Yes, there is something about digging in and toiling away at something (and being handsomely rewarded for it) that makes a Capricorn tick; including relationships. Capricorns tend to tread slowly and won't often be willing to enter into a relationship right away. She knows what she knows and she is who she is and that's it. While wanting the high life is by no means a fault, it can be problematic for the Capricorn girl who chooses to stay in a loveless or just outright awful relationship because it affords her a certain status. In doing so you can help them achieve balance in the present, which will aid a stable future for you both. Yet this same gift of caring and supporting others can put undue responsibility on their shoulders; attracting people who are a little too needy or setting themselves up to be the person that people always go to when they want something. She is typically drawn to relationships that are initially a bit difficult.Some of the best matches for this sign include Scorpio, Aries and Gemini.They also mesh well with Taurus and Virgo, but these relationships require a bit more effort to be successful in the long run. Not true. At times Capricorn's instinct to protect may tend toward the possessive; this can cause conflict in relationships. This, unfortunately, is no different with relationships. She’s the kind of gal who knows what she wants and doesn’t settle until she gets it (like that job promotion). Deep down, a Capricorn wants to be loved. Five Clever Ways to Make a Capricorn Woman Fall in Love With You! Although not flamboyant, Capricorns are natural leaders. Is unheard of. While the term "doting" is often assigned to Capricorn's opposing sign Cancer, Caps can be quite doting. Yet, in matters of the heart, a Capricorn's need to stay on top can sometimes come off as overbearing or domineering by a partner who may need a little more 50/50 in a relationship. However, when she takes her uncompromising nature too far into the bedroom, it can create uneven ground in the relationship. This is why you'll often find Capricorns in supervisory or management positions (yes, at home and work) as telling other people what to and the best way to do it is their thing. That's why Bustle has enlisted Mecca Woods, a New York City-based Astrologer to tell us all about how astrology is affecting our love lives each week. ... Capricorn women love hard and have been targets for men who love the chase but tire easily once they've caught you. They like to check out a situation thoroughly before becoming involved, and they behave similarly with people they meet. Capricorn Woman In Love & In Bed (Venus in Capricorn) If you are looking for a partner who will settle down and make a long-term commitment, the Capricorn Woman fits the bill. It's important for them to have some control of what's going on at all times, and if they don't feel they can completely trust a potential partner, they won't begin a relationship until that feeling changes. But if that's not happening there are a few signs you can watch for. 1. A Capricorn will never waver or hem and haw on who or what she believes in. 10. In your next love affair, instead of rushing to show your potential match how reliable and supportive you are, wait to see if they can reciprocate the same. This usually involves an estate of sorts that they can pass down from generation to generation, or at the very least, something they can rub their haters' faces in. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved. She is a Capricorn girl born on January 4th. Their sharp insight coupled with an old soul sort of wisdom gives them the ability to create and jump on trends that makes them the go-to people. However, a relationship can be very very strong if a partner shares the practical and utilitarian approach that makes many Capricorns so successful. Please help us improve. When in love, many of these characteristics are emphasized due to the importance that Capricorn places on intimate relationships. Typically Capricorns have several primary characteristics that can serve as positives or negatives in their romantic endeavors, depending on the circumstances and partners. If you're lucky enough to get into a relationship with one of these people, their attraction to stability means that they'll protect and defend the relationship at any cost, even at great personal sacrifice. When I first began writing horoscopes; my friend and astrology mentor, Rebecca Gordon, said to me “when you write horoscopes, make sure to tailor what you write to what each sign cares about.” Of course, this meant that whenever I got to the astrology forecast for Capricorn, I made certain to write about money and job related opportunities. You have an easier time in your relationship with a Capricorn if you give them little cause for concern and emphasize a lifestyle that is free from needless drama and overblown emotions. This is because when it comes to the zodiac, Capricorn represents authority, achievement, status, and wealth. We’re constantly fascinated by what our zodiac sign says about our love lives, whether it's which signs are most compatible, or how each sign handles conflict in relationships. You can find many Capricorns helping out a friend, family member, or a person in need at any given time or place. As high achievers, Capricorns understand and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. Passion is not to be confused with emotion in relationships because Capricorns are famously practical and try to steer clear of expressing dramatic emotions whenever possible. As a Matter of fact, if a Capricorn goes out of their way to be near you and impress you, then politely waits for you to give them a sign that you're interested in them, you can rest assured, they're interested in you. Indeed, Capricorn in love seems to be slow making a move to find love.He doesn’t have the same intensity in finding love as well as in other areas of life. Not only will it only give you something fresh to share with your partner, but it will keep you fresh and engaging, too. Instead, learn to honor your partner's input by recognizing there's room for their perspective, voice, or approach too. That said, the next time you have the opportunity to move past a resentment towards someone you love, take it. The Capricorn woman is a total powerhouse. It's a human character flaw used by anyone who has had this behavior work to their advantage. To remedy this, commit yourself to trying at least one new thing a month. A Capricorn woman loves a good challenge, especially when it comes to love. With a Capricorn woman, you never have to worry about her up and leaving you for someone shinier and new (unless of course, you push her) as she knows what it means to truly stick by her lover's side. Hot, hot love. A combination of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness, these strange Sea-Goat mer-creatures are often completely misunderstood by most people, due to the common perception that their tough personalities extend all the way through to their core. Capricorn: Your Conventional Lover. In other words, money and career. All Rights Reserved. To alleviate this, get into the practice of understanding that your partner is there to be your rock too and if not, find someone who is. Instead use your gift for practicality to see when something (or someone) is broken and walking away instead of attempting to fix it. When a Capricorn lacks the ability to forgive, it's because they think that doing so will make them appear weak. But, only once you break through her protective barrier and she allows you into her world. (Hello, FLOTUS Michelle Obama!) By nature, Capricorns are born leaders and highly self-motivated. As mentioned, Capricorns tend to stick with who and what they know. Capricorns are lovers of stability and convention, and they keep a close eye on the security of their affairs and yours as well. Yet when it comes to relationships, the Capricorn penchant for excellence can come off as fussy and hypercritical if the only feedback they offer their lover is about everything they feel their mate is doing wrong. A Deeply In Love Capricorn Woman Is Frugal. Such in-love Capricorn women often win the affection and approval of in-laws and they quickly blend. More carefree individuals may find this protective nature stifling or restricting, but those who appreciate reliability won't feel smothered and will recognize this trait as a definite advantage. It’s not unlikely to find an ambitious Capricorn woman staying up late into wee hours crunching numbers for work, reading Forbes for the next business trend, or going over her bank statements to make sure everything adds up. Capricorn Man Romance Traits and Behaviors, What a Sagittarius Man Looks for in a Woman, Cancer Personality Traits: Powerful Aspects of the Sign, They'll try to be close to you every chance they get, They'll change their plans and make their plans around yours, They'll attempt to make themselves indispensable to you, They'll go out of their way to impress you. Capricorns are skilled with finances and know how to handle money well. Please also know, that this current setup would be no different if he were a Capricorn woman. Many Capricorns are accountants, managers, bank employees or financiers, and they'll search for people who share similar financial smarts when they look for love and close friendships. Capricorns are very giving and won't hesitate to immerse themselves completely in their relationships. As a result, Capricorns tend to hold themselves and others to very high standards; never failing to call a person out if they fall short of those standards. Which leads me to my next point: Not many people give them credit for it but Capricorns are pretty intuitive creatures. They tend to have a naturally authoritative bearing and a traditional approach to romance. This because she knows that sometimes you have to suck it up and soldier on when things aren't going your way. Thus they tend to be attracted to those who work for their money and use it wisely. This is not because they enjoy being dominant or on center stage, but rather because they know things will be done correctly if they have control of the situation. Blessed with the ability to keep a cool and rational head when everyone else around them is losing theirs, you'll hardly catch a Capricorn in a puddle of her own tears. In their truest form, a Capricorn will do the worrying for you.

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