Thank you! Hi Jamie, I am having trouble finding the link to the unlimited zoom for schools? I just tell them to bring a blank paper or whiteboard and something to write with. Instead, what initially started with the backgrounds that come with Zoom, like the aurora borealis and the Golden Gate Bridge, soon burgeoned into a plethora of images reflecting their personal histories and interests, which in turn fostered meaningful discussions about horticulture, weddings, space exploration, and family vacations. In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and excited about teaching writing. What’s important, though, is that my students are reading, my Zoom sessions are productive, and I’m back to happily directing! Casual repartee is reduced to truncated comments. Thank you so much!!! It’s not an ideal solution, but if you are leading the song, mute everyone else and assume the children are singing along with you. So my team and I have scheduled group parent meetings that take place after the children have gone to bed, giving the adults the opportunity to commiserate with other parents and to reconnect with us. Thank you so much! Make a sandwich using sequenced steps/transition words. LOVED IT. Judiciously permitting students to share their screens allows them to use the whiteboard feature, on which they can practice pre-literacy with letter forms or hone their fine motor skills by playing a variation of Pictionary. Just like in the classroom, I’ve found that I can rope in all my squirrels with a good “Zoom Aloud Play,” and you can too! I hadn’t thought of using it for my scholars. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Not So WImpy Teacher creates resources for busy teachers in grades 2-5 who are looking to deliver engaging and meaningful lessons without overwhelm and chaos. Can you see or monitor the chat between students as the host to make sure it is appropriate? I am so excited to use it with my class. I tell them they can add their own details and color them once we are done. How did you make this recording? We remedied that by offering what we call “challenges” instead of homework—too obligatory a word—based on the topic of discussion that emerged during virtual circle time. Thank you for this tutorial! You always have such amazing things. Our students need to see our faces during these tough times. Zoom is a great tool for distance learning! I used Ecamm . The cohost can watch for raised hands and use Spotlight view to convert a child’s feed into full screen on everyone else’s monitor. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for all you do to help fellow educators! Video “instruction” can quickly descend into a free-for-all of pets, bedhead, baby sisters, motion sickness, and worst of all, academic drudgery. At the end of two weeks, your students will have a complete opinion essay! Do you know? Thank you for the helpful tutorial. Thank you for helping us “NOT SO TECHY TEACHERS” out. Thank you for taking your time to do so much for us. Obviously, I don’t work in a corporate office, and video conference calls are not a part of my day-to-day routine. The Covid-19 pandemic is a unique crisis in that we cannot physically comfort our young students. Get re-inspired with some “Zoomer’s Theater.”. Did you just use your laptop camera to record and share your screen. Our puppets then asked the children for suggestions on how to work through these difficult feelings. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. has a selection of free ones! With Zoom you can meet with your students via a video call. I tried Zoom class meeting for the 1st time with my Kindees . I always join as a participant. You are a gem! I tried taking photos of the pages of the books I do have to create slideshows, but that was terribly time consuming. Thank you for everything you are doing. Any suggestions on possible microphone/headset combination? Last updated on March 24, 2020 by Jamie Sears. Follow on, How to Use Super Sentences in Google Classroom, A Little Help for Your Online Instruction. He proceeded to tell us that his stuffy was worried about the coronavirus and wondered when we would all be back at school. We also offer one-on-one Zoom meetings during which parents can discuss kindergarten readiness and unusual behavior born from isolation and close quarters. Writing Bundle: Personal Narrative, Informational, Opinion & Fiction 3RD GRADE, Grammar Third Grade Activities: Year-Long BUNDLE, Reading Units Third Grade Unit One Bundle, What You Need to Know About Teaching Math Problem Solving with Brittany Hege, 4 Ways to Make Reading Lessons Engaging (Virtually or In-Person), Teaching About the Election (Without Getting Political), Schedule a second Zoom session later in the week or the for week following. WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Even third graders are old enough to be held accountable and to take responsibility for their learning. I have been teaching preschool for more than 30 years, and I’ve been through some troubling times—from the AIDS crisis to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake to the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Do math with stuffed animals. Thank you very much for the Zoom tutorial. thank you this was very helpful, I had a meeting with my kiddos today , when I was sharing my screen they were able to use a market or pencil setting and actually write over my screen sharing, Do you know how to avoid this? thanks. I practiced with a coworker, and am super excited to meet with my kids tomorrow! In the lessons I read a mentor text, teach a lesson, model how to fill in the graphic organizer and give students a daily task to complete. One of the things I have learned from this horrible situation that we are in is that so many people are willing to share! Here’s how: 1. I am NOT so tech savvy, so I REALLY appreciated this step by step walk through, you always save me and once again that was the case today! Introduce my cat. I am certain that you saved me several hours of time! I have one question. You can teach lessons, share a read aloud or just check in with them. Remote learning means that not only are we singing with the children over the internet, we’re sometimes singing with their parents present, which can make us feel a bit self-conscious. We only recommend those things that we absolutely love and swear by! Learn to Fold Five Insanely Cool Paper Planes, John Collins, the Paper Airplane Guy, shows how to fold five amazing paper planes: the Boomerang, the Boomerang 2, the Bat Plane, the Tumbling Wing, and the World Record Plane (a.k.a. Now I can do this with my kiddos…I know they all miss each other and this is a good way for us to act as a class during this time. I sometimes use the Spotlight tool—not the same as spotlighting a speaker—from the Annotate pulldown menu to track the words for the children as I read or to draw attention to details in the illustrations. Too close and it sounds like gale force winds. Then I let them hold up their drawings and we celebrate how unique they are even when we all followed the same directions. Thank you so much for this tutorial! The school where I teach is a screen-free institution; I personally believe children benefit greatly from a childhood free of pixels. I teach kinderg. Thanks a whole bunch for this, You’re a Godsend!

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