He helped the Tableau team create the Tableau Visualization Lightning web component. For the best experience, you might want to configure Tableau and Salesforce to use SSO. Replace [URL FOR TABLEAU DASHBOARD] with the value you just copied. Lightning (12156) Trailhead (10497) Formulas & Validation Rules Discussion (9727) Other Salesforce Applications (7226) Jobs Board (6566) Force.com Sites & Site.com (4509) Mobile (2453) Java Development (3837).NET Development (3488) Security (2808) Mobile (2453) AppExchange Directory & Packaging (2226) Visual Workflow (2080) Configuring the authentication workflow . Make sure to try it out and bring your Tableau visualizations to the Lightning Experience and share in Communities. The Tableau field needs to be on the view that you are embedding. You can also control when the Tableau Viz Lightning web component appears by selecting component visibility filters. He is a full stack developer and enjoys working on robotics and VR projects. You might be familiar with the component if you’ve used Work.com — Salesforce’s offering of advisory services and technology solutions to help companies and communities reopen safely and manage the logistics of returning to work while putting employee and visitor health and safety first in the COVID-19 environment. For example, if you want to embed a view for sales on a user's page that shows just the sales for that user, the Tableau view should include a field that holds the record IDs for users. If you want to embed a Tableau view into Salesforce Classic, you have other options. Finally, we have filtering options available to allow the developer to align filters from the specific Salesforce pages against the Tableau dashboard: I have built my page inside the Account Record page. You'll be among the first to learn about Salesforce developer best practices and product news. When in Salesforce as a developer, locate the page you wish to add the visualisation to. Save the Record Page and then view the record to see the filtered dashboard. All rights reserved, Applies to: Tableau Online, Tableau Public, Tableau Server. The Tableau Viz Lightning web component only supports the Salesforce Lightning Experience. Install the Tableau Viz Lightning web component from AppExchange to get Tableau inside Salesforce today! Philippe Ozil is a Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce where he focuses on the Salesforce Platform. – Select a Tableau view to display by providing the URL for the view in the Enter the Viz URL text box. If a seamless authentication user experience is important, then you will need to make some additional configurations. The Tableau Viz Lightning web component makes it fast and easy for business technology teams to take an agile approach to figure out what makes end users most efficient and productive.”, The Work.com team used the Tableau Viz Lightning web component to add the Global COVID-19 Tracker dashboard. InterWorks uses cookies to allow us to better understand how the site is used. The picklist is enabled thanks to a datasource="apex://ObjectFieldPickList" attribute in the component’s metadata: This loads data from the ObjectFieldPickList Apex class. Context and advanced filtering of the Tableau view is only available on Lightning Experience record pages. There was an error submitting your feedback. “Surfacing Tableau dashboards in the Command Center illustrates the power and convenience of the ‘single pane of glass,’” Xander Mitman, Director of Product Management at Salesforce shared. Note that you won’t be able to embed the component if you install it from the managed package because of LWC cross-namespace access restrictions. You can easily embed Tableau views into Salesforce Lightning pages using the Tableau Viz Lightning web component that is available from the Salesforce AppExchange. Drag the Tableau Visualization component from the Custom area of the Lightning Components list to the top of the Page Canvas. As a reminder, you can get the component from the AppExchange or from the GitHub repository. The Tableau Viz Lightning web component only supports the Salesforce Lightning Experience. You can select the qualified field names for the page from the drop-down list. He helped the Tableau team create the Tableau Visualization Lightning web component. Create a new Visualforce page by navigating to Salesforce Setup, search for and open “Visualforce Pages”. L’incorporation d’un tableau de bord dans une page Lightning Experience et l’ajout d’un filtre ne constituent que la première étape si vous souhaitez que tous puissent avoir accès partout aux tableaux de bord Analytics et à leurs données. You could use the Salesforce Canvas Adapter for Tableau, or create a custom solution using Apex code and Visualforce pages. Select “Custom” (3) for the Tab Label and enter “Tableau” for the Custom Tab Label (4). However, as expected, Tableau have now released a third option within the Component Store in the Salesforce App Exchange called the Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component. We noted in a previous blog about differences between Einstein Analytics, Tableau, and others, that Einstein’s competitive differentiator is the tool’s ability to embed dashboards in Salesforce records. This post will focus on using Visualforce to embed Tableau dashboard in Salesforce records. For example, on the account record page, you could select Owner ID. The latest version of the Tableau Viz Lightning web component is available from the AppExchange. You can also deploy the component on a Lightning record page with the Lightning App Builder. Select Filter visualization based on the page and save your changes to the page. Furthermore, to keep users in their workflow, two filtering options are available on Record Pages (such as an Account or Opportunity page): To learn more about how to configure the Tableau Viz Lightning web component, check out Embed Tableau Views in Salesforce in Help. The Work.com team used the Tableau Viz Lightning web component to add the Global COVID-19 Tracker dashboard to the Workplace Command Center, a single source of truth that gives organizations a 360-degree view of return-to-work readiness across all of their locations, employees, and visitors. For those unfamiliar with the application, or with embedding dashboards in Salesforce as a whole, here’s how it works in 3 simple steps: – Configure as per SAML instructions for Tableau Online and SAML for Lightning Web App, – If you use Tableau Server, click here for the SAML instructions. – From the App Launcher (), find and select a page to embed the Tableau visualization. I know that within my Tableau dashboard, I have a field called Account Name which matches my Salesforce Account Record Account.Name. This is useful if you need to generate a dynamic Viz URL with special filter values.

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