The changes to the scoring for Ruck men make the comparisons a bit dodgy for me. Tyson Stengle four matches. and the season. Think he can probably elevate this year with some consistent minutes. a 95 avg! Sounds about i[r] = i[r] || function () { Set & Forget? This is a nice tick for both O’Brien and ii. Mcmalaka pinch hitting ruined his scores. It's a big risk, but the rewards could be massive, as we've seen with mini draft top selection, Jaeger O'Meara. Just harder to compare because they are under different scoring regimes. positive thus far), and therefore there is a reasonable chance Marshall/ I think what Duffer meant is, if your silly enough to start Longer at R2 then put Pierce at R3. a talented beast. I rate Stef. Reilly O’Brien – didn’t play at top level for 2 years, then comes out and smashes The peak is at age 26 ( With Martins 45 90-100 is his range, still too young for a major breakout, but improvement He clocked an average of 130 and a top score of 174. })(window, document, 'script', '', 'ga'); It’s his spot to lose. Yet these two positions will have the greatest influence over the rest of our starting line-ups. For me, Max looks likely to drop with scoring. He’s been cleared of major damage, is back training and may be back Impressive hey? Grundy and Gawn were in the Top3 overall scorers for the 2018 season and are now priced accordingly for 2019. Those are the 4 I’ve been looking at aside from a very brief fling with Kreuzer and Mummy. Trig’s Take. Grundy didn't miss a game last year and his 81 in the first round was his lowest score of the season. Rookies look promising. There are some really nice priced mids to start with this year. However, maybe you consider $697,100 is a As Always, don’t follow my advice, I’m bad Also I feel it’s less about numerical age and # of seasons in the league before players hit their prime. last year, averaged 95 in the last 3 games when Clarko moved McEvoy to defence, So, if I’m going to have to trade them out anyway, I might as well save some money upfront. Or any premium ruck, for that matter. And last year, when Kreuzer and Ryder were the only two rucks worth trusting. If I try and guess, I’m more than likely going to get it wrong. Averaged 101.4 for the year, but went 122 average post byes. Just a question allsaints , when you are calculating the points scored each week, 75 plus 90 against maxys 127 wouldn’t you also add on the score of the lowest scoring rookie you have to field in place of Miles for the aggregate score? all managed scoring increases! as a 136K rookie and went on to become one of the best cash cows. and then compare the 3 best ruckman of last year to the 3 up and comers and I hope you have seen it otherwise this isn’t going to Read more…, Well we can close the book on round 1 of the finals but what a great start with the best teams in the comp going head to head. or any other rucks you are considering, please share your thoughts/ comments Was running Grundy and Goldy for most of the preseason so far but just switch Goldy to Longer allowing me to slot in Whitfield down back. In 2018, two ruckmen stood — literally — head and shoulders above their top ten player competition in the SuperCoach system. Would go Nank ahead of Witts, but Nank just doesn’t rack up disposals like Grundy or get enough hitouts to advantage like Gawn. Rowan Marshall was available as a forward }, i[r].l = 1 * new Date(); year. Let's be honest if you don't have Brodie Grundy you'll be fighting an uphill battle in SuperCoach this year. A player being out might buy another player more mid time or more prominent role but it also buys you a better opponent or even a tagger. For example, Lycett saw a nice rise last year, but was it because it was the first time he rucked not as NicNats understudy. Them having the same bye is the sealer for me. }); Published by Community Member on 20/02/202020/02/2020. Same here, also loving that a potential 130pt player is a pod. Your email address will not be published. old, but cheap. Lycett would probably be my next pick. Another factor you need to weigh up when comparing stats of the rucks is were they rucking solo or with someone else. average improvement he ends up at 93. Also, my team is named after him sooooo I can’t leave him out hahah. year. A Supercoach Season In Review (#BRAYSHAWBREAKOUT). Yet these two positions will have the greatest influence over the rest of our starting line-ups. Andrew Brayshaw 121 We know how good Jonathon Patton can be and we know how good Hawthorn is at reviving careers. Racing SuperCoach kicks off this week! Clarko, 2. Don’t go over the top. Not sure this analysis is legit, sorry. With Marshall regularly playing and Lewis Pierce having a good stint at the end of the year I have little confidence in Longer scoring decently or even holding his position in the team long term. At this stage preuss isnt even in there best team. Tim Broomhead & Matthew Scharenberg have been delisted. I'm looking fwd to seeing what he can do at this level.”

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