Mediterranean House Geckos mainly communicate through visual signals. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? They are a very hardy reptile but can suffer from some health problems if their husbandry and care routine isn’t followed: Impaction can occur when they eat something they cannot digest. Provided the insects are correctly sized you can keep a consistent feeding schedule of almost daily. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, Massachusetts. It can be hard to tell the difference between sexes. They might also have pores on their back legs, used for chemical signals and markers. Mediterranean house geckos, Hemidactylus turcicus, are an introduced species that can reach lengths of 4-5 inches. It is thought that this gecko was probably a stowaway on a ship from the Mediterranean area. In the wild this reptile hunts by slowly creeping up to their prey before pouncing and jabbing their head forward to catch the insect. Their skin is always bumpy and their eyes are lidless! Some people say you don’t have to change the water until it starts looking dirty but I would personally recommend changing your house gecko’s water at least once a day. Unlike any native lizard, geckos have sticky toe pads, vertical pupils, and their large eyes lack eyelids. Centipedes. They are very easily stressed so require careful handling. May be confused with the Indo-Pacific Gecko, Hemidactylus garnotii, although the Mediterranean gecko has bumpy skin while the Indo-Pacific gecko has smooth skin. Now as it pertains to food and what you can feed your house gecko pet, this is one of the easiest things about the house gecko because their eating habits are very simple. Females have small broods of one to three eggs twice each season. Always make sure your Mediterranean gecko feels secure and you will form a strong bond very quickly. In Mexico, introductions are known from the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán,[6] Baja California,[7] Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora,[8] Durango,[9] and Nuevo León. Everything Reptiles’ articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be used for a general nature only. xi, 560 pp. So what are some of your options for giving them things to climb? Hardy and adaptable they make a great first lizard. The Mediterranean gecko can usually be found preying on insects near external houselights or other forms of lighting on warm nights. Native to the Mediterranean region, the "Med gecko" is one of the most successful species of geckos in the world. If your gecko is spooked, is suddenly scared or you try to handle it for the first time, you might find it running up something inside of the enclosure or up the aquarium walls themselves. Some people will recommend that you mist your house gecko every single day and some people will recommend that you do it several times a day just to be safe. It is commonly referred to as the Turkish gecko[1] as represented in its Latin name and also as the moon lizard because it emerges in the evening. The common life span of a house gecko tends to be around 5 years or a little less depending on how well they’re taken care of. Everything Reptiles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and any other affiliated sites. Bugwood Network Images: Hemidactylus turcicus, hosted and maintained by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, UT-Austin. When you clean the tank make sure to look at your gecko’s droppings! [7][11] It can also be occasionally found as far north as Tennessee and Utah. Light brown or grayish above, spotted with darker; many of the tubercles white, lower surfaces white. Not only are these great for climbing but you’ll find that these are great for hiding as well because if the gecko can’t find something to climb immediately, it might just go into hiding mode on the ground. It is not recommended to house other reptiles apart from Common house geckos with this species. They quickly spread into the surrounding countries of Cyprus, Turkey, and Spain. They can often be found hiding under roof shingles, behind fridges and climbing walls. They mostly hunt around porch lights or man-made light structures. Mediterranean house geckos are light colored with mottled dark patches.

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