The Egan’s rats were formed around 1890 by Thomas Egan and his best friend Thomas snake Kinney who was senator. These areas of the East St Louis ghetto has ‘hoods like the Greystone Projects, the Veltz (Roosevelt Projects), the Fireworkz Projects (Ernest Smith), Parkfield Terrace and many centered around streets like Bunkum Road, Bond Avenue or Camp Jackson. Years later, East St Louis gangs came into the mix as Chicago gangs of the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples were introduced into the city, eventually given the city a reputation of one of the most dangerous places as East St Louis crime was running rampant. During the prohibition era in St. Louis, there were seven different ethnic gangs; the Green Ones, the Pillow Gang, the Egan's Rats, the Hogan Gang, the Russo Gang, the Shelton Gang and the Cuckoos all fighting to control illegal rackets in the city. 2000s–2014 – Vincent "Vince" Giordano – became boss, 2014–present – Vincent "Shotgun Vinny" Cammaruta. Bureau of Narcotics. By the early 1910s, the recognized Mafia boss in St. Louis was Dominick Giambrone. Jack "Bean Hands" Donovan — John "The Tortoise" Iovaldi's nephew. *Note: All information is provided through people of the community, outside sources, and research. Faheen was killed in retaliation against the Michaels’ faction for a car-bomb attack that Paul Leisure survived weeks earlier. [1] In 1975, Giordano was sent to prison, his nephew Vincenzo Giammanco became the acting boss until Giordano was released in December 1977. 2. [1] The seven rival gangs continued fighting until the end of Prohibition. All Rights Reserved. 1943-1950 — Pasquale Miceli 6. 1960-1980 — Anthony \"Tony G.\" Giordano — as boss he declared independence from the Kansas City family. Giancana, Sam. 1 James (Horseshoe Jimmy) Michaels – The high-profile leader of the city’s Syrian mob faction and influential labor union boss was blown up in his car while driving on a St. Louis expressway (I-55) on the afternoon of September 17, 1980. Joseph "Joe" Tocco — official in LIUANA Local 53. In the months leading up to his murder, Palazzolo was feuding with mob associate Walter Mushenick and was last seen alive leaving his parents’ house with Vitale in Johnny V’s Cadillac. As the streets became active, with the rise of East St Louis gangs and the increase of East St Louis crime, many neighborhoods began to build reputations for themselves. 3 Michael Kornhardt – One of the Leisures’ top lieutenants and casualties of the early 1980s St. Louis mob war, Kornhardt was murdered on July 31, 1982 while out on bail awaiting trial for the October 1981 car-bomb slaying of George (Sonny) Faheen, the nephew of Horseshoe Jimmy Michaels. The United States Treasury Department. In 1950, the Saturday Evening Post described the Sheltons as "America's Bloodiest Gang". The St. Louis crime family has stayed under the radar of both local and federal authorities, who have been focused on organized crime that inflicts public violence. With the lack of opportunities and drugs thriving in the urban communities of St. Clair County, the East St Louis ghetto gained a number of negative labels with East St Louis crime creating the terms of the “Murder Capitol” or the “Most Dangerous City”. Frank "Big Frank" Palozzolo – St. Louis capo. Kinney married Tom Egan’s sister Catherine and they got as a daughter Florence Kinney. [9] He died in September 2013. Wortman would eventually succeed the Sheltons, and take over St. Louis's gambling operations in southwest Illinois until his death. The War Lords were a Black militant youth organization in East St. Louis, Illinois in the 1960s.

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