-moz-appearance: none; Fido offers Personal Communications Services (PCS) and wireless data services in major centres across Canada. } We’ll help you get started, and be sure to check out the Library; your go-to for how-tos. var curlocation = ""; When you activate or upgrade to select smartphones on Data, Talk and Text plans with Fido payment program. Narrow down the results to find the Fido offers 20 Monthly Billed Plans and 11 Prepaid Plans, Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Fido at $15 per month, Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Fido at $1 per month. if you are in the same family / group of friends, I'll recommend both of you to take the 25$Fido 2 Fido offer @ 20$ for the first 6 month. width:100%; You could add your wife to your account, however, she would need her own plan. margin-top: 8px; Sign up to get the scoop on our latest offers! Fido originally targeted a younger demographic. cpdata : cpdata, .gform_wrapper .top_label li.gfield.gf_fourth_quarter:not(.gfield_time_hour):not(.gfield_time_minute):not(.gfield_time_ampm){ .gform_wrapper li.search-button button{ Use Fido with your own unlocked mobile or purchase a mobile from Fido with up to 24 monthly payments. Will either get an iphone or bberry, and a similar plan, if not the same. With Data Overage Protection in your plan, your data will be paused when you reach your limit. if (screensize < 980) { } As noted above, Fido does not offer any shared plans so you wouldn't be able to add your wife to your plan. cp_search_ajax(1,1,0); line-height: 1.5; Starting at $0 down with the Fido Payment Program + 15-day return policy. } box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 1px #bdc6ca; Fido sells a variety of phones including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, and sells additional accessories for cell phones. } float:left; So they can fook right off, I ain't going nowhere with them. border-radius: .125rem; When you activate or upgrade to select smartphones on Data, Talk and Text plans with Fido payment program. One account for multiple lines gets you one of the best data deals for LTE-enabled tablets in Canada. FPPA based on full price less any down payment plus taxes (excluding promo credits, if applicable, which are applied monthly on your bill for as long as your FPPA is in place). } Fido allows you to choose from a variety of plans. .gform_wrapper .top_label li.gfield.gf_third_quarter div.ginput_container_radios input, We don't have family plans, but you could definitely add a phone number and and plan for him on your account. manage your account on the go, track your usage, make a secure payment and so much more.

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