the potential defect, which the company estimates will … “When we get cases where something happens and you get stalled in traffic, we really wanted to protect the drivers so we declared the safety defect.”, Navistar is in the process of notifying affected carriers but Reiter said part of the fix will be providing advance notice to the driver of when a failure is about to occur via the truck’s instrument cluster.

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