19. which serves as a reminder to all readers not only of why we, as human beings, love, but also that we should continue to love, despite any pain or difficulty that may come part and parcel with love. Encore is a noun. Encore!". Encore Groove Floral: Women who appreciate a bit of aesthetic design in their clogs will love the Encore Groove Florals. He offered Gedge a bet that they would play an, 29. His elegant rendition of Rachmaninov's version of Fritz Kreisler's Liebesfreud was a charming, So, at ten o'clock, after a slight and fragile, At the conclusion of his set, he gave a sincere thank-you to the audience and was met with a rather vocal call for an, The audience was reminded of what communication and vibrant sound we had missed when they gave a terrific, short Stanford, After a few minutes of shouts for more, they reappear for the inevitable, One starstruck lad stood in front of the stage, waiting patiently for a second, The riot lasted forty-five minutes and an, After a few verses a near-by shop owner came out and applauded the street performer and asked for an, With that, the band thanked the sweaty crowd, threw down their guitars, overturned the drums and left without an, Close on the heels of the costliest ad ever made in India here comes an, In very loud and vulgar, descriptive terms, I told him what exactly he could do with his, It would appear that my previous monographs had been so well received that they are desirous of an, Of course the house was still standing after Bruce's, To conclude, the April 30th referendum is a mockery of democracy and an, Stokowski recorded this popular piece only one other time and it is a fitting, They order a jug of sangria, watching the Argentinian who, aware of his audience's renewed interest, is now performing an, The evening ends with a downbeat number, an odd choice for an, They play four highly charged uptempo numbers before trooping off with furious demands for an, Unfortunately, the audience stopped just shy of eliciting an, It is wholly to Solomon's honour that even in the mad tempo that he chose, he managed to play it truly impeccably and, After receiving their prizes, the winners performed an, Feet stomping, bravos, and determined clapping made it clear that nobody was willing to go home, and brought the singer back on stage for his, Despite much hooting and hollering for a second, We all start stamping our feet and calling for the obligatory, At last he reaches the final few notes, his body devoid of tension and he adds a slight delay as if playing with the listener, dangling the promise of an, The crowd of course couldn't let it go at that and we demanded an, The audience loved it nonetheless, applauding and demanding an, Social entrepreneurship, once thought to be mainly the province of the young, turns out to be a path to vibrant, The crowd bawls its approval, but begins to disperse after one, The song is a staple at Iron Maiden concerts, where the recording is played after the final, Then he walks out and plays a fifteen-minute, Williams essayed a Mummerset accent for some of the evening's items, including a Linden Lea, The band's finale was Peter Graham's Shine As The Light before the joint, A striking figure in skintight tuxedo pants and revealing sparkly top, she left the stage for just one costume change before her, Prince had brought the band back onstage to join him in the final, An exultant Bedsitter was followed by a defiant Tainted Love but it was his touching, This implies a development in the functions of, There was no question about their enthusiasm, and an, His empathy for late romanticism was confirmed when, as an, He did not wait to ascertain if there might be a few more bars of, Smallweed loves to find money, and is nightly honoured with a double, Why, say, even Farrar stands up and leads in the call for an, After this a gentleman sang a song called Bid me Good-bye, and as an, Mika closed with singles Love Today and Grace Kelly before re-entering the stage with his band in ridiculous animal costumes for an. Eric was entertaining, I liked how he teased the audience for an encore. 64 30 How many times has the band been asked to perform an encore? As with younger encore brides, you are free to wear whatever you wish to your wedding as a mature bride. Comme si le fascisme, ce n'était pas encore la République, comme si la République, ce n'était pas déjà le fascisme. The maestro assented to the request for an, 22. In appreciation of the enthusiastic applause While both can mean still or yet, encore can mean again while toujour can mean always. Nor is it the cutting edge lyricism delivered with unwavering tenacity that holds the attention until the encore. Encore Deluxe - Players compete by remembering and singing songs that contain certain lyrics. In hopes of hearing another song, the audience began shouting, "Encore! 2. 2. The landlord managed to get an encore out of them. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Every musician's dream is to one day have a crowd cheer for an encore. There was a great deal more clapping when she finished, and when this was over, as an encore , she gave a piece which imitated the sea; there were little trills to represent the lapping waves and thundering chords, with the loud pedal down, to suggest a storm. With the neon background and eighties dressed characters, Guitar Hero Encore looks the part. Ringo Starr played drums in the two-song, 19. The first time I've heard of the band doing a second encore. During the break between the first set and the first encore the crowd was out of control. Encore pronunciation. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's for the PS2 is the latest addition to the popular series. He should be the star who won't even play that last encore. Encore and another after that and still another followed with their arrivals and departures, but always they met in silence to cause the room's temperature to change. You see, In a show/ concert where the performers and the audience are face to face with one another, a request from the audience is made to repeat some particular performance/ item e.g. Encore Mortgage offers interest rates which are comparable to other mortgage lenders. 3. Every musician's dream is to one day have a crowd cheer for an encore. I did no encore I felt like I was saying goodbye. The crowddesperatelywanted an encore from the new band at their first concert. Encore Breeze Pro: This ventilated shoe is both cooling and breathable, providing ample comfort for women who are on their feet frequently, especially in warmer climates. Encore Mortgage claims to always put the customer first, and also takes pride in the individual attention each applicant is afforded. Turner Classic Movies and Encore Westerns are two good stations to keep an eye on. For more information, visit the Encore Rewards Page. More of the same followed with his next album, Encore, which also went to number one on the Billboard charts. 44+2 sentence examples: 1. Like its sister channel, Encore, Starz offers a multiplex of channels as well. The One Life to Live soap opera airs on ABC weekdays and during encore performances on SOAPnet. But Wolff had no immediate Ce mot (germe) ne designera pas seulement un corps organise reduit en petit; it designera encore toute espece de preformation originelle dont un Tout organique peut resulter comme de son principe immediat.". The Starz movie channel is owned by Starz Entertainment and is a sister channel to Encore. In the judgment of the present writer, Parmenides, while he denied the real existence of plurality, recognized its apparent existence, and consequently, however little value he might attach to opinion, was bound to take account of it: " pour celui méme qui nie Fexistence reelle de la nature," says Renouvier, " it reste encore a faire une histoire naturelle de l'apparence et de l'illusion.". Encore un grand merci à toi, je ne sais pas comment te le dire. Lang's final encore last night was "Barefoot". The audience demanded an encore which they were never going to get. We were shouting for an encore. Whether you enjoy classic westerns from the 1960's or contemporary westerns from the 1990's to the 2000's, Encore Westerns airs films to fit whatever western film mood you happen to be in. Definition of Encore. encore of two songs was the place was closing early. It was supposed to be a prison riot, but it looked more like an, 25. How many times has the band been asked to perform an encore? A good mid-priced phone is the LG Encore, which features a touch screen, music player and digital camera for around $100. 3. Encore Mortgage features a section on their website entitled The Product Knowledge Database. Encore Thrift Store: This thrift shop is located at 1220 Route 166 in Toms River. The Encore Mortgage website lists the phone numbers and e-mails for mortgage consultations. Check out Encore's website at encoretv.com for subscription information. Catch an encore performance on Thursdays at 8pm or Saturdays at 6pm. The concert ended with an encore of " An Irish Blessing " a beautifully evocative air. In February 1700 Leibnitz writes of Newton, " J'ai appris aussi (je ne sgai on) qu'il donnera encore quelque chose sur le mouvement de la lune: et on m'a dit aussi qu'il y aura une nouvelle edition de ses principes de la nature.".

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