loving, kind hearted gal. "did you just see that?,that was a Bryony" "That Bryony is hot" . Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'bryony':. Contains . Beautiful with a naughty look. The first thing you should know if you are considering Bryony for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Bryony is a girl name. Beautiful with a naughty look. of a female persuation. Pretty much the coolest person ever... english (1124) hebrew (832) greek (730) arabic (570) german (570) latin (489) sanskrit (392) 20th-century flower name coinage: a vine (Greek "bruonia" meaning "to swell") native to Europe with large leaves and small flowers. Knows her shit yet is also a bit of a dumb twat. … There are American and … Break 'bryony' down into sounds: [BRY] + [UH] + [NEE] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Their Smiles make everything brighter. Blonde hair and Blue eyes, tall with an athletic figure. 505 247 Artistically talented and has a wide imagination. girl (6265) boy (4886) unisex (1558) Starts with. Bryonys are usually hyper and random also really funny. Medical Definition of bryonia 1 capitalized : a small genus of perennial Old World tendril-bearing vines (family Cucurbitaceae) with red or black fruit — see bryony 2 : the dried root of a bryony ( Bryonia alba or B. dioica ) used as a cathartic A very strong girl mentally and strong emotionally. Tall, has a bit of meat on her bones but isnt obese, blue eyes and thin blonde hair. Can be seen in foreign countries such as Spain, being noticed and followed by their natives. Adored by men, admired by girls! Bryony - slang. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Bryony is "climbing plant ". This page is made for those who don’t know how to pronounce Bryony in English. They are brunette however have many blonde moments. Can be seen in foreign countries such as Spain, being noticed and followed by their natives. Pronounce Bryony in Swedish view more / help improve pronunciation. great listener and problem solver. A Bryony is one of the kindest girls you will ever meet yet sometimes has a low self-esteem. ‘The white bryony flowers are very small and have green veins.’ ‘The two listed active ingredients, white bryony (a type of vine) and potassium dichromate, are diluted to .000001 PPM and 1 PPM respectively.’ Bryonys get all the boys and everyone secretly wants to date them. Gender. B ryony as a girls' name is pronounced BRY-o-nee . You can listen to 3 audio pronunciation by different people. But obviously lush like any gal with a good personality. hard to find but when you do treasure her. Bryony is beautiful, talented, confident and the whole world loves her. Comments are closed. Pronounce Bryony in Spanish (Mexico) view more / help improve pronunciation. has beautiful eyes and the best hugs , and knows how to cheer you up and always be there for you! ; Record yourself saying 'bryony' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. Climber. See more. she's a keeper, A girl with a cockny accent , she is a bully and hurts people with her words but like any bully she is hurting deep down and just needs compassion, A gal with a dream of being the best creative homo sapien around. Blonde hair and Blue eyes, tall with an athletic figure. Above there is a transcription of this term and an audio file with correct pronunciation. Bryony By Glossary October 6, 2020 No Comments. Root is a powerful purgative, rarely used for this purpose due to its drastic action. of a female persuation. Pronunciation: (BRY uh nee), (BREE uh nee) Form of: Itself (Bryony) Considering Bryony as a Baby Name? Anyone would be lucky to have a bryony. Never finds her name on a cup and is a bit odd most of the time. Used in homeopathy for catarrhal and rheumatic complaints. What does Bryony mean? Gorgeous brunette with greeny blue eyes- average height with big boobs. always up for a good drink and a laugh with her pals. Bryony definition, any Old World vine or climbing plant belonging to the genus Bryonia, of the gourd family, yielding acrid juice having emetic and purgative properties. Ends with. strong, independent, and loyal. Language. All parts are poisonous.

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