This dual-event concert was held at Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium and London’s Wembley Stadium. It’s important to note that most bars do not have stools, therefore…you will not be looking for an “impossible to find” opening at the bar between the crowds, as is the norm in America. Green Park Station, served by three lines—Piccadilly, Jubilee, and Victoria—was just a short walk from our hotel. I fully expected this was an ally from back home, so I approached to confirm the next train was headed to the game. These … One difference between a British pub and an American bar is the service. I could have easily bought everything they offered, but, In recent times, Philadelphia and London shared the the world stage for one of the largest musical events to ever be held. The Patriots struggled offensively and fell below .500 on the season, while the Colts and Titans had big comeback wins. Actress Sophie Turner checks in from the London Game between the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders in Week 5. It’s a bit different in Britain. Join our linker program. This self service system is pretty interesting. Hear ESPN Brasil's entertaining call, neigh and all, for Washington Redskins RB Adrian Peterson?s 90-yard TD and more of the best international calls of Week 13. In the years since, the original Wembley has been replaced with a new venue of the same name, on the same spot. [+TUTORIÁL] /w @Ikonova Videa | Kuky, The Greek City of Poseidonia - The Graeco-Roman City of Paestum (1/4) | OpenLearn from The Open University, Как построить землянку в лесу с печкой своими руками | Даниил Great, KIM - 1 - die 8 Bit Legende (Commodore Retro Computing) | Zerobrain, Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O Mine | " Rock Music " Reaction | HollaAtKrazy, Jace Herondale ~ Soldier | Herondales Angel. On January 11, 2018, the NFL announced that the Jaguars will play host to the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium in London, England, as part of their commitment to the London Games. (1:35), Carson Wentz comments on the Eagles' good ball movement, but says he needs to make better reads to cut down on turnovers. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews brings down 13-yard pass from quarterback Carson Wentz. Search Eagles vs. Jaguars Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018 NFL song statistics with sub count live checker. That fool made a great tackle too! Eagles green was seen all throughout the city. About 45-minutes later we were back in Mayfair. These experiences … Data Provided By It has a capacity of 90,000 (86,000 for American Football), It contains 2,618 toilettes, more than any other venue in the world. In the end, the Birds pulled it out, winning 24-18. Watch highlights from the Philadelphia Eagles Week 8 win vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. October 13, 2019 , 11:27 pm , Destinations, Europe, London, United Kingdom; The purpose of our trip to London was to attend the Eagles/Jaguars game at Wembley Stadium, part of the NFL UK series. Ironic as it may be, this coincidence had no bearing on our decision to stay in Mayfair whilst in London. A sign re-directed riders to the Victoria line, then to Oxford Circus, where we would switch over to the Waterloo line, which would lead to Wembley Central. We were in London, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It was just as crowded upstairs, but we managed to find a table open in the back. This was made known to me when I placed my order; the bartender informed me the kitchen was backed up, and the wait was over an hour. In fact, Philadelphia was once the second largest city in the British Empire. 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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles scrambles, and dives for key first down. You give us Zach ertz. Following the crowds, we were led through the Wembley section of London. When traveling to another country, over three thousand miles away, you generally expect to leave all familiarities behind, immersing yourself in a new culture. As the night went on, the Eagles fans made their way out, and they were replaced with locals. It was time for dinner! Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. There’s no bill—you’re paid up before you get your food. the official stats partner of the NFL. Didn’t sound so bad, but—there was much that could go wrong. They must not have been ready for the influx of Eagles fans, as it took quite a while to get our food. The tunnel to the Jubilee line, the one we needed, was closed off by a gate—apparently for maintenance. At 00:30 look at Carson testing defense! At no point did I see a highway, nor a parking lot for that matter. How different things can be! I pictured myself ending up in Yorkshire. Wentz's 3 TD passes give Eagles win vs. Jags in London. NFL footage © NFL Productions LLC. Green Park Station, served by three lines—Piccadilly, Jubilee, and Victoria—was just a short walk from our hotel. London and Philadelphia share a deep rooted historical connection. Rex: Jaguars need Fournette 'in the worst way' (1:35) Rex Ryan says Leonard Fournette needs to get back on the field and Matt Hasselbeck does not blame Blake Bortles for the Jaguars' loss to the Eagles. You have come to the Philippines Edition, for other ESPN editions, click here. Just in case you don’t know you’re way out, no worries! Our week may have been spend discovering world famous attractions, many of which have existed for centuries, but today we would bear witness to something quite unique. Alex Smith joins Scott Van Pelt to talk about playing in an NFL game for the first time since his devastating leg injury in 2018. Upon entering, we worked our way to the top of the stadium, because that’s where our seats were. Here's what to know from Week 6. In the years since, the original Wembley has been replaced with a new venue of the same name, on the same spot. You just simply walk up and place your order. We present them here for purely educational purposes. The streets were two lanes (one each way), lined with shops, in what seemed to be a residential area. © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved. Let’s face it, it’s really not that hard to get up and go to the bar. Hear ESPN Brasil's crazy call for New England Patriots WR Josh Gordon's 55yd touchdown and more of the best international calls of Week 9. Or, so we thought! We made our way to the bar area, ordered a few pints, then proceeded upstairs. What did catch me off guard was the dominance of Eagles fans. We arrived in London the previous Sunday, and have since spent the week exploring London’s top attractions. Top Stories Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dede Westbrook catches for a 11-yard touchdown vs. Philadelphia Eagles. The only way I would attempt to get there is by train. Subscribe to NFL: The game was just a good excuse to visit. At a very young age, Kingsbury began drawing up plays on napkins and whiteboards, and he has been expanding on his ideas ever since. The meeting between the Eagles and the Jaguars was the third and final of the 2018 London matches. Calis Campbell looking at Carson like lad I like that transport you slick you there lol. It was just the two of us, but we were never on our own! Not only did this allow us easy maneuverability throughout the city all week, it provided a straight shot to Wembley Stadium. Hear the ridiculous ESPN 2 Brasil call for Houston Texans Safety Justin Reid's 101-yd pick-six and more of the best international calls of Week 11. Or have you ever finished your meal and were ready to go, but you never even got the bill? If you’ve been following our London adventures, you’ll know how impressed I had become with cask style beer. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Monday, October 19, 9:12AM. Get team statistics for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars football game. It turns out they were not from Philly, rather some locals with a passion for American football. For instance, here at the Kings Arms, you place your order at the bar with the bartender. We were provided the luxury of exploring this magnificent city, all with the comforts of feeling like we were home. I did not expect to find the entire room filled with Eagles fans, both upstairs and downstairs. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Donte Moncrief brings down a 24-yard pass from quarterback Blake Bortles. This trip was quite different! NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. (0:25). As long as they were pouring glorious cask ale, I was ok putting down a few until the food showed up—which, by the way, was nearly two hours. This probably sounds inconvenient, but it’s really not that bad.

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