Use "developed" in a sentence. It needs darkness to. Regular exercise is a good habit for kids to, 16. This wasn't a real football drill, where the banging of heads can make one's teeth chatter or, To recapitulate what was said earlier, we need to, From the late 1750s, ironmasters began to, As chief engineer of road construction of Limoges, he had opportunity to, The new arrangements were adequate, although some of the reason was the failure of traffic to, This causes the heat given off by the hydration reaction to, Charles left his well paid weaving position to try to, Bentham had devised some machines for making blocks, but did not, This monopoly, which lasted for a considerable time, helped Newcastle prosper and, It soon became a major sugar producer as new settlers arrived to, This philosophy was impractical as Bomber Command lacked the technology and equipment and needed several years to, The rest of the year he spent escorting convoys, during which he continued to, Many organizations start with job production and, as they, They now work with local authorities and landowners to, Adventurers such as John Lok and William Towerson sailed south in an attempt to, They curl into angular and hysteroid shapes, and may, On 7 December 2010, the Welsh Assembly unanimously approved a set of measures to, From the reign of King James I a legal profession began to, All through their chickhood, and even into maturity, chickens are prone to, If abortion occurs even later, as in the cultivar 'Chaouch,' normal-size fruit, Such opportunities help learners to overcome their cack-handedness and to, This may be because with warmer temperatures, the budmoth larvae, The significance of breaktimes as a mechanism for children to, Ribs and growth lamellae gave the shells of many atrypids the possibility to, The company also announced a partnership with Pfizer to, A first step in a company's defense against executive kidnapping is to, From the evolutionary standpoint, the afterbrain will never, I have been working hard on my cardio routine to, That's the premise of the overload principle, and it must be applied, even to ab training, if you're going to, Do you think a child raised in a relatively gender-free environment will, God and Goddess watched as the finite universe continued to, However, it is not yet well understood how these hemiretinal differences, Young girls worked at match factories, where phosphorus fumes would cause many to, Euratom was to integrate sectors in nuclear energy while the EEC would, This is especially useful for passerine birds that, The English were eventually defeated, and the Scots were able to, Humans are able to create new and complex ideas, and to, Continental North American settlements were small and did not, Unlike other bony fishes, the first scales do not, The reproductive receptacles are also stalked and, Near the FTFZ this would place the older megamullion in an outside corner while the younger, While in Vietnam, Buddhism never managed to, The Liturgy of St James was an early form, but each bishopric tended to, In many perennial species runners are sent out that will, Unlike many other maples, mature trees do not tend to, Individuals with this form of allergy can also, Over the course of a few weeks their legs, Female wolves tend to have smoother furred limbs than males, and generally, This process of losing a set of antlers to, Theatre Bristol is a partnership between the city council, Arts Council England and local residents to, It would eventually become the official parlance of the Byzantine Empire and, Precipitation is not heavy, but the islands usually, The British were able to take advantage of the Navy's position to, Indeed, the Egyptians were the first culture to, Most U.S. corporations today are overmanaged and underled.

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