But, there is no harm in administering anti-venom to the boy, as it doesn’t have a side effect," Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey told the Times of India. It had been a great year for Adam and Rob with HongKongSnakeID.com. Wolf snakes are a large group of snakes in the genus Lycodon.There are at least 59 different species of wolf snakes, all of which have fang-like teeth. It is a member of the "big four" species, inflicting the most snakebites on humans in Bangladesh and India. "Krait hatchlings and common wolf snakes often look similar and differentiating them is extremely difficult because their skin patterns are almost the same. Lycodon aulicus, commonly known as the Indian wolf snake, is a species of nonvenomous snake found in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Common krait & Wolf snake: Common krait (Bungarus caeruleus) and Wolf snake (Lycodon aulicus): another commonly confused pair. For more great pictures of the Banded Wolf Snake and the Many Banded Krait check out the gallery in their full write ups on the Banded Wolf Snake and Many Banded Krait pages of HongKongSnakeID.com or check us out on YouTube and Instagram. This video is recorded die to Numerous death people due to snake bite (Krait). Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav Snake catcher from Ahmednagar, maharashtra contact number 9209640006. During the day, it is sluggish and generally docile. Just as they had gotten comfortable with their identification the little snake slithered into a storm drain, but Adam and Rob thinking quickly lifted the drain cover and managed to safely extract the snake before it got lost in the pipes. Donate here and help us continue our mission. Krait hatchlings can claim human life, but wolf snakes are not lethal. Difference of Common krait snake & common wolf snake . They are both nocturnal snakes. But the season and the hunt was not over and they decided to head out to a jungle location where several species of Wolf Snake were known to be found. As soon as Rob said this Adam took a closer look and agreed that it looked much more like a Wolf Snake due to the spacing of the bands and the coloration on the top of the head. Snake rescuer Ahmednagar contact number 9209640006 . Baby krait snake: Common Wolf Snake: I released this snakes to a near by area. After safely bagging the little snake they moved to an open location to take some quick photos and send out to a wider group of Snake experts to confirm the identification. We the wildlife rescue team try's to save them and make sure that they live their life joyfully. Many Banded Krait Left Banded Wolf Snake Right. Early naturalists have suggested its resemblance to the venomous common krait as an instance of Batesian mimicry. കോമൺ ക്രെയ്റ്റ് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്ന ഇവ വെള്ളിക്കെട്ടൻ, വളവളപ്പൻ, കാട്ടുവിരിയൻ, എട്ടടിവീരൻ, മോതിരവളയൻ,വളയപ്പൻ, കെട്ടുവളയൻ, കരിവേല,രാജില ശംഖുവരയൻ എന്നിങ്ങനെ പ്രാദേശികമായി പല പേരുകളിലും … See our Practical Venomous Snake ID Guide if you plan to be out and about with nature in Hong Kong, and scroll through the page to obtain more advice on what to do if you are bitten as well as for snake removal services. While Ramcharan died, Narasimhulu remained in critical condition. As soon as Rob said this Adam took a closer look and agreed that it looked much more like a Wolf Snake due to the spacing of the bands and the coloration on the top of the head. Read my earlier post on snakes of kerala. Would you be willing to bet you've guessed the right one on a dark night in the jungle?…. As always the opinions included here are solely those of the author(s). Just this season they had discovered 27 species and recorded them in detail with new pictures and lots of video. Females produce 3 – 9 eggs in early summer. These videos is regarding saving the wildlife.

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